CBD Asylum Sub Ohm E-Liquid


CBD Asylum Sub Ohm E-LiquidCBD Asylum may only have been operating since 2017 but they have already made considerable waves across the scene.

Offering premium grade products derived from 100% natural and organic hemp, their latest offering is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time – CBD e-liquids that are designed for sub-ohm vaping.

Currently speaking, the vast majority of CBD e-liquids are intended for mouth-to-lung instead of direct-to-lung vaping.

As excellent as some of these products may well be, it does overlook the growing community of people who prefer the heady clouds offered by DTL sub-ohm vaping.

More often than not these specialist vape oils are either low or zero nicotine and especially flavourful – meaning they ought to be ideal for CBD vaping.

So why have so few other companies tried their hand with this style so far?

The largest issue concerns the economy of using these extracts within a sub-ohm designed e-liquid.

It’s no secret that a higher percentage of vegetable glycol (VG) compared to propylene glycol (PG) delivers more cloud production. This means that users will tend to race through their liquids at a considerably quicker speed.

If money is no object then great – but CBD infused e-liquids especially at higher concentrations tend to be considerably more expensive than a standard vape juice.

So we went into this review wondering how well it would perform.

We already expected that the five flavours would be typically delicious as per CBD Asylum’s excellent reputation.

It was the performance and longevity that concerned us. So how did it perform?

Perhaps The Best CBD E-Liquids On The Market

CBD Sub-Ohm LiquidWe’ll take a look at the individual flavours a little later, but there are a few common features that each of the range share.

Just in case anyone is unaware, to use these e-liquids properly you’ll need a powerful CBD vaporizer or “box mod” setup – ideally offering no less than a 40V output.

Likewise, suitable coils/atomizers will be required (for testing purposes we used a 0.2Ω coil).

The good news is that these devices and paraphernalia are much cheaper than just a couple of years ago and far more widely available.

To start with, they all offer a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. That is pretty much the typical blend to be expected from a sub-ohm juice and delivers a sumptuous, emphatic and extremely enjoyable thick cloud. From a CBD perspective, that is exactly what you are looking for.

Vaping is the quickest method of ingesting the extract straight into the system, so the greater the draw the larger the dose. It’s ideal for ‘on the go’ use when you may need just a quick hit and also for more scheduled top-ups.

In regards to composition, customers can choose between 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of organic cannabidiol (with corresponding prices).

Besides this and the VG/PG mix, the only other additive is the equally ethically designed flavouring.

How To Use – A video featuring Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017)

How Long Does It Last?

So how long does a bottle last? Of course, this will depend on how often you vape.

CBD e-liquids are not really intended to be used like a conventional vape. They are for either routine dosage or ad-hoc depending on how you feel.

For example, someone taking say six deep draws over a day is going to find that their sub-ohm liquid is going to last far longer than if they were enjoying a standard juice.

From our testing using this mix for about a half dozen draws a day we managed to make a 2ml capacity tank last around a week.

Consider that this range comes in 25ml size, and that means with relatively disciplined use, it could stretch for between two and three months.

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Those who use it more often can obviously expect to get through their supply considerably quicker, but the key is that it did not feel wasteful in the slightest. Those clouds went to good use!

Wondering why they issue 25ml in 30ml capacity bottles? That is so customers can add nicotine to the mix should they so desire.

All of the following range are shipped nicotine-free, but it’s a handy little feature that also provides for flavour customisation should you feel so inclined.

So let’s take a look at the range of flavours on offer:

Purple Storm

Purple Storm

It would have been easier to just call this ‘Blackcurrant Storm’ but hey, we don’t work in marketing!

What we have here is a typically classic sub-ohm style vape liquid packed full of refreshingly tart juiciness.

Those who already enjoy this style of vaping will know what to expect – a far deeper, more interesting sense of flavour compared to what you can find in a ‘standard’ juice. Are we picking up the slightest hint of menthol with this one? Very nice indeed.

Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Once again we had to peek at the small script on the label to figure out what to expect with this one.

Turns out to be a custard donut, and yes it tasted exactly as sweet and decadent as anyone may expect.

Naturally, this makes for an ideal after-dinner vape but also paired superbly with the morning cups of coffee.

Great for those who appreciate the sweeter thing in life.

Berry Nice

Berry Nice

Aha! Finally one we could figure out by the name alone and despite being garishly pink, this was probably a personal favourite.

Elegantly combining crisp zestiness alongside a surprisingly complex range of berries, this is stunningly refreshing and also incredibly moreish.

If tempted to add a little nicotine (up to you) this would make for a superb base.

A legit five-star e-liquid, regardless of the CBD!

Gone Loopy

Gone Loopy

A Fruit Loops flavoured e-liquid. That’s a new one – and pretty impressive it was too.

Those who enjoy their loopy breakfasts will know exactly what to expect. Considerably sweeter than the Berry Nice but also with a slightly creamy finish.

This is juice that may well find a cult following thanks to being especially sleek and smooth. Nice!

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Strawberries on the inhale with cream on the exhale. Sounds simple but this popular flavour so often falls flat on its face.

Fortunately, CBD Asylum has knocked this one out of the park.

No idea how they manage to make the taste so suddenly shift – leave that for the lab guys – but my goodness it works so well.

Once again, a top quality e-liquid that is taken to a different level when enjoyed as a sub-ohm.


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CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 30 x 10mg – 300mg CBD+CBDa


CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 300mgPeople choose to take up a CBD routine for all sorts of reasons, and the method they use to ingest their dose can make a big difference.

Generally speaking vaping allows for the quickest and most emphatic absorption of the active cannabinoids, with many people finding near immediate relief after just a few draws.

Yet vaping simply isn’t suitable for everyone. Even though quality CBD vape oils are 100% natural/organic and nicotine free, some people just don’t like the sensation.

Also, some chronic, ever-present ailments are better served by the slower release offered by ingesting CBD capsules/oils via the digestive tract. This is what these 10mg hemp capsules are designed for, so let’s take a look at how effective they can be.

The Big Bioavailability Question

It’s no secret that oral consumption of any CBD product results in a lower bioavailability compared to vaping.

Even applying drops or sprays under the tongue isn’t as effective a means of getting the active ingredients into the bloodstream. Popping capsules will result in the loss of some ‘potency’ via the digestive tract.

Before ruling out capsules, however – take a moment to consider a couple of facts that serve to turn the tables a little.

These capsules weigh in at 10mg, which even if they may lose say 20% at a push of their bioavailability via digestion still packs a fair amount of CBD.

Most people use between 10-20mg a day to begin with, so even with ‘wastage’ taking two capsules a day is still going to be easy enough to satisfy most people.

As with any kind of CBD ingestion method body chemistry and natural tolerance will play a big part in determining what is a suitable/effective dosage. Over time this will likely need to be increased as resistance grows.

All this being said, capsules of this strength do not deserve the cynicism that many people in the community levy upon them.

In terms of delivering a steady and consistent dose, they’re present an ideal way of keeping track of a measured, regular intake.

Most people just take their capsule with a meal to help with straightforward and efficient digestion (there’s also the slight risk that CBD intake can cause blood sugar crashes in some people, so consuming with food is always a good idea).

Why Buy These Capsules?

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So we’ve seen that quality capsules can be just as effective as other forms of ingestion, but who would most benefit from using these ahead of sprays/vaping?

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that these capsules or for that matter any CBD product will universally work to help everyone with any ailment – it simply doesn’t work that way.

However, many people with persistent ailments have found that having CBD constantly active in their system has helped to alleviate the negative symptoms from an enormous range of issues.

Sure, capsules may not have the instant relief that vaping may be able to offer but instead, they serve to be ever present and simply to lessen constant symptoms.

Just like the rest of the CBDLife range, these capsules are designed to be as natural and organic as possible. They are simply active CBD and coconut oil – that’s all there is to it. No binding agents, chemicals or any other nasty stuff – and the active ingredients are harvested from 100% organically grown plants.


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Love CBD Dutch Capsules 400mg


Those who have been keeping an eye on the rapidly expanding CBD scene cannot have failed to hear about the quality of the Love CBD Dutch marijuana crop.

Zealous attention to growing their plants without using pesticides, artificial fertilisers or any harmful chemicals results in the purest harvests possible – and they’re perfect for extracting all those good cannabinoids via CO2 methods.

To put it simply, any product of this kind is only as good as the plants from which it comes – and in this case, we have what’s widely considered to be as good as anything currently on the market (which is why it sells out so often!).

So how does it work when used in capsule format?

Don’t Be Put Off By The 5mg Concentration

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We confess to being slightly surprised to discover that this batch of capsules ‘only’ carry a 5mg concentration of CBD.

Sure there are 80 capsules in each pot so if you need a higher dose there’s no reason not to double up, which considering that most people use 10-20mg/day may be an idea to consider.

Love CBD suggest in their dosage guidelines that people new to this kind of supplement start off with just one capsule a day for three days, then take more if their ailments show no signs of improving.

This is all well and good, sensible advice, but we’d say from our own experimentation that while these capsules contain a mere 5mg of active ingredients, the quality more than makes up for the lack of quantity.

Our consensus is that these capsules are not far short of delivering similar effects to alternatives that are twice the strength but derived from lower quality organic materials. Could it be a psychosomatic reaction because we know how good the Dutch plants are? Possibly – but even if so they worked very well for us (results may, of course, vary between people).

Why These Capsules Work So Well

One of the big issues people often have against capsules is the notion that they have a lower bioavailability compared to other methods of ingestion.

It’s no secret that vaping allows for the quickest and most emphatic absorption of CBD straight into the bloodstream, with sprays and oil drops under the tongue coming in a close second.

CBD Capsules, on the other hand, are often thought to lose some of their potency via the digestive tract – which isn’t actually quite the case with the Love CBD Dutch capsules.

So what’s their secret? Simple science. An often overlooked fact regarding ingesting CBD orally is that it needs fat in order to prevent just being flushed through the system.

Coconut oil is the perfect, healthy and natural agent for ensuring the active components are absorbed as fully as possible into the system.

Many other delivery methods use olive oil for a similar reason, but coconut oil also has the advantage of being widely regarded as a ‘superfood’ in its own right.

In a nutshell, these Dutch capsules are probably the healthiest way possible to enjoy your CBD dosage.

Just in case you are worried about the actual capsules themselves – they are vegetable derived, contain no gelatin and are 100% vegetarian.

Manufacturer’s Total Daily Guidelines

Best taken with food. Take 1 capsule daily for the first 3 days. Slowly increase intake to 2-3 capsules taken 3 times per day. Always spread the intake evenly throughout the day. In the months ahead, take up to 3 capsules, 3 times per day (9 in total).


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Love CBD Entourage Capsules 600mg


You may never have heard of Raphael Mechoulam, but quite possibly he’s one of the most significant people in the history of developing the medicinal use of the marijuana plant.

Having devoted his entire career – and published over 350 papers – towards this topic, his conclusion is that in order to reap the most health benefits from cannabis plants we need to employ an ‘Entourage Effect’.

In layman’s terms, what this amounts to is that instead of just using CBD as a health supplement, we ought to use cannabinoids derived from the entire plant.

A total synthesis of the major plant cannabinoids all complement each other to hugely increase the potential benefits.

The Love CBD Entourage capsules seek to follow this principle by using multiple strains in their compound. But does it make a difference?

The Entourage Effect In Full Swing

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Love CBD has a reputation for sourcing the very best plants for use in their range of products.

Thanks to strong links to Dutch cannabis farms where strains from across the world can be grown without much litigious hassle, they can combine these strains towards what on paper should be the ultimate CBD food supplement.

Other sources for the plants used in these capsules are Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia.

As may be expected, developing what they believe to be the optimum supplement with the widest possible range of active complementary cannabinoids has taken three years.

The result, according to independent scientific testing, is a 10mg/capsule supplement that is packed with both CBD (31%) and CBDA (20%) with trace amounts of CBDV (4.3%) and reassuringly minuscule quantities of THC (0.53%).

The close balance between the CBD and CBDA is what makes the Entourage capsules rather eye-catching.

More often than not the former tends to be at least three or even four times greater than the latter, and this does indeed suggest that there is a richer variety of active ingredients within these capsules.

At 10mg each just a single capsule/day taken with food could well be enough for many people although there’s no reason not to double up on that quantity to reap the full potential rewards.

It’s also worth noting that these capsules also include an impressive number of additional terpenes. Famed for providing that distinctive cannabis aroma, they also offer amazing potential benefits and for the scientifically minded reader, those present include Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene.

A Simple Capsule Ideal For Oral Ingestion

While the actual CBD mix used in this product is clearly rather complicated, the capsules themselves are reassuringly simple and high quality.

The capsule cases are 100% vegetarian and gelatine free, and based upon an ethical and natural vegetable compound.

More significantly, the capsules are based upon coconut oil which not only is very healthy in its own right but also carries enough natural fats to significantly help with the absorption of the active ingredients.

This is one of the reasons why you should only ever consider capsules that have a fat base (coconut oil is unusual, olive oil is much more common) as those without it will largely pass straight through the digestive tract and deliver at best a fraction of the CBD they are capable of.

Remember – these are a ‘food supplement’ so enjoy with a meal for best overall results.

In regards to dosage, there is no formalised maximum limit of how much CBD a person ought to limit themselves to per day.

Love CBD suggests that users take at most two capsules three times a day (60mg). It must be pointed out that everyone has different reactions to this kind of supplement, and what works a treat for one person may not do anything for another.

Obviously, it’s much more economic getting by on 10mg/one capsule a day for a total 60 day supply than double dosing or more.

Manufacturer’s Total Daily Guidelines

Best taken with food. Take 1 capsule daily for the first 3 days. Slowly increase intake to 2 capsules taken 3 times per day. Always spread the intake evenly throughout the day. In the months ahead, take up to 2 capsules, 3 times per day (6 in total).


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CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 30 x 25mg – 750mg CBD+CBDa


CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 750mgOne of the key issues to be aware of when undertaking a CBD regimen is that over time your body will naturally develop a tolerance.

As with all aspects of these kinds of supplements, how long that will take and at what dosage will wildly vary between individuals.

Sometimes these capsules/oils may not have any effect at any strength, while other times people can feel significant benefits on even very low doses.

For people who are responsive to CBD but develop tolerance, it’s necessary to either take a long break to allow the body to ‘reset’ – which is hardly ideal – or up your intake.

The CBDLife 25mg Hemp Oil Capsules provide a lot of CBD which in just one capsule is more than the average daily intake used by most people.

There’s plenty of advantages to employing this delivery method even for those yet to build up a tolerance. Here’s why they can be an excellent option for all users.

High Concentration Intended For Long-Term Biodiversity

As with any capsule, it’s advisable to take them with a meal to aid absorption into the bloodstream and help counteract the rare possibility of suffering a sugar crash – which sometimes can happen with high doses of these supplements.

These are a premium grade, full extract supplement which is 100% organic, vegan and ethically manufactured from the highest quality hemp.

Crucially, CBDLife only uses a CO2 extraction method (the same as used by coffee companies when decaffeinating their beans) allowing for the purest and most natural extracts possible. No solvents or similar chemicals are used at any stage of the process.

Thanks to this quality and purity, the actual active ingredients are pretty much as good as it gets anywhere in the market, but a little known or discussed factor helps make these capsules a truly elite product.

Plenty of cheaper and lower quality capsules use artificial agents to carry the CBD. Not here though! CBDLife takes pride in only using coconut oil with their supplements – and that’s not just because it’s healthy and natural in itself.

CBD is fat soluble and it’s absolutely crucial that such fats are present to ensure proper transmission into the bloodstream. Without these fats, a large proportion of the active ingredients will simply be lost by passing straight through the digestive system.

Is 25mg Too High A Concentration?

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There’s no doubt about it – 25mg is certainly towards the ‘stronger’ end of the market, but bear in mind that these capsules are intended to provide – for most people – a full day’s worth of CBD in one dose.

They are ideal for possibly being able to help alleviate the symptoms of people with long-term and persistent issues.

Of course, there’s no certainty that it will work for everyone, but if we’re working from anecdotal testimony alone plenty of people suffering from degenerative illnesses, persistent psychological strain, and similar chronic health concerns have found that having a constant presence of CBD in their system to be very beneficial.

Some people simply dislike CBD vaping oils or via spray or oil drops.

In fairness, pure unadulterated/flavoured CBD is at best an acquired taste, whereas capsules are totally tasteless.

Ascertaining not just a suitable dosage for your body chemistry but also an appropriate method of delivery are the big two decisions to be made when it comes to starting with these supplements.

A simple strong capsule taken with breakfast is unquestionably the easiest and lowest hassle way to ensure you are taking a decent and regular/consistent dose.


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CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg CBD+CBDa


CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mgLooking to take up a CBD routine but have no idea which spray to start with?

You could do a great deal worse than checking out the range on offer from CBDLife, who have fostered a great reputation for vending top class hemp oil sprays in a crowded marketplace.

Their 400mg (4%) Hemp Oil Spray has received rave reviews, with current users claiming that it’s the perfect dose for helping cope with a wide range of conditions.

While CBD oils affect people in different ways, there does seem to be a genuine effectiveness with this spray that anecdotally suggests it’s more reliable than many other oils on the market.

An Easy To Use & Effective Hemp Spray

Each spray will deliver precisely 5mg of CBD and this product is designed to be taken sublingually. For those unsure what this means, in layman’s terms it means ‘under the tongue’.

While the flavour may not quite be to everyone’s taste it does dissipate quite quickly. To apply (recommended either two or three times per day before a meal) simply spray one dose under the tongue and hold it there for a couple of minutes before swallowing. It’s as easy as that!

While this is far from the strongest/most concentrated oil on the market, it does take effect very quickly. Partially this is because of the ingestion method – spraying under the tongue allows for the swiftest absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream.

For those who seriously struggle with the taste, bear in mind that this oil can be effectively integrated into foodstuffs (cakes and biscuits being especially popular).

“Considered as one of the best and most effective lines on the market.”

Natural & Nutritious

One of the most important factors to examine when selecting an oil is the extraction method used to separate the CBD from the base hemp.

As with all quality oils, CBDLife uses a CO2 extraction technique that is widely considered to be the most effective and natural means of producing oils.

Not only does this result in the lowest possible residual quantities of THC but it also ensures that the oil retains its natural goodness. This 400mg hemp oil spray is packed full of Omega 3/6 and a natural source of vitamin E.

By using the ‘full extract’ rather than distilling it down (as cheaper lines often do) the use of the CO2 extraction process basically protects the natural terpenes which are considered essential to transmitting any potential health benefits in to the body.

Establishing A Suitable Dosage

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Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of using these oils is finding a dose that ‘works’ for your body.

It cannot be stressed enough that CBD oils vary in effectiveness between people and it’s next to impossible to predict a dosage that is guaranteed to deliver results. Some people are just naturally resistant.

In regards to this specific product, we can speculate from the experience of current users that it seems to be one of the more reliable lines on the market.

As with all such products though do expect to have to increase dosage over time to enjoy the same positive effects as the body will slowly develop resistance.

Most people use between 10-20mg/day (2-4 sprays) and it’s sensible practice to start low and increase dosage as necessary.


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VSAVI CBD Oil Tongue Drops 500mg


Voted the best value CBD drops for 2019

VSAVI CBD Oil Drops 500mgVSAVI are a company who take their CBD products very seriously indeed.

All of their oils and drops are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade laboratory and even though the industry is unregulated (at time of writing) they adhere to TPD standards anyway.

These CBD drops are 100% natural, vegetarian, and unadulterated – meaning they don’t use any flavouring agents.

Even better they use organic olive oil as the transmission body which, as we shall explain later in this review, is a hallmark feature of any top-of-the-line CBD oil.

So does this range of products justify the admittedly pretty steep retail price? Let’s take a deeper look and find out.

500mg (5%) Is An Ideal Entry Strength

One of the issues that anyone ought to be aware of when taking up this kind of health supplement is that establishing a functioning dose can be tricky.

Primarily this is because everyone’s body chemistry and natural tolerance/resistance are different – and a simple fact is that for some people they will just naturally be immune regardless of the dosage they try.

Best Place To Buy

The VSAVI range of tongue drops ranges from 300mg (3%) all the way up to a whopping 1500mg (15%).

Tempting as it can seem to just start with the most powerful formula, it’s a really bad idea over the longer term. This is because the body will – over time and in most cases – develop a natural resistance which requires the strength of dosage to be slowly increased.

Starting out at maximum strength doesn’t leave anywhere else to go! Plus the higher concentrations are quite frankly eye-wateringly expensive.

So for newbies to the wonderful world of CBD, 500mg is pretty much the ideal strength to get experimenting with.

“The 500mg VSAVI tongue drops are an excellent choice.”

From long-term users of these drops, we can gather that most tend to take a dose two or three times per day before a meal.

Why before a meal? Primarily because all such products can cause a sudden crash in blood sugar levels so eating right after holding the drops under the tongue for a couple of minutes is a good idea (plus it helps clean the palette).

CO2 Extraction Is Far Superior To Solvent Methods

A common question we hear from people when discussing premium CBD oils/drops/liquids is why some are so much more expensive than others.

VSAVI CBD Oil Drops 500mgSurely in a roundabout way, they’re all pretty much the same, right? Wrong! Cheaper oils tend to use old-fashioned solvent-based extraction methods which are neither very effective or environmentally sound.

VSAVI (and other top manufacturers) use CO2 extraction methods which are considerably more work but result in a far purer and totally organic end product. If you’re worried about what this method involves, rest easy – it’s the same process used to decaffeinate coffee beans!

This process is totally natural/organic, leaves next to no environmental footprint, and results in a non-denatured product.

VSAVI also use fully organic olive oil as the transmission agent – and again this is a hallmark of any quality CBD tongue drop. Olive oil offers a natural protection that maintains the quality of the active CBD component for an indefinite period of time.

Even if used very sparingly over a long period of time, the oil will not degrade to any noticeable degree – and it helps improve the taste a little as well!


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Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1000mg

Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1000mgOne of the most interesting aspects of the CBD community tends to be which strain of hemp is “the best”.

Truth is, there’s no straightforward answer, as both contain a huge amount of cannabinoids that can be excellent for boosting physical and emotional health.

What we have here is an extract that’s not just very concentrated, but originates from the Sativa plant.

For those not in the know, that’s typically a more tropical variety, usually found in SE Asia, Mexico and other places along that latitude.

Via cross-germination, it’s quite tricky to find a proper 100% pure Sativa nowadays outside of dedicated harvests.

Regarded for being pungent – and packed full of THC (the component that gets people high), it’s also regarded as the most nutrient-packed species of the Cannabaceae family.

The problem has always been in extraction. Which is why this Hemptouch offering must be ranked alongside the best in the business.

Hemptouch Only Use The Best Production Methods

We’re looking at a premium product here, so the first place to look has to be how they manage to extract such concentration from what can be a tricky plant.

The first step is using CO2 extraction. There is absolutely no use of solvents or alcohol-based agents at any stage of the process.

Not only does this time-consuming process require plenty of patience, it happens to be by far the best method of making CBD drops as perfect – and THC free – as they get.

The result is an organic, vegan friendly oil that is not just highly concentrated, but also entirely natural.

Sure, there’s that earthy aroma and it may be on the more extreme level – but that’s testimony to the quality of the hemp.

Make no mistake, this is proper Sativa but it won’t make anyone remotely high.

Notes On Dosage & Measurement

Best Place To Buy

This is an olive oil based product, which is important for three reasons:

  1. First of all, it’s a natural agent for protecting the integrity even when opened up. As a preservative, it’s second to none and has been used since antiquity times for this sole purpose.
  2. Secondly, it helps with absorption. There are many ways to take CBD, but olive oil based extract under the tongue is as good as it gets for non-vapers. Easy, convenient and simple to slot into a daily routine. With this standard of purity, it’s as easy as taking a couple of drops a day.
  3. Third – and to be expected – this is quite a dense oil because it’s so concentrated. This can cause issues with dosage, but only if the bottle becomes chilled. If kept in a cupboard and away from drafts, it’ll be fine throughout the year. There’s no need to refrigerate!

Hemptouch does make this clear and go out of their way to suggest that a quick splash under a tap running at 40°C/104°F will have any blockages fixed up within a minute.

How Long Will A Bottle Last?

10ml may not sound much, but that is exactly 200 drops.

So, assuming just two drops a day – and there’s a decent chance one will do – that’s somewhere between 2/3 bottles a year.

As with all CBD oils, be aware that everyone’s genetics are different and what may work for one person isn’t going to do so for another.


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Is CBD The Same As Hemp Oil?


CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

A common misconception when it comes to cannabis extracts is that CBD and hemp oil are the same thing.

While they both have a number of handy uses, contain compounds thought to be beneficial for health, and are psychoactively benign – that is pretty much where the similarities end.

Such confusion can be mostly blamed upon manufacturers of both products who tend to haphazardly throw around labels without much regard for what they actually mean.

CBD OilYes – they are both technically speaking ‘marijuana oils’ but as we’ll now see, they are very different products.

Let’s start with quickly summing up the key properties of both CBD and hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

Only the seeds from industrial hemp (specifically produced for minimum THC levels) are used in the manufacture of hemp oil. It has an enormous variety of uses including:

  • As a cooking oil
  • As a natural moisturiser
  • Environmentally friendly paint production
  • Increasingly used as a biofuel
  • Cosmetics and foodstuffs


Technically known as cannabidiol oil, it is manufactured using the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the entire cannabis plant which has been processed into hemp.

It carries only trace amounts of THC. It’s for this reason CBD oils do not violate the United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and hence why they are legally sold in the UK.

Bear in mind that there is no cast-iron scientific proof for any health benefits.

The Key Differences

Basically, while hemp oil contains a minuscule – we’re talking molecular – quantity of CBD, dedicated oil typically carries between 10-15% of the pure extract.

CBD vs Hemp Oil

Image Source: Meet Harmony

The reason for this is primarily because of the method of production. Hemp oil is extracted solely from the hemp seeds which contain barely any CBD.

While there is no doubt that hemp oil has many practical applications it pales when compared to dedicated CBD oil in regards to addressing potential uses.

That being said, while CBD is widely believed to offer some benefits these are by no means universal and are not guaranteed to help everyone across the board.

Frustrating as this is, the general consensus among most users and a good proportion of medical experts ‘off the record’ is that it doesn’t do any harm.

Most users who find an appropriate dosage and do not possess a natural tolerance find that it does deliver a very subtle calming influence despite being almost entirely free of THC.

However, let’s not totally dismiss the healthiness of using hemp oil with foods. Used as a salad dressing it does deliver a solid dose of vitamin E.

It has also been demonstrated as being able to assist with the likes of PMS, neurodermatitis, and arthritis. Yet despite its apparent occasional benefit in regards to health application, hemp oil remains almost wholly considered as an industrial and cosmetic tool.

So Which Is Better? CBD vs Hemp Oil?

This question tends to get thrown around a lot and really it is quite unfair and shortsighted to compare them.

Despite often being bundled together under the infuriating ‘marijuana oil’ label, they both offer very different potential uses.

While hemp is demonstrably useful and has been used in various forms for hundreds of years, CBD extract is comparatively new as effective means of extraction have only been discovered over the last few decades.

Perhaps the best answer to this question would be to try and incorporate both into your lifestyle!

There’s no real sense in trying to score or rate either because they both have different qualities that are applied towards different ends.

Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 800mg


Entourage Oil 800mgOne of the most noticeable recent trends in the wonderful world of CBD oils is the growing use of sprays instead of old-school droppers.

The logic behind this is pretty straightforward – not only do they deliver an exact amount of liquid per spray but they are also tidier, less fiddly to use and far less liable to leak.

The Love CBD Entourage Oil 800mg offers a perfect example of why sprays are becoming ever more popular with both manufacturers and end users.

Yet this product is quite a bit different from most of the other sprays on the market – indeed it may just happen to be the very best CBD sprays currently out there.

What Makes The Entourage Spray Different?

Let’s begin with a brief history lesson!

Raphael Mechoulam – the scientist who first identified the different compounds that make up the cannabis plant (THC, CBD etc) – believed that when used for health purposes, it was essential to have as many active cannabinoids bound together as possible.

The theory runs that they complement each other and create an overall more powerful and long-lasting health boost, hence the ‘Entourage’ factor.

Love CBD has spent three years identifying specifically powerful cannabinoids from a variety of different strains of the cannabis plant sourced from all over the world.

“May well be one of the very best sprays on the market.”

These seeds have then been cultivated in their own farm under exacting organic conditions creating what can justifiably be regarded as a truly 100% organic CBD compound. They don’t use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

At 800mg (8%), it’s also pretty strong! Besides the active CBD, the only other ingredient is again totally organic olive oil, which is by far the best base for this kind of product.

Olive oil not only helps make the spray a little more palatable but it also serves to ensure that the active ingredients retain their strength/integrity even after months since being opened.

There are absolutely no artificial flavourings or binding agents – it really is as pure as it gets.

Effective/Recommended Dosage

Considering that this is a pretty high concentration spray containing CBD, CBDA, and CBG (as well as a minuscule trace of THC). There is also a good concentration of naturally occurring terpenes which gives marijuana its classic scent and taste.

Note also that this is designed specifically as a food supplement and is not suitable for use in a vaporizer.

Love CBD recommends that clients use just one dose per day taken or combined with food.

Each spray delivers exactly 0.16ml of oil containing 6.4mg of CBD. While this is certainly a sensible amount to start with, it may well not be quite enough for some people to notice any positive effects.

Best Place To Buy

Everyone’s ideal dosage varies but from experience, we believe that two doses per day will be more likely to deliver for most people.

The good news is that the Entourage spray comes in 20ml bottles and that roughly adds up to around 150 sprays.

If you can get by on the recommended single dose/day then that’s five months worth of CBD oil, and certainly helps justify the comparatively high price point of this product.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.