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XEO CBD Clearomizer Starter Kit

Are you looking to get started in CBD vaping but have no idea where to begin? Funnily enough, you’re not alone! Take a look at some of the devices out there and not only can they look rather daunting, but they can also be eye-wateringly expensive. The good news is that it’s extremely easy to […]

Mighty Vs Crafty – Which Is The Better Vaporizer?

Storz & Bickel are quite understandably regarded as the best when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. Sure, there’s a few other contenders out there who also manufacture magnificent devices – but nobody else has been in the game for so long, or built such a loyal and dedicated following. Their balloon-based desktop vaporizers are […]

How Is CBD Extracted From The Hemp Plant?

Ever wondered why CBD manufacturers prefer hemp plants ahead of ‘classic’ marijuana varieties? Legalities aside, it all comes down to the fact that while hemp still contains a little psychoactive THC (the component that gets you high) it’s much easier to remove when present in lesser amounts. While it’s possible to create CBD extracts using […]

Mig Vapor Torpedo Review

We’ve been looking forward to the Mig Vapor Torpedo dry herb vaporizer arriving on these shores for a fair old while! Those in the know will be all too aware of how popular this device is Stateside, promising to deliver A-grade vape at a very wallet-friendly price. Renowned for being super easy to use, extremely […]


CBD Asylum Pro Oil 1000mg

The World’s First Multi-Purpose CBD Oil Something which many people overlook when choosing a CBD oil is the full list of ingredients. The strength of the oil, the quality of the hemp, the range of cannabinoids, and the manufacturer’s reputation are all very important. However, the ‘carrying agent’ – what the core extract is mixed with […]


Can You Mix CBD With Nicotine?

Have you wondered what might happen if you combine CBD oil with a nicotine-based e-liquid? It’s a common question and one that raises quite a number of interesting points! Those who already enjoy vaping nicotine infused e-liquids wonder if this may somehow negate the potential benefits that CBD may have to offer. As we’ll see […]


CBD Asylum Sub Ohm Shot 500mg

One of the most frequently asked questions newcomers to the wonderful world of CBD ask is – quite understandably – which is the best method of taking their dose? Drops, sprays, capsules, edibles, balms, and others all have their merits, but most would agree that vaping offers the most efficient way of absorbing the supplement […]


CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 5000mg

The Infuse range of CBD oil has caused quite a stir in the UK market. Until recently, it was very difficult to find high concentration flavoured tincture oils being produced with any regularity or consistency by a British-based company. CBD Asylum – one of the biggest names in the game – have taken the plunge […]