What Are The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Portable dry herb vaporizers have risen massively in terms of quality and availability recently. Not very long ago they were tricky to find on the UK market. In 2019, we now see a broad range of devices, at wildly differing price points.

But which are the best in their class? As most people have found when trying to get into this fabulous style of vaping, there’s not a huge amount of information or advice to follow.

We’ll suggest what we’ve discovered after trying out many dozens of these devices (a tough job we know!) and hopefully suggest a few of the best portable dry herb vaporizers out there to match your specific requirements.

If you’re looking for some serious power, we’ve also compiled a list of the best desktop vaporizers. These are better suited to using at home because a plug socket is required.

Best Portable Vaporizers UK

Our Top Picks For 2019

Best Compact Vaporizer

#1DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Best Compact VaporizerOne of the key points to consider when checking out portable dry herb vaporizers is size. As simple as that sounds, their dimensions and weight can vary enormously.

Here we have an extremely high-class device that delivers sublime performance despite being compact/palm-sized.

Measuring a mere 9.0 cm x 4.2 cm x 2.4 cm and being extremely light compared to the vast majority of other options, it’s ideal for anyone looking for a vaporizer that fits snugly and discreetly into pockets/bags.

What the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer also offers – and this is an essential factor when selecting such a vaporizer – is an outstanding design and quality build.

18650 batteries will last for around 3 hours of usage and are easy to switch between spent and spares when out and about. This is a crucial factor as you’ll often find that vaporizers with built-in batteries will die far sooner than those featuring replaceable design.

Heating up in around 15 seconds plays a considerable part in this outstanding battery life, and with variable temperatures ranging between 249°F – 429°F it’ll deliver a seamless dry herb (only) vape that can handle anyone’s expectations.

Charging is simple via a standard USB connection, and it’ll reload an empty battery in 2 hours at most. As you’d expect from a product of this class, navigating through the options and settings is a complete doddle. If you’ve used a similar LED control panel before, you’ll set it up within a couple of minutes.

At present, this is one of the most popular compact dry herb vaporizers on the market and it’s easy to see why. These products aren’t cheap (to most people anyway) and we’d expect this model to last for several years at least.

Just for peace in mind – they offer an outstanding 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you need a reliable and supremely high performing compact vaporizer, you’d needn’t look further.


  • Outstanding build quality that makes it extremely easy to enjoy on the go.
  • Interchangeable batteries that are refreshing simple to swap and with inexpensive spares widely found.
  • Great vape quality that can be simply tailored to your exact specifications (there’s even a smartphone app provided).


  • Temperature control and safety settings are very careful to prevent any overheating, meaning that over heavy sessions it may need a little ‘rest’ here and there.

Best Overall Portable Vaporizer

#1Crafty Vaporizer

Best Overall Portable VaporizerStorz & Bickel made their name with their eponymous Volcano range of desktop vaporizers, and this delivers the same magnificent build quality that anyone would expect from the German vape supremos. We’re not just saying that either – when it comes to technical qualities they’re simply at the top of the game.

Utilising an innovative full hot air and also convection system, this vaporizer will provide an absolute world-class vape for fans of both dry herbs and concentrates.

It’s easy to use (one button system) and clean, and even offers a Bluetooth app so you can easily set precise settings via your phone.

Heat up times are going to vary depending on which of the 6 pre-programmed selections you opt for, or specify your own favourite range.

Temperatures operate with total smoothness between 104°F to 410°F – and you simply will not ever get a dry/burnt hit thanks to industry-leading temperature control software.

The design requires the vapour to travel longer before inhalation and serves to considerably cool it down on the way, meaning you’ll always have a clean and delicious taste. Naturally, this lends it especially well towards session and shared vaping too!

Battery life is good and charges up via a typical USB connection. This also allows for ‘pass through’ vaping while the device is charging, meaning that you can enjoy using it anytime you have a laptop/plug connection available. Full charging takes just over a couple of hours from bone-dry.

So, who would the Crafty Vaporizer most suit? Our suggestion would be that anyone looking to enter the wonderful world of dry herb/concentrates vaping for the first time will be blown away by this device.

Quality really makes a huge difference, and for a magnificent all-rounder that’s going to satisfy every time then this is probably the best on the market right now.


  • Magnificent design and build quality that provides the finest vape anyone could wish for.
  • Outstanding app compatibility and an easy-to-use interface that allows for a highly personalised experience.
  • Smart cooling system and temperature management tools deliver perfect draws every time.
  • Easy to use and enjoy both out and about, or plugged in and charging at home.
  • Storz & Bickel reputation for quality is worth a great deal.


  • Shorter than standard automatic shut off that cannot be changed (slightly inconvenient).
  • You’ll need to clean it a little more often than other vaporizers due to the unique mouthpiece style.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under £100

#1Vapour2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under £100Looking for an all-rounder vaporizer that allows for e-liquid as well as dry herb and concentrates to be enjoyed whenever you may wish?

The Vapour2 Pro Series 3X is probably one of the best known and appreciated on the UK scene for this level of multi-functionality and has dropped significantly in price over recent months.

Still capable of delivering a seamless performance, it will automatically detect what style of a cartridge (dry herb/concentrate/liquid) you have installed and set up accordingly.

By no means is this a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ device – it performs superbly at each style, and comes complete with a variety of coils designed primarily for sub-ohm vaping.

Whilst the dry herb tank is not the largest you’ll find, it’s extremely easy to load and clean out as required.

Heating takes approximately 30 seconds depending on the desired temperature, and once again this product offers a magnetic USB charge and a pass-through enjoyment too.

Anyone looking to try out dry herb vaping but not go spending megabucks should consider this ahead of most others in the price bracket. Just be aware that it has a reputation for delivering massive clouds from your herb!

US Customers: As of Late 2018, customers in the USA will sadly no longer be able to purchase this device as a result of the company being bought out by JUUL. Thankfully, Vapour2 are still operating as a separate business in the UK.


  • A classic vaporizer that’s tried and tested without a glitch.
  • A brilliant choice if you’re looking for a device that incorporates all-in-one functionality.
  • Cloud chasers are going to be blown away.
  • Easy to use and set-up with a handy easy clean system to boot.
  • Battery can also be upgraded should you wish with even more ‘oomph’.


  • May feel a little basic for some people.
  • Will require replacement coils to be picked up further down the line, but these are fairly cheap.

Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer

#1Black Mamba Vaporizer

Best Cheap Dry Herb VaporizerHere’s an offering that has caught the heart of many people wanting a cheap yet also highly functional dry herb vaporizer that includes a tank with a 0.65g capacity.

The Black Mamba offers a conduction heating system with five preprogrammed levels powered by an impressive 1600mAh battery.

It is a ‘one button’ setup – so don’t expect any fancy apps or anything with this edition – but for performance and reliability this provides a perfect way to get started with dry herb vaping.

Battery life is at best 60 minutes, which may not sound a great deal but actually can easily last a day of occasional puffing. Remember that the battery only burns down while in use, which is where that handy automatic cut-out feature comes into play.

If you’re taking it away for a trip then it will need recharging and that takes a slightly longer than typical 3 hours or so.

While the temperature ranges are only between 180°C and 220°C, offering a pretty limited choice, this will allow for you to enjoy your vaping while also making your herb stretch considerably further.

Better still, the system overall delivers smooth and burn-free clouds that are going to amaze you – especially given the bargain basement price point.

By no means assume that just because the Black Mamba is cheaper than usual that it cannot deliver a cracking session. The only real drawback is that without extremely careful cleaning the mouthpiece may become stained – but replacements cost under a fiver anyway!


  • Excellent introductory dry herb vaporizer that beats the performance of many pricier ranges.
  • Extremely easy to use and with a high-quality battery that ought to last a long time.
  • Outstanding vapour production and quality accentuated further by a high capacity tank.
  • Its light and small size allows for a perfectly discreet daily carry.


  • The battery takes longer than usual to recharge and you’ll need to do so frequently.
  • Once you have a taste for dry herb vaping you’ll soon want something a bit more ‘premium’.

Best Portable Dry Herb Vape Pen


Best Portable Dry Herb Vape PenA vape pen that actually looks like a pen! Talk about discretion!

Don’t let that rather cool little gimmick fool you though, this is a premium-grade product that’s received goodness knows how many plaudits since it was released.

It offers a world-class vape thanks to being based exclusively on convection heating. This means that every time you fancy taking a quick draw, it’ll warm up faster than any other device featured on this article, and delivers one of the smoothest and cleanest ways to enjoy your dry herbs.

Thanks to being a pen, there’s a good chance that many people will carry this in their pocket. Clearly, the design team factored this in, as it has a reputation for being leak-free and smell proof. The steel components are highly engineered so that you can rely on this to essentially never fall to bits. But that’s not all…

Fans of the Grasshopper are adamant that it also conserves your herb far better than anything else on the market. That convection technology serves to reduce unnecessary wastage and burning by what most rate to be about 20-30%. Factor that saving into the long term, and you can understand perfectly well how so many people have opted for this premium range product.

Other advice would be to take the time to read through the instructions with the Grasshopper vaporizer. The programming can take a little to get used to, and may require a little experimentation depending on the consistency of your herb.

Due offering such high power, those who enjoy longer and performance demanding sessions may wish to pick up a titanium mouthpiece to keep it cool.

Overall, this is a superb dry herb vape pen and has to be ranked as the leading in its class for now.


  • Unmistakably high performance but will also reduce the speed users burn through their herbs.
  • A super discreet and stylish design that is the epitome of high engineering.
  • Easy to use and clean once you get used to vaping a ‘pen’.
  • Convection technology that can be seriously mind-blowing – approach carefully during the first use!
  • Easy to replace batteries that will ensure years of reliable use.


  • It can get warm to touch when used over long periods or highest settings.
  • Don’t let anyone ask to borrow your pen!

Best High-End Portable Vaporizer

#1Mighty Vaporizer

Best High-End Portable VaporizerIt may come as little surprise that by our estimation, those looking for the best of the best high end vaporizer must take a look at Storz & Bickel’s (yes them again!) Mighty.

This device amounts to basically being their portable version of the legendary Volcano Digit Vaporizer.

It offers a frankly astonishing power and quality that really ought to last you for decades. That’s no joke when actually holding this ‘steampunk’ inspired device – it feels indestructible! Rugged, and explicitly designed to look so, it’ll handle anything you care to throw at it.

Temperatures range between 104° F and 410° F and you’ll easily receive an hour and a half of vaping with each battery charge.

Recharging takes around 2 hours, and of course, this is via USB with pass-through functionality.

Once turned on it’ll take around a minute to be ready – lower at slighter temperatures – and you’ll be rewarded with the smoothest conduction and convection hybrid performance possibly ever to hit the market.

Your herbs, oils, and concentrates (yes it can handle all three) will never have tasted so good, and that is why for true connoisseurs this is the finest option currently on the market.

The Mighty Vaporizer kit comes complete with everything you may need to vape whatever mix of your choice, as well as a number of handy maintenance accessories. This includes their market leading cleaning kit as well as liquid pads that are going to be needed should you be looking towards using thick oils.

This is the best high end vaporizer currently available and will meet the most ambitious expectations of any new user. So if your bank balance can take it, do yourself a favour and look no further than this revolutionary kit!


  • The best vapour production from whatever ingredients you wish to use. Seamless quality guaranteed.
  • A rock solid design that will ensure this device can last a lifetime. Easy maintenance too!
  • Unique hybrid heating format supported by world-class temperature control and safety features.
  • Efficient and roast-free burning will help your supply stretch considerably longer.
  • The kit contains everything you’ll require – no add-ons needed.


  • It doesn’t stand up on its side.
  • You’ll need to have a healthy budget.

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Portable Vaporizer

Now that we’ve checked out the best portable vaporizers you can buy, it’s time to discuss a few other handy little pointers that will hopefully allow you to make an informed purchasing decision:

  1. Ask yourself what substance (herb, concentrate, oil, wax, etc) you’re primarily looking to enjoy. Vape pens tend to be the best for concentrates and wax, whereas herb vaporizers tend to be the best all-rounders and also handle floral ingredients. Generally speaking, we’d recommend the latter ahead of the former for UK-based vapers – the versatility they offer nowadays is matched by the quality of the products available. That’s why all the above products include dry herb functionality – even if you aren’t going to vape herbs, they’re broadly speaking much better anyway.
  2. We’d suggest that you look towards ‘non-roast’ heating methods where possible. Sure, they tend to be a little more expensive, but not only will they deliver a more superior vape, but they’ll also help stretch out your supplies too. Products in this category are often designed to last for many years, so also consider this when you’re deciding which of the above brackets applies most to your specific requirements.
  3. Battery life isn’t quite as important as many people tend to assume. If you’re planning to vape over the course of a day and recharging opportunities may somewhat lack – pick up some spare batteries and find a device with easy battery switching. Replacement batteries are cheap enough and the wider you spread their usage out, the longer they’ll last in the long-term.
  4. Likewise, tank capacity is overestimated. You’ll mostly find that anything over 0.25g capacity will last a good session, just be sure to preheat your device first and pack your chamber nice and tight. All of the products we’ve listed on this page produce excellent vapour, so try and take smaller puffs than you would if you conventionally smoke your herbs. It will help to reduce wastage – so stick to steady and shallow!
  5. Listen to reviews. One of the many great things to appreciate now that dry herb vaporizers have become popular in the UK is that there are plenty of opinions worth taking on board from existing owners. A good proportion of these products remain imports. DON’T rule out the validity of overseas comments – just check that the products match because names/specifications can vary by country.

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