Is It Possible To Develop A Tolerance To CBD Oil?


CBD & Tolerance

Like many aspects of CBD, the issue of developing a tolerance is a complicated one without a comprehensive 100% answer.

There’s a purely scientific approach that claims pretty unanimously that if anything this compound imparts a form of reverse tolerance.

On the other hand, some people who use extracts to help with certain conditions anecdotally report that they’ve developed a tolerance.

To find a sensible balance we need to look into exactly what CBD is, how it differs from THC (the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant) and balance this with dosage and product quality.

What Is Tolerance?

Long-term exposure to many intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine and even caffeine causes the body to adapt and become used to the presence of the compound within the system.

When this is suddenly stopped or reduced, the body reacts by going in to withdrawal with often unpleasant physical reactions.

On the other hand, if consumption is steady and regular it can take ever higher dosages to feel the same effect or “buzz”.

This is due to these kinds of psychoactive substances binding themselves to the CB1 receptor that imparts the psychological changes such substances deliver.

So how does this relate to CBD?

CBD Does Not Bind To One Receptor

The crucial difference that is often overlooked or ignored is that despite originating from the same plant, CBD – unlike THC – does not attach itself to one single receptor.

Instead, it distributes itself throughout the body via the bloodstream and as such delivers a ‘whole body’ effect.

Most importantly of all – it’s been proven that unlike THC which reduces cannabinoid receptors and creates tolerance, CBD actually provides a boost to these receptors making them more effective and efficient.

Scientifically speaking, this ought to actually lead to what is rather ambiguously described as reverse tolerance.

For the user, this means that once the CBD has settled in to the system it ought to require smaller doses in order to just keep the body ‘topped-up’.

Of course, this is dependent upon a user having already found their personal “goldilocks zone” when it comes to dosage and having taken their dose often enough to have a solid foundation to decrease from.

Those interested in taking up CBD ought to aware that very few companies tend to explain this in their ‘how to dose’ guides. Obviously, it’s in their interests to sell higher concentrated products at higher prices, so publicly expressing that people can maintain with lower doses would be poor for business.

It’s much easier just to let people assume they will become tolerant and needlessly up their intake far beyond what is actually required.

So that’s the scientific take. Tolerance to CBD ought to be essentially impossible. What about the actual experiences and anecdotes from people who have found that they developed a tolerance to CBD?

Is Tolerance Psychological?

People take CBD products to hopefully help with all sorts of problems.

One of the most common reasons tends to be to help with anxiety and panic disorders. Quite a few users have reported via various online forums that after initially “feeling” the benefits that they have developed a kind of tolerance. In order to feel a similar reduction in their symptoms, they needed to up the regularity and concentration of their dose.

This presents an awkward issue because there are so many variables at play.

For instance, if a person suddenly faces a stressful situation they’re going to naturally be stressed. CBD does not dull the senses or create any kind of devil may care attitude. It cannot be blamed for circumstantial stresses!

But for less overt instances of general anxiety disorder, there’s a possibility that they could be taking far more than they actually need, saturating the body to such an extent that there’s just no benefit left to be gained.

In these circumstances, it’s time to look into dosage and perhaps ‘reset’ the body by taking a break for a few days before starting back on a much lower dose. Again, this varies enormously. Some people find 25-40mg per day plenty, others may need 1500mg per day. Finding and correcting a dose regimen is that individualistic.

Final Thoughts

Theoretically, there’s no reason why people should experience any tolerance along the lines of typical intoxicants – which is because it’s not a drug.

CBD is considered a dietary supplement that relays no psychoactive properties and does not bind to the same receptors, so using “tolerance” in such a way is really missing the entire point of what it actually does.

The chances are that those who claim such tolerance simply are not taking an appropriate dose, and/or just as bad using an inferior product.

When it comes to selecting CBD oils, do take due diligence on the company you are buying from because there are plenty of low-grade options out there that contain far less active ingredients than they claim.

There’s nothing wrong with starting over and carefully working towards ascertaining a quality and effective long-term solution.

Love CBD Reviews – A Complete Guide For 2020

Love CBD

It’s extremely difficult to find very much to criticise about Love CBD. Not that we’re complaining of course – these guys are the epitome of what to look for in any UK-based company.

Offering a range of truly top quality extracts (with masses of openly published testing results), customer services to die for and a legit dedication to delivering only the best, it’s easy to see why they retain such a loyal support.

Love CBD ReviewsMake no mistake they offer premium products that are ideal for the purists out there – especially those who understand the various qualities held by different strains of hemp.

But having been around for a little longer than most, does Love CBD still deserve its reputation as being one of the very best? After all, there’s no shortage of thrusting young competitors launching into an already overcrowded market.

Let’s take a closer look and see what makes them one of the most trusted and appreciated brands going.

What Makes Love CBD Stand Out?

In a word – detail. Regardless of where you may be on your CBD adventure, everyone must have felt that frustration by a number of companies who make sweeping claims without providing an inch of evidence.

Nothing could be further from the truth when considering this company under that scrutiny. They’re absolutely fastidious when it comes to presenting the independent lab results of their extracts. Not only is this reassuring but from a customer’s perspective, it’s also educational.

Everyone knows how tricky it can be to find a ‘working dose’ but thanks to the breakdown of the cannabinoids within their strains you’ll have a much greater idea of what works for you.

Quite why every company doesn’t copy this model is beyond us. CBD oils can become quite expensive, so why blindly take their word that a certain product is what they claim it to be?

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Having regular batch testing and published reports ought to be an industry standard – and we’d always suggest dealing only with those that do so.

Such transparency is extremely refreshing and highlights their claim to be all about helping the customer pair with a suitable product. It’s an impressive ethos and one that must be seriously respected.

The Purity Of Their Products

As their testing demonstrates across the board, all of these extracts regardless of concentration are as good as it gets in terms of purity.

Rather than dedicate themselves to just one strain of hemp, they source their raw materials from hand-selected cannabis farms across the EU.

These are universally organic, unpolluted from chemicals or artificial fertilisers and pretty much as natural as possible.

As is standard among all A-class CBD brands, they only use CO2 frozen extraction methods to gain as pure an extract as possible. The result is a variety of different styles of CBD that are better than anyone else currently on the market.

Most of their focus is on oil drops and lotions with a couple of e-liquids for good measure (more on these in a moment).

Their production method generally leans towards a more ‘full spectrum’ model that serves to retain additional terpenes and cannabinoids typically lost by most other extraction methods. So to put it simply, Love CBD have a heck of a good base product on their hands!

Product Line-Up

The product line-up for 2020.

Product Highlights

They are all universally top class but the real focus here must be placed upon the variety. By this we do not mean they have an enormous range – they don’t – but instead, they have a slim selection of very different products.

It’s worth pointing out that most of these are stronger than typically on offer from comparative stores. There are some lower concentration sprays and oils but most are towards the stronger end of the market.

Love CBD Product RangesA key range that is unlike anything else out there is their ‘Entourage’ selection of capsules, oils, and sprays.

For those not in the know, the ‘entourage effect’ is a term used in association with full spectrum extracts to describe how additional cannabinoids can help CBD take on a fuller effect.

This is not just a fancy marketing gimmick – there’s plenty of emerging scientific proof detailing how more complex extracts can deliver far more impressive results.

Combining just the extract and organic olive oil, these may sound a little basic but by no means is that the case. In our opinion (for what it’s worth) full spectrum is what true cannabis extracts ought to be when used as a health supplement.

Take the 800mg Entourage spray as a good example. That is a significant dose – which is delivered by 6.4mg per spray.

Just like with oils, the point is to aim under the tongue for rapid absorption straight into the bloodstream. Coming in a 20ml bottle instead of the standard 10ml makes a concentration of this strength actually pretty good value.

They do stress that there’s going to be a trace element of THC left over but by no means is it enough to risk legal difficulties, fail a drugs test or get remotely high. Such honesty is again testimony to the transparency of this operation and again very impressive.

E-liquids are not their real focus (yet) with a range of outstanding capsules and oils being their main market. Yet all of their ranges are unique in their own regard. They have ‘Dutch’ style (exclusively incorporating hemp grown in The Netherlands), plus Indica and Sativa specials for their e-liquids. In short, if you know the difference between strains you’ll just adore these products!

Video: Dosage instructions from Love CBD

Any Concerns?

Some people just do not like sprays because it can lead to accidental swallowing.

Why is this an issue? Simply because CBD loses some of its strength when filtered through the digestive tract. Oil drops applied directly to the underneath of the tongue are more effective, and it’s surprising that there’s a lack of options available here. Sprays may seem convenient but they’re not necessarily the best delivery method.

As for the variety of products – yes they’re awesome, but only when they’re in stock!

They are specialists and clearly have a very devoted clientele – but a fortnight plus to get more in? Surely at that stage, it may be worth delisting them temporarily, and if that’s a common issue then it’s a bit of a downer from a company that otherwise oozes class.

What We’d Like To See Next

Obviously better stock control would be a nice start! Apart from this, there’s clearly space to add a few lower strength options across the range.

It’d be even better if these were available in a classic drop bottle instead of as a spray. You can order a proper instead of a spray, but you have to specifically mention this in your order notes – which is a bit of a faff. Perhaps that comes down to personal preference, but it seems odd to focus so much on sprays and lotions almost exclusively.

A product of this quality supported by a company that genuinely does care about quality and customer satisfaction deserves to be available at more appropriate scales for a wider audience.

We hope that they’ll consider expanding this in the future because that’s what’s required for an outstanding brand to do well in such a crowded market.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 500mg
Love CBD Entourage Capsules 1200mg
Love CBD Entourage Oil 1400mg
Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 2000mg
Love CBD Balm
Love CBD Indica CBD E-Liquid 250mg
Love CBD Sativa CBD E-Liquid 250mg
Love CBD Dutch Capsules 400mg
Love CBD Entourage Capsules 600mg
Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray
Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray

CBD Asylum Review – A Top Rated UK Company

They’ve only been in business for a couple of years, but they’ve swiftly established themselves as one of the best – and ambitious – CBD companies in the UK.

Where some companies may be accused of resting on their laurels when it comes to expanding their range, this is certainly not the case with CBD Asylum.

CBD Asylum ReviewTheir mantra is focussed on developing the ways that CBD may potentially hold an enormous benefit for health, lifestyle and personal fitness.

A lesser quality company may well have tripped over its own shoelaces with this kind of scope, but as we’ll see there’s plenty more to come from this stylish operation.

Unlike quite a good proportion of other companies involved in this emergent scene, they don’t have any side distractions.

All their products are exclusively geared towards CBD – meaning there are no additional subsections such as ‘standard’ e-liquids and only a very limited selection of paraphernalia and devices. Their focus is entirely on delivering the best CBD products possible.

What Makes CBD Asylum Stand Out?

It cannot be stressed enough quite how enthusiastic these guys are in trying to promote the positives that these supplements may hold.

In their estimation pretty much everyone can have a use for CBD in some capacity. This can be for the typical range of health reasons or even as far as post-workout recovery.

Recently, they’ve been emphasising the latter, even going so far as to enlist strongman Eddie Hall to be the focus of their quite glitzy marketing operation.

One thing to always look out for when assessing companies engaged in this line of products is how far they propagate claims that it will help people. Be wary of any that do so because that’s simply not how these supplements work.

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CBD Asylum is a good example of a company that’s not shy of discussing the reasons why people have benefitted from taking up a routine, but reassuringly steer clear of making unfounded promises.

Considering how universal their business model is, their restraint is impressive and singles them out as a serious and trustworthy company.

Purity Of The Products

All the flashy advertising in the world would count for nothing if the product was poor, especially in such a competitive market.

Yet we’re happy to report that these guys are one of the best when it comes to matters of purity and responsible sourcing. All their oils are 100% natural and they use no synthetic additives or chemicals at any stage of production.

They claim to have absolutely no THC residual in any of their oils. We’d take that claim with a slight pinch of salt because no matter how thoroughly it’s extracted there’s inevitably going to be a tiny bit left over. By tiny we’re talking a tiny percentage of a percentage!

The UK law stipulates that anything less than 0.2% THC is legal, so there’s nothing to worry about in that format (or reason it will cause a failure at a drug tests). But there’s always going to be a little still present, it’s only going to be an issue for anyone allergic to THC – and that’s something we’ve never heard of before. Just a little gripe but no biggie.

Video: Product Highlights

You can tell right away that these guys have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store because they stock a broad range of products.

Video: Liam Jones (company co-founder, and Alex Montagnani (Pro MMA Fighter) taking you through their product line-up.

Their E-Liquids

CBD Asylum ProductsTheir e-liquids range from 200mg to 2,000mg in strength, and providing plenty of options in between. That makes it pretty simple to gradually establish a ‘working’ dose.

Interestingly, they also offer some high VG e-liquids that produce huge clouds – just use them sparingly!

Their Oils

As for their oils, they’ve recently added a staggering 10,000mg extract that’s probably the strongest (and most expensive) on the UK market – if not the world. More typical users will be equally well served by a broad variety of oils and drops.

Their oil drops are genuinely excellent quality but perhaps you may be wondering what makes this company really stand out from the crowd?

We’d draw attention to the CBD Pro Shot which is designed to be added to water or isotonic drinks after a hard workout.

Plenty of professional athletes are starting to pay attention to how CBD can present a natural and healthy way to reduce inflammation and assist in recovery. As ever – you won’t find us making bold claims as fact – but plenty of athletes have found this to be an effective addition to their fitness regime. The Pro Shot is easy to use, measures out very reliably and has rapidly become one of their flagship products.

Eddie Hall At CBD Asylum

Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017) – centre, with co-founders Liam Jones – left, and Alex Hope – right.

Any Concerns?

CBD Asylum have taken huge steps at a very fast pace so there’s inevitably going to be a couple of oversights here and there.

Whilst their products are clearly very well manufactured and fit the bill when it comes to purity and quality, there’s a bit of a gap when it comes to verifiable proof of efficacy.

All good companies will claim to regularly test their batches of extract to ensure they meet the grade. While they may well do so, the very best will also provide details of the findings established by third-party tests. This is important not just to verify the integrity of the product, but also because it provides details on the extent other cannabinoids are retained.

Some people prefer just ‘pure’ CBD isolate, while a growing number are increasingly keen on more full-spectrum supplements and like to know the extent to which these have been retained.

It would take very little effort to publish these on their website, which is a bit of an oversight considering they publish plenty of guides and blog posts anyway.

It certainly doesn’t diminish our faith in their products as we know they’re the real deal – but this may put off more discerning customers.

What We’d Like To See Next

Obviously, the publishing of batch testing results is a must-add. We’d love to see some high strength pastes too!


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Click GET CODE to view our exclusive discount code. Valid and guaranteed to work. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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CBD Asylum Pro Shot
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CBD Asylum Sub Ohm E-Liquid

VSAVI Reviews & Why They Are The Best CBD Brand In The UK

VSAVI Reviews

VSAVI is without question one of the biggest and best names in the British CBD scene.

Renowned for the quality of their products, they’ve also been at the forefront in raising awareness of the potential benefits that cannabis derivatives may hold.

As a core member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTAUK), they especially emphasise the importance of purity when it comes to undertaking a CBD routine.

Using only the best hemp alongside natural growing and extraction processes, they really do set the marks when it comes to what people ought to expect from a UK manufacturer.

As may be expected, they have a very loyal customer base for this reason – so let’s take a closer look and see quite why they are widely regarded as the best in the business.

What Makes VSAVI Stand Out?

Plenty of companies try to stress the exacting standards they use when manufacturing their extracts – but the truth is that some are considerably better than others.

The UK scene is largely unregulated and there are no established ‘standards’ regarding harvesting or production.

Frustratingly, this means that second-rate companies (and there are a lot out there) can freely advertise their products as being ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ even though they may have used every chemical imaginable during their production cycle.

But when VSAVI claim to only sell ‘pure CBD oil’ it really is the case.

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They use only organically grown hemp – meaning no chemical-based fertilisers, growth agents, insecticides or other unpleasant additives are used during cultivation.

When it comes to extraction, they exclusively employ only CO2 methods which despite being more expensive and time-consuming, results in a far superior end product. No solvents or alcohol are ever used. So it’s up to the end consumer to decide which kind of ‘pure’ they prefer. Personally, we’d always side with VSAVI!

Just as important regarding purity is the quality of facilities used during the extraction stage.

Many people tend to associate organic, free grown hemp with dirtiness. That’s simply not the case – at least with this company.

They use 100% clean room laboratories akin to those used in pharmaceutical industries. So what this equates to is a little bottle of truly premium grade CBD.

On offer are not just isolates but also ‘full spectrum’ (inclusive of many additional terpenes and cannabinoids) and naturally flavoured e-liquids too.

Regardless of the option selected, you know that it’s going to always be the real deal.

Product Line-Up

Product Highlights

So we’ve covered how VSAVI set the benchmark when it comes to purity, but what about the standout products in their range?

Although they do also vend nicotine-free standard e-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) content for vape enthusiasts, their real focus is on their CBD oils and liquids.

Vaping Oils

VSAVI E-Liquids

They offer a range of pure CBD e-liquids.

In regards to their e-liquids, it’s important to mention that they’re fully compliant with EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) standards which by no means can be said for many rival companies. With this in mind, let’s see what they have on offer.

The VSAVI CBD e-liquids ranges from a very mild 50mg concentration up to a whopping 1000mg. While there are stronger concentrates available, the vast majority of people ought to find their 300mg option beneficial.

As well as the earthy and natural full spectrum option, there are also an additional 11 different flavours to choose from. These are very tasty indeed!

Most people settle with the natural unflavoured e-liquids. We tested the 300mg option and found it to be a delicate and indeed very lightly fragranced vape.

Some people struggle with the more full-on whole spectrum varieties, but the ‘typical’ CBD isolate is an especially easy going experience with a balanced level of cloud production.

All too often companies include too much cloud bearing VG in their e-liquids, meaning of course that customers burn through it far quicker. Instead, VSAVI has made the intelligent call of keeping it as close to a standard e-liquid as possible (80/20 PG/VG ratio). Their products are also vegan and kosher friendly.

Oil Drops


They manufacture their oils solely from high grade hemp extracts.

In regards to their oils, there is once again a nice spread in concentrations ranging from 300mg to 1500mg.

As would be expected, these will increase proportionately in expense the higher you go, but for those starting out on CBD and needing to establish a ‘working dose’, it’s a sensible selection to work with.

VSAVI themselves include a straightforward guide to help use their products/find the sweet spot, and as usual, this involves slowly upping your intake until you find a level that works.

Refreshingly, they don’t direct their new customers straight to the higher concentrations which may well be unnecessarily strong/expensive.

While it’s not our place to suggest or speculate regarding individual doses and potential benefits, we’d claim from personal experience that even their 500mg strength oil will likely be more useful than many other rival products.

This is again thanks to it being really pure and high grade – which in our estimation makes it considerably better than equivalent “500mg” or “5%” compounds. It’s especially noticeable in their full spectrum oil, with those dozens of additional cannabinoids really capable of making a difference.

Any Concerns?

It’s difficult to find much to actually criticise about VSAVI’s range of products. They quite simply have as good a quality extract as it’s possible to make!

If there were any issues regarding this we’d be on it like a flash, but it’s as close to a perfect blueprint of what to look for when selecting a vendor as it gets.

That being said, there are drawbacks by so emphatically focussing on quality ahead of quantity. Their overall selection is comparatively quite limited compared to some of the other big names out there.

In absolute honesty, we don’t think many people are going to need super strength e-liquids, but an option somewhere between 500mg to 1000mg would be a welcome addition for more moderate consumers.

What We’d Like To See

We have no doubt that VSAVI is never going to compromise on their exacting standards. It’s what makes them unique and in our estimation they are the best CBD company to buy from in the UK.

However, considering the quality of the extract they possess, why not extend it in to a wider range? It wouldn’t require much effort.

Even developing oral sprays (which are more convenient than oil drops), capsules for those who struggle with the taste of hemp, and sub-ohm vaping oils would be great steps forward for this tremendous brand.


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VSAVI Flavoured CBD Vape Kit
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XEO CBD Clearomizer Starter Kit
VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil
VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 500mg
VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 1000mg
VSAVI Flavoured CBD Vape Oils
VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg
VSAVI CBD Oil 1500mg
VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 300mg
VSAVI CBD Oil Drops 500mg
XEO VOID CBD Vaporizer

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – What Are The Differences?


Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

Trust us, it would be useful if many of the companies selling CBD were a little more precise about their labelling.

For instance, what exactly does ‘pure’ relate to? Is it trying to say that an oil is an isolate, or is referring to the manufacturing process being organic?

All you need to do is look around and it takes no time at all to realise the very indiscriminate and non-standardised way products are labelled and described.

Where this agreement is when it comes to the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD.

Unlike CBD isolate which is literally 99%+ ‘pure’ (there we go again) CBD; both of the aforementioned contain some level of additional terpenes and cannabinoids. Naturally, this makes the descriptive process even more confusing!

But there are clear lines of demarcation, so let’s look at each in turn and then compare the differences.

What’s Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD OilRegarded by some purists as being the closest to the cannabis plant as an extract can get, these oils aim to retain all the other terpenes alongside dozens of additional cannabinoids (CBG/CBN in particular).

Even though they may comprise just a tiny percentage of the overall plant, these trace elements are believed to be essential in helping the core extract be effective.

A term that is often thrown about regarding full spectrum extracts is the ‘entourage effect’ which describes how the various elements are all interrelated.

The problem is that regardless of how pure, organic and lovely the extraction process may be, it can (not always) retain a bit more THC than usual.

Rarely does this peak above 0.3% but for heavy users of very high strength product, there’s a small chance it could register on a drugs test. In theory. We have never heard any anecdotal proof of this being solely attributed to CBD but that doesn’t make it impossible.

As may understandably be expected, full spectrum tends to also carry over a considerably stronger taste of hemp. This may not be to everyone’s palette, but if you want a truly entourage oil that’s what has to be expected.

What’s Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad Spectrum CBD OilYou may be tempted to think that this is somewhere perfectly placed between full spectrum and isolate. Sadly – you’d be wrong!

This is far closer to full spectrum with the only difference being that it’s gone through extra refinement to further reduce the THC level. Whether or not this is actually necessary – that’s a personal choice – but of course, it’s inevitable that during this process more additional extracts are also removed.

As counterproductive as that might sound, some companies take the effort to then add the lost extracts back into the core CBD.

Quite how effective this can be varies wildly. If you’re considering a brand that claims to be broad spectrum please take the time to check out independent lab results. Most quality companies will have these available on their website or upon request via their customer services.

Critics of broad spectrum say that there’s something a little artificial about this kind of CBD oil – but if it works and is fully composed, then frankly what does it matter?

Only the extreme purist would turn their nose up at a quality broad spectrum CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

So, as we can see the key difference comes down to how much of that pesky THC needs to be removed.

We’re talking minuscule amounts even in the most ‘hempy’ full spectrum. CBD oil must not contain more than 0.2% of THC to be legal in the UK anyway!

So if taking that low a quantity of THC is an issue, the only reason for it being so must come down to personal intolerance – and we’d like to hear how on earth that was diagnosed!

In our opinion, both of these varieties are superior to ‘pure’ isolate CBD simply because they do retain those extra cannabinoids and terpenes.

The difference between the two really comes down to personal choice.

VSAVI Full Spectrum Raw 500mg


VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mgIt’s always exciting news when VSAVI release a new product for review because they are invariably superb!

Of course, this also sets themselves a heck of a standard to maintain!

This time around we are going to be checking out something new – the VSAVI CBD Oil Drops ‘Full Spectrum Raw’ which experienced CBD fans will know is a very exciting development indeed.

To date, these guys have forged a reputation for the genuine excellence of their range – but until now, there was no full spectrum offering.

So what does this mean and how does it perform against the competition? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Full Spectrum Is Different

You’ll notice that the majority of oils (and to qualify, these are oral drops which aren’t suitable for vaping) tend to be ‘pure CBD extract’ or words to that effect.

This is perfectly fine, but during this process not only is that pesky THC removed, but usually a good proportion of the other terpenes and cannabinoids believed to also be beneficial to health.

Full spectrum – hence ‘raw’ leaves all these in, meaning that the final compound results in CBD plus others. Some people swear by it, others do not. Personally speaking, we’re firmly in the former camp.

What you get with the Full Spectrum Raw drops is CBD plus everything else as well. This is commonly referred to as delivering an “entourage effect” as some people believe these additional ingredients enhance the overall quality of the oil.

500mg is a pretty decent dose, especially if you’re taking it 2 or 3 times a day. That’s as close as it gets to what you would get from taking marijuana – you just don’t get high.

Why Aren’t All CBD Oils Full Spectrum?

VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Oil RAW 500mgSurely it would make sense for all oils to retain the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients? Why bother diluting most of them out by over-refining?

There’s a couple of reasons why the majority of oils steer clear from being full spectrum.

First is the big old research question. CBD itself is not yet fully understood, with research focusing predominantly on how CB1 and to a lesser extent CB2 work within the body. That’s a simple fact and one that means research in to all these other active ingredients – and there are dozens – is barely at infancy.

Some people are put off by this fact and would prefer their CBD to be ‘pure’ making it very much a personal choice.

Another factor is that while oral drops remain the most common way of taking CBD, even in refined form some people struggle with the taste.

Full spectrum CBD oils such as this are considerably more ‘musky’ and ‘hempy’ than even the refined version. To put it simply, it isn’t to everyone’s taste.

One way around this can be to combine it with a juice/smoothie/food but the problem of that is it then takes the extract through the digestive tract and will lessen the potency of the compound.

Why We Recommend VSAVI Full Spectrum Raw

Best Place To Buy

VSAVI is well known as one of the most ‘legitimate’ companies on the scene when it comes to the purity and provenance of their products.

All of their range is certifiably derived from organically grown hemp – with zero use of chemicals at any stage of the process.

Better still, they use an industrial standard CO2 extraction process that is proven to deliver the purest and least adulterated CBD oil possible. It’s the same method used to decaffeinate coffee beans without reducing any taste and totally chemical free.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

CBD vs THC – The Similarities & Differences Explained



A common assumption people tend to make when they first hear about CBD is that it must have some recreational qualities. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Unlike THC – which is the psychoactive component that gets one ‘high’, CBD simply doesn’t carry those effects.

It can be difficult for those totally outside of the cannabis/extracts scene to comprehend how two compounds derived from the same family of plants can have such contrasting characteristics. But they do – and science says so!

Before exploring the differences we ought to make something quite clear.

There’s plenty of debate about the potential health benefits that CBD (or the whole cannabis plant) may hold. None of this is scientifically or medically proven, so we will not mention any of these here.

Instead, our focus will be on why CBD ought to be treated as distinctive from THC.

What Makes For A Quality CBD Oil?

In order for CBD extracts to be legal in the UK, they must not contain more than 0.2% THC.

For this purpose, manufacturers strive to process their hemp plants as thoroughly as possible in order to filter out the THC.

There’s almost inevitably going to be a tiny trace left over in all products, but you’re not going to get remotely high.

Remember that the body actually has an endocannabinoid system – so trace elements are going to be present even in people who have never been within thousand miles of a joint!

Chemical Structures

The chemical structures of both CBD and THC.

Why Is Hemp Used?

This is a crucial difference and one of the reasons why you should never trust a product labelling itself as a ‘marijuana extract’ or such.

While both CBD and THC are indeed found in the cannabis plant, when it comes to hemp the there’s only a tiny amount of THC compared to CBD.

This is why quality hemp is used in the creation of most quality extracts.

There’s also the advantage that hemp has a wide variety of industrial uses, while the cannabis plant remains highly regulated in most countries.

How They Differ In The Body

CBD stimulates the receptors dotted around the body and can help to ‘stock up’ levels where there are not enough cannabinoids already present in the system. This is why there are indications that it may help people with all kinds of health issues.

On the other hand, THC is a psychoactive component and without question aims to directly affect the brain. This is by releasing dopamine alongside various other less significant hormones – which all combined causes the high.

While CBD can travel to receptors within the brain – or more accurately, the cannabinoids it contains can do so – it has zero such mind-altering properties.

No matter how much CBD isolate you ingest, you will never get remotely high.

Differences Between CBD and THC

Whilst CBD and THC ultimately derive from the same plant, they have opposite effects to each other.

What Are The Side Effects?

People react in different ways to both compounds.

Almost everyone will feel THC and it may in some cases lead to psychological problems. Combined with it often being smoked with tobacco and of course, there are other associated health risks. These are well-documented facts that have been supported by medical science for decades.

Yet CBD is entirely passive. It’s impossible to actually overdose on it because there’s no toxicity. This is one of the reasons why there are little or no side effects of consuming CBD oil.

Even people who unknowingly consume far more than their endocannabinoid system may need should experience no issues at all.

Excess intake simply becomes absorbed or expelled by the body much as excessive vitamins do.

Some people even give it to their pets. Doing this is a violation of Regulation 8 of the VMR and you could be prosecuted in the UK  – so it’s not something we recommend.

Final Thoughts

They may come from the same family but by no means are CBD and THC ‘peas in the pod’.

While they do share some basic botanical similarities when it comes to human use, they have near opposite applications and effect.

When it comes to CBD oils used as a health supplement, there is such effort to remove as much THC as possible from the end product that it really tells its own story.

What Are The Potential Side Effects To CBD Oil?


The Side Effects Of Taking CBD

If you believed all the current hype surrounding CBD you’d be thinking that this is a “wonder drug” capable of curing all of humanity’s woes with no unpleasant side effects.

Truth be told, this assessment is only partially correct.

Quality extracts may help reduce the symptoms of physical or psychological issues. Everyone is different and finding a working dose can be frustrating, but it can be effective for a large proportion of people. Which brings us to the thorny issue of side effects.

It cannot be stressed enough that the consumption of CBD is perfectly safe, non-addictive and it’s impossible to overdose.

This is why it’s so lightly regulated because it’s appropriately considered a health supplement and certainly not an intoxicant.

Many hundreds of studies dating as far back as the early 1980s have discovered that regardless of dosage there are no universally observable negative side effects from consuming pure CBD.

So why do a small minority of people report that they are feeling poorly after starting a course?

Research Suggests That CBD Has No Common Side Effects

One of the reasons why research into CBD has dragged its heels for decades is that the majority of studies tend to have been focused on application towards specific health issues.

Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to measure actual common side effects because it’s impossible to explain why one group of subjects experienced some unwanted effects and others did not. The only logical reasoning is that these symptoms are related to the condition and not actually the intake of CBD.

For the general user, this paints a confusing and often contradictory picture. There is no set answer to ‘will I start feeling a dry mouth?’ or ‘am I at risk of hypotension?’.

Throw in the fact that people take it for everything from general anxiety disorder to helping recover after a workout and it becomes extraordinarily difficult to isolate common side effects. So what research ought we trust?

One standout series of studies dating back to 2006 is worth commenting on. Primarily looking into the long-term application of cannabis use for Huntington’s Disease, these forward-thinking researchers also isolated a side study into the consequences of using various measures of CBD over a 30 day period.

All of the volunteers used were certifiably healthy and had no significant health conditions that may have imbalanced their findings. At the end of the study, all of the subjects were assessed for physical, neurological and psychiatric health and found to still be perfectly healthy.

Can we take this study as indicative that research quality CBD carries no clear side effects? On its own, of course not, but the same findings have been replicated over the years since.

So how much does the quality of the actual extract matter when it comes to side effects?

Symptoms Of Taking CBD Oil

Product Quality May Be The Key

Some anecdotal side effects that have been occasionally reported include a dry mouth, feeling light-headed, drowsiness, digestive problems, headaches, mood alterations and even a sensation of being ‘high’.

Of course, it’s very difficult to rule out CBD as having been behind these symptoms, but the fact is that for an overwhelming majority of people there is simply nothing to report.

Naturally, this begs the question of what were they taking and was it actually a real, good quality extract?

Our thoughts on this issue would be to first take a very close look at what you are taking and where it was purchased from.

There’s absolutely no evidence or scientific reason why genuine CBD oils should cause any kind of unpleasant reaction.

Remember that it’s impossible to take too much, there are no ceiling limits, and that even when working to alleviate symptoms the actual process is undetectable. There is no ‘slash bang my CBD is working’ moment. It just doesn’t work that way.

What can be said with unfortunate certainty is that are a good number of vendors out there taking advantage of a lightly regulated market and selling bad products. False or incorrect labeling is a common problem, especially for higher strength concentrates at lower than expected prices.

Only ever trust established companies who can not only document and prove all aspects of their extraction and manufacturing process – crucially, they must demonstrate regular batch testing to confirm the advertised purity and strength of their range. Any reputable company will be more than willing to provide these proofs upon request and there is nothing to be lost from asking!

Final Thoughts

CBD does not produce some kind of magical shield that protects users from getting ill.

Sure, it may play a great part in boosting the immune system amongst many other beneficial processes, but bad things still happen.

You may still get an occasional headache, tummy ache or just feel stressed out anyway.

Blaming CBD for these ailments is often shortsighted and even if there is a causal connection it’s almost certainly down to taking a bad product.

People are different, and in rare cases, people may have such a strong endocannabinoid system naturally that they do not feel any advantages from additional supplementation.

But taken as part of a wider picture, there are very few, if any, common side effects from taking good quality extracts.

CBD Asylum Nano Shot


CBD Asylum Nano ShotWe were chatting just the other day about how surprisingly few decent quality CBD additives there are on the UK scene.

Lo and behold, then we stumbled across the Nano Shot from CBD Asylum which has somehow flown under our radar!

We’re already big fans of their range and in fairness, it has only been out a short while so right away we placed an order.

As usual, it arrived the next day (you need place an order before 3pm for same day dispatch) and it was time to add it straight to our daily nicotine-based juice.

What’s A CBD Additive?

Some people aren’t all that keen to keep their CBD separate from their standard vaping setup.

We usually recommend that people do in order to help measure dosage (especially with higher strength compounds) but in fairness, carrying around two kits can be a bit of a faff.

There’s also the fact that not very many good quality e-liquids come with decent flavours (or any flavouring at all for that matter) which seems a pity seeing as there are so many out there for ‘standard’ vaping.

The point of an additive is that it’s high strength concentrate – in this case, a very decent 320mg – which you apply to any general e-liquid.

Remember that there are plenty of very good nicotine-free juices available as well, so you needn’t fret about having nicotine alongside your CBD unless you want to.

It makes no difference to the taste, and the only practical pointer would be to try and apply the compound to the tank before the e-liquid, and remember to give it a decent shake too.

What Makes The Nano Shot Stand Out?

It’s a full spectrum extract that’s not just CBD but also contains all the other goodness which is naturally present in hemp.

Plenty of terpenes and of course dozens of other cannabinoids to supplement those our body makes itself, but often struggles to produce enough of. Hence the ‘full spectrum’ label which is usually only found in oil drops or oral sprays.

It may be a personal opinion, but many aficionados would agree that this is the most effective form of CBD to be found.

It’s also usually more expensive, which is why we were surprised that this additive was so reasonably priced especially given the strength!

It’s tasteless and odourless; meaning that all you’re doing is massively fortifying your daily vape with goodness.

What About Dosage?

When it comes to vaping CBD e-liquids you need to be careful on your dosage.

Not because you are going to ‘overdose’ – that is impossible as it is inherently benign anyway (no THC) – but just as a matter of sensible economy.

Best Place To Buy

Good quality e-liquids tend to be quite pricey, especially for impoverished scribes like us, so it’s important to make it stretch out. How better than just adding a few drops to your standard vape?

We’re not quite sure what the ‘nano technology’ is that they refer to on the packaging, but what counts is the strength and quality of the extract.

If you have a 2ml capacity tank for your device, we’d suggest no more is needed than a 0.2ml per fill.

Obviously, you can add more or less, but at that economy, you will have enough from the 10ml bottle for 50 refills – so for most people a couple of months worth of vaping.

The only ingredients are:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (60%)
  • Propylene Glycol (30%)
  • Nano CBD Solution (10%)

So this will be denser liquid than usual which makes it even more handy for adding just a little with.

All of their range is exclusively sourced from top tier unadulterated organic hemp with no chemicals used at any stage of the manufacturing process. Plus it’s vegan and kosher friendly. Highly recommended indeed.

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017) with the Nano Shot.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

CBD Asylum Infuse E-Liquid 2000mg


CBD Asylum Infuse E-Liquid 2000mgThe CBD Asylum range of e-liquids is well known for being amongst the purest and tastiest ranges on the market.

We’ve tried pretty much all of their current range and have been impressed every time.

For those who haven’t checked out our other reviews, a common feature is the very high production standards that these guys set themselves.

They have top-drawer 100% ethical and naturally developed base extract which they combine with one of six flavours (although we’re promised this will soon be expanded).

So when it came to our attention that they had added a 2000mg strength e-liquid to their range, obviously we had to check it out!

Here’s a run-through of the essentials you should know if you’re considering a much higher than ‘usual’ concentration of CBD in your vape.

A Proven Top Quality Extract

One of the things to look out for when deciding to purchase any CBD product is the quality of extraction – and if the manufacturer can prove their claims.

In regards to the CBD Asylum Infuse 2000mg, this is more important than ever because it’s not cheap.

All high strength CBD e-liquids of this style tend to float around a similar price range, but it’s obviously a serious outlay for a 10ml bottle!

Thankfully, these guys take the integrity of their product amazingly seriously.

We sent them an email asking about the particular details of their operation – most specifically about how they test the claimed purity of their products.

Not only did we receive a reassuring reply that everything is ‘batch tested’ – meaning what you get is certified as sold – they even copied the lab notes over. So full marks for customer service – well done CBD Asylum! But why is this so important?

For those who maybe are new or less active in the scene, there’s a considerable amount of what amounts to fraud throughout the industry.

That ranges from blatant misspelling – you cannot really tell the difference of strength by taste so what is sold by unscrupulous vendors at say 500mg can often be a fifth of that at best.

It’s an issue more overseas and especially in the States but is making an unwelcome impact here.

So heads up – only use a quality business.

Back To The Product

This company uses top quality, organically grown hemp that is EU certified as not having felt a drop of chemicals.

Many lesser quality companies use chemical/alcohol based extraction techniques for a higher yield of poor grade compound.

CBD Asylum use CO2 extraction – the same premium grade coffee joints do to remove caffeine from their beans. It’s expensive, laborious and by far the best method of extraction. As would be expected a lower yield = higher prices, as is reflected by all top quality vendors.

Best Place To Buy

This is important because not only does it remove all but a minuscule trace of THC, it retains the other cannabinoids that may also add essential health benefits.

So this is why your 2000mg hit from this e-liquid is going to be the best in the business.

Tasty Flavours!

Not many other vendors add flavourings to their CBD e-liquids, but again these are food grade and the only other ingredients are the PG/VG (natural of course) and the extract.

Of this range, two really stood out. Classic Lemonade provided a tasty, refreshing vape with a deliciously bittersweet aftertaste. While this was my personal favourite, the other testers were unanimous that Strawberries & Cream was too good to put down!


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.