CBD Asylum Sub Ohm Shot 500mg


CBD Asylum Sub Ohm Shot 500mgOne of the most frequently asked questions newcomers to the wonderful world of CBD ask is – quite understandably – which is the best method of taking their dose?

Drops, sprays, capsules, edibles, balms, and others all have their merits, but most would agree that vaping offers the most efficient way of absorbing the supplement directly into the bloodstream.

Vaping CBD is simple, does not require any expensive devices, contains zero carcinogenic nasties and usually no nicotine either.

The CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm shot offers amazing flexibility compared to most other products currently on the market. Instead of being a ‘ready to go’ e-liquid, it’s intended to be used as an additional supplement that’s applied to an e-liquid of your choice.

Rather than be lumped with a limited choice of flavours (which make up the vast majority of CBD e-liquids on the market), you can add this to whatever liquid you like regardless of manufacturer. Basically, just a few drops in your tank will boost your vape with a hefty dose of CBD goodness.

A Fantastic Solution For Experienced & Novice Vapers

Those who follow the UK CBD scene closely will likely know that CBD Asylum is one of the most groundbreaking names out there. They are quite genuinely determined to make this supplement as accessible as possible to as many people as they can.

With the CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm shot range they have identified a way to assist vapers to incorporate CBD into their daily go-to, be it throughout the day or as a more regimented dosing routine.

The obvious advantage of this product is that it can be added to pretty much any e-liquid you wish. So, those new to vaping can pick whatever flavour(s) they like, fill their tank about 80%, and top up the final 20% with their CBD-infused shot.

What was just a typical e-liquid is now going to deliver a pretty solid dose of entirely legal and non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Worried about how the sub-ohm shot may corrupt and alter the taste of your tasty e-liquid? Fret not – it’s entirely flavourless and contains none of the rather dank ‘hempiness’ that’s commonly found in most CBD-infused e-liquids.

This is ideal for those who already know what they like and want to keep enjoying those tastes, as well as offering fantastic flexibility for those new to vaping to explore e-liquids and freely add CBD to whatever juice they like most.

What About The Sub-Ohm Factor?

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CBD Asylum has previously released a couple of similar ‘booster’ products that have been geared predominantly towards the higher PG (propylene glycol) liquids that dominate the market.

However, trends are changing towards people opting ever more for those which contain a higher amount of VG (vegetable glycerine). The key difference here is that sub-ohm vaping which uses the latter liquids (typically between a 50/50 – 70/30 VG/PG ratio) to produce much greater and more flavourful clouds.

Doing this effectively requires a more powerful than usual setup and coils capable of managing sub-ohm vaping. Compared to just a couple of years ago, these kits are only marginally more expensive nowadays and most would agree that they offer a much more enjoyable and flexible way to vape.

When it comes to ingesting CBD, sub-ohm vaping simply makes sense. Larger clouds = more supplement hitting straight into the bloodstream with practically no wastage.

Sub-ohm vaping requires a ‘direct to lung’ method of inhalation rather than a ‘direct to mouth’ draw as you would with a conventional vape or nasty old cigarette. Deep inhalation allows the supplement to be fully absorbed into the body in as efficient a way as possible.

As this is designed to be added to an e-liquid you could perhaps get away with combining a few drops with a higher PG/VG ratio juice. Just do so with a little care as it may ‘gunk up’ if used excessively.

The CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm Shot is best used with a dedicated set-up and we’d agree with the majority who believe it’s a more pleasant way to enjoy vaping anyway.

What’s In The CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm 500mg Shot?

This is a very high VG e-liquid that’s available either completely flavourness or with the option of a hint of cherry or menthol. It can be mixed with nicotine-infused e-liquids and is guaranteed never to crystallise in any short-fill tank.

The only other ingredients are CBD Asylum’s 100% organic and ethically approved CBD isolate (500mg in this case) and natural carrying agents. All of this is packed into a 10ml bottle that with daily application of just a few drops ought to last most vapers between 6-8 weeks or so.

500mg is a good strength for a CBD e-liquid. The major advantage of this product in practical terms is that it can be stretched out to last a long while.

Plenty of people choose to vape in order to ‘top-up’ their levels as and when required, and rely on another more precisely measured supplement such as oil drops or capsules to ensure they maintain a steady level.

Either way, this is probably the best CBD e-liquid additive currently on the market for those who specifically enjoy sub-ohm vaping.


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CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 5000mg


CBD Asylum Infuse 5000mg CBD OilThe Infuse range of CBD oil has caused quite a stir in the UK market.

Until recently, it was very difficult to find high concentration flavoured tincture oils being produced with any regularity or consistency by a British-based company.

CBD Asylum – one of the biggest names in the game – have taken the plunge here by going full throttle in developing what simply must be considered one of the best ranges in the country.

While a respectable handful of others match them on the quality of their hemp, harvesting, and extraction methods, nobody else does so with what can fairly be termed as maximum strength CBD oil.

Throw in an infused flavour and what we have is one of the best oils to ever hit the market!

CBD Asylum Products Demand Respect

Let’s put the rather staggering 5000mg (30ml bottle) strength aside for a moment and take a broader look at the CBD Asylum model.

For those new to the company, they’re all about delivering top-class extracts that can match the needs of all of their clients.

Part of this is being able to offer very powerful levels of concentrates – and their Infuse line stretches all the way up to 10,000mg, which by our estimation is the highest strength currently available from a UK company.

Now, strength isn’t everything when it comes to measuring the quality of a CBD oil. Without quality plants, a non-chemical based cultivation, and similar harvesting schedule then the product is already going to be substandard.

When it comes to extraction, the only option available for companies who take genuine pride in delivering quality CBD with barely a hint of THC (that falls well below legal limits) is CO2 cold filtering.

The process used by CBD Asylum in their Infuse range allows for the inclusion of additional terpenes and cannabinoids that are all but eliminated by other methods.

What the customer gets is close to a ‘whole plant’ extract with those extra ingredients helping the CBD effectively bind to the body’s own endocannabinoid system.

When combined together, the effort that has been placed into producing this incredibly pure extract is basically the gold standard of supplemental hemp oil.

Tasty Tinctures?

Most people interested in stepping up to a 5000mg CBD oil are going to already be familiar with taking tinctures. For those who aren’t, this process simply involves applying 2-3 drops (depends on your preferences) of oil directly underneath the tongue and holding in place for a couple of minutes.

Some people love the pure taste of raw CBD extract, while others may be more inclined to struggle with it! It can certainly take a little getting used to.

One of the reasons why this is such an interesting product is not just the very high potency, but also the fact that CBD Asylum also offers the option of a ‘Fruity’ flavour.

Despite happening to love the ‘natural’ flavour of hemp extract which is the other option in this range, we must confess to being rather won over by this infusion of tangy goodness!

The taste is best likened to a mellow and less sweetened fruit pastille, and you really don’t notice it much when holding the extract underneath the tongue.

Instead, there’s a very refreshing and surprisingly natural little burst of flavour when you actually swallow, that lasts for a few minutes before slipping away. Compared to other flavoured CBD oils out there, this is really rather good.

Should you decide on another strength of the Infuse range, be assured that it’s the same across the board – and we hope that in the future CBD Asylum add more flavours to the range (strawberry shortbread… pretty please?).

It Includes An MCT Base

Alongside the masses of CBD and the natural fruity taste (should you opt for it), the only other ingredient in this oil is the MCT base.

Medium Chain Triglyceride is widely considered to be the next generation of effective carrying agents to assist with helping your body absorb the CBD goodness directly into the bloodstream. When it comes to tinctures this is absolutely essential.

Placing the oil underneath your tongue allows for the second quickest and most effective method of absorbing CBD into the body (after vaping but that’s another kettle of fish).

No matter how experienced you are, some is going to inevitably become diluted into saliva and end up passing through the liver and digestive tract. That’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world but will generally reduce your absorption rate by up to 30-50% due to natural filtration.

MCT binds much more effectively into the tissue. It’s flavourless, entirely safe to consume, and widely used in thousands of other consumable products. It’s better than the more ‘traditional’ options such as olive and coconut oil.

It also serves especially well to help bind with fruity flavourings! Anyone who has not tried this quality of oil delivered via MCT ought to really consider trying it out. For many people, it has made a world of difference.


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CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 10,000mg


CBD Asylum Infuse 10,000mg CBD OilLooking for a CBD tincture oil that’s simply the highest concentrate you’ll find on UK shores?

Weighing in at an incredible 10,000mg (in a 30ml bottle), we’ve taken a look at this mighty offering from those whizz kids over at CBD Asylum.

This is a top grade extract that will introduce a seriously amount of CBD into your bloodstream with each application.

To place this in context, we’d rate 2000mg as being a ‘strong’ product. At five times that strength – make no mistake – this is designed for those who need a serious amount of top-class CBD.

Perhaps The ‘Best’ CBD Oil Ever?

Our regular readers may have noticed that we rate the quality of the extract as being just as important as the concentrated strength.

To put this simply, great quality hemp that’s extracted properly (via. CO2-based methods) leads to the best end product.

Unfortunately, and something you’ll likely notice from many imported products, very high potency oils tend to be derived from substandard plants. Whilst you may be paying for thousands of milligrams of concentrated CBD, if the plants were of low quality they will simply not retain the essential cannabinoid qualities that make for a good quality product.

But what happens when you combine extremely large quantities of extract that’s sourced from among the best hemp plants in the world? You end up with a product that is quite simply on a different level compared to pretty much anything else out there, at least what is widely available for easy import into the UK.

Oils of this strength are produced in limited batches for a niche section of the market. Not only do they tend to sell out pretty fast, but they’re also designed primarily for domestic markets and it’s rare (at time of writing) for these to be easily sourced from the UK.

So, for a domestic manufacturer to produce such a strong supplement is seriously big news!

Max Strength CBD

Maximum strength CBD oils aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve come to the conclusion that you really do need such a strength, the Infuse Drops from CBD Asylum must be the best you can buy in the UK.

Who Needs A 10,000mg CBD Oil?

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This is a perfectly valid question and something worth discussing – we debated this for long enough!

Generally speaking, most people will enjoy some success with a strength considerably lower than this threshold. When it comes to CBD, more is not always going to make a difference.

Whilst there seems to be a proportion of consumers who do need maximum strength CBD oil to feel any benefits, we’d place them at perhaps 5-10% of the overall market.

While that assessment is entirely reasonable and we doubt the folks at CBD Asylum would disagree, there is, however, a key advantage for more ‘typical’ users opting to use high potency oils instead of lower strength options…

Instead of dosing 3 or 4 times a day, just a couple of drops with breakfast ought to pump more than enough CBD into your system to last the day.

Given the extremely high quality of this oil, and to put it analogically, it’s the equivalent of enjoying a glass of vintage champagne compared to a £5 bottle of Prosecco! Both will ‘do a job’ but one is going to be seriously more enjoyable.

In our opinion, and considering that this is a 30ml bottle, we reckon that more people who take up using this unique extract will be those who want to take a ‘little with a lot in’.

Just a couple of drops a day will be sufficient for most folk, and that means this premium grade bottle ought to last the ‘average’ person 2-3 months if not longer.

When compared to lower strength premium oils, and assuming it’s taken sensibly, that represents pretty decent value given the overall quality of the extract.

CBD Infuse Drops

The Infuse Drops are not only available in a 10,000mg strength but also 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg.

MCT Is Used As The Carrying Agent

Needless to say, we’re impressed so far! But let’s take a little closer look at another couple of interesting features of the 10,000mg Infuse Drops.

CBD Asylum is currently leading the way in using MCT oil as their preferred carrying agent, especially for their higher potency ranges. Sure, the occasional self-appointed ‘purist’ may claim that olive/coconut oils are how CBD was ‘meant to be taken’ but frankly all the evidence points towards MCT being more efficient.

It crucially helps the extract absorb into the bloodstream (after all, what’s the point in just passing it through) faster and more efficiently. Given that wastage is always a factor with oils, this is a key inclusion to this product and one that we are delighted to see being used more.

For those who are not up to date with their agents, MCT is entirely benign and used in thousands of off-the-shelf food products. It’s safe to consume and in no way contradicts the organic, eco-friendly and ethical ethos of the CBD Asylum range of products.

How Does The Oil Taste?

Anyone who has experienced CBD oils infused with flavours will know that it can be politely referred to as a ‘mixed bag’. Some are great, and others much less so!

CBD Asylum offer this product in either a “Natural” or “Fruity” format. With the former, expect the classic hempy tangs that some people love and others might just struggle a little with. It’s derived from the hemp plant after all!

Those who fancy something a little more refined could decide to opt for the Fruity flavour, which is surprisingly delicious. The oil tastes a bit like Grandma’s fruit salad without the lashings of additional sugar! It’s very nice indeed. The flavour is far more pronounced in the aftertaste than it is when it’s being held under the tongue.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.