What Are The Best Desktop Vaporizers?

Few would argue that desktop vaporizers offer an unparalleled means of enjoying your favourite dry herbs and concentrates.

Offering masses of power and reliability, and consequently a consistent vape and dense clouds, they are by far the best vaporizers to buy if you’re not constrained by a power cable.

The vast majority of desktop devices offer pure convection while the vast majority of portable devices depend on hybrid conduction design. Quite simply, convection is better and also allows for the comfortable enjoyment of concentrates and dry herbs too!

For those looking for a smaller and more portable device, please take a look at our best portable dry herb vaporizers guide.

Whilst these heavy duty models are highly popular in the USA, we’ve only recently seen a growing interest in these here in the UK. But what’s the best desktop vaporizer you can buy? Let’s take a look…

Best Desktop Vaporizer

Our Top Picks For 2019

#1Volcano Digit Vaporizer (With Easy Valve Set)

Volcano are undoubtedly one of the best names in the game. In this instance, they’ve revamped their Classic model so that it’s now entirely powered by electricity.

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer incorporates a digital display that allows users to vape exactly how they like.

Offering an extremely impressive temperature range of between 108 and 236 degrees celsius, any vaper will be able to enjoy their session at both mellow and more powerful configurations. The settings are very easy to adjust too.

Storz and Bickel have opted to retain the classic Volcano design that anyone is going to aesthetically enjoy. Whilst it may appear a little ‘retro’, don’t underestimate the design or technical qualities that have been applied to this device.

Heating (even at higher settings) takes no more than around 3 minutes, and as you’d anticipate in such a high power kit, safety features are incorporated into the device.

All you need is a free plug socket and you’ll be enjoying whatever herbs and concentrates you may be in the mood for, in quite an impeccable style. There are also handy lights that will pop on when your vape is ready to be enjoyed. What a neat little feature!

The Volcano Digit kit includes masses of accessories, and these should keep you going for a long time before you need to order any replacements. The kit includes 5 balloons, air filters, a cleaning kit, and even a snazzy grinder!

It’s amazing how far desktop vaporizers have come in recent years, yet nothing comes close to matching the Volcano Digit in terms of its unparalleled performance.

#2Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The second option that makes our top three list for 2019 has to be the Volcano Classic Vaporizer.

Largely unchanged in terms of specification since it hit the scene decades ago, it may not have the digital fanciness of it’s younger brother but is still certain to change how most people consider and enjoy their vaping. It’s also generally available for about two-thirds of the price, something which amounts to a fair bit of money!

Many UK vapers will likely be unfamiliar with using balloons (despite their popularity in other countries). These are inflated with your choice of concentrate or dry herb – and of course, this hugely reduces unpleasant chemicals, tar and so forth from your vape. It also accentuates the potency by up to 75% – so be warned in advance.

Balloons will stay readily inflated for around 8 hours, and allow for a sociable and novel way to share your vape. The balloons are disposable and the kit comes supplied with enough for a half dozen refills.

As a desktop vaporizer the Volcano does not come with a battery, so you’ll need a spare socket to plug it in.

Maintenance is thankfully straightforward and you’ll only need to really perform any maintenance after around a hundred uses or so.

The unit comes supplied with a specialist cleaning kit and can be perfectly wiped clean within a couple of minutes (something that cannot be said for all dry herb vaporizers).

People have used these on a daily basis for many years and they have a superb lifespan, which in part is why they are so popular in Amsterdams’s café scene.

Overall, you simply cannot go wrong with the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. It delivers legendary performance, making it perfect for personal use.

Compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, this would be the pick of the crop for anyone who wants to not just make their enjoyment healthier, but also enjoy unparalleled tastes and clouds.

#3Plenty Vaporizer

Resembling something you may expect to see in your local car garage, the Storz & Bickel’s Plenty Vaporizer is going to startle some newcomers to desktop vaping.

It produces delicious, consistent and unpolluted clouds while also being conveniently handheld.

It’s certainly a show-stopping piece of kit, and also happens to be much cheaper than our other two favourite desktop vaporizers this year.

Make no mistake – this does not in any way compromise on quality. If anything, the German company have engineered a vaporizer that more than matches the qualities of their Volcano range.

Offering temperatures between 225°F – 446°F that are managed by using an easy dial based system, this is a hybrid device that offers the best of both convection and conducting heating.

Dry or hot hits simply will not happen with this unit, even when stretched to the maximum of its capacity. Just as handy is the extremely fast heating time – you’ll be set and vaping within a minute!

What many people particularly enjoy about the Plenty Vaporizer is the fact that it rests easily in the hand. Balloons are not for everyone, and while it may look peculiar, a device weighing in at only 0.7kg will entertain you for many hours.

You’ll also be set for spares and accessories too – the Plenty kit contains everything you need to keep vaping for months right out of the box.

Cleaning is intuitive and is recommended every few weeks or so – depending on your level of usage, of course.

If you’re looking for a desktop vaporizer that’s guaranteed to draw attention for all the right reasons, check this device out for sure – it’s an absolute cracker!

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