CBDLife UK – A Full Review

Choosing which UK-based CBD supplier to deal with can be a tricky decision. Even the best companies tend to have the odd glitch here or there. Well, most of them anyway!

CBDLife may just be a rare exception to the rule. If there’s ever a company that deserves rave reviews, then these guys do.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products over the years, and we can say with absolute confidence – they’re getting even better.

Interested in finding out why CBDLife are one of the best companies in the UK right now? Allow us to explain why…

Who Are CBDLife?

CBDLife ReviewOne of the first things that becomes apparent when you check out CBDLife is that they’re a very chilled out company!

There are none of the pushy sales methods, grandiose (and legally dubious) claims that CBD is a super or wonder drug, or any sign of pumping out products just for the sake of things.

Instead, they approach this food supplement from a far more thoughtful and ‘right-on’ perspective, assuring customers that their mission is to spread the word about how great hemp extracts may potentially be.

CBDLife were one of the founding members of the increasingly influential CTA (Cannabis Trades Association UK), and therefore have a duty to set very high standards.

Their hemp is sourced from licensed farms – primarily within the EU (mostly Slovakia and Holland). These farms employ only 100% organic and natural cultivation methods to grow the finest, healthiest and nutrient-rich plants possible.

When ready for harvest, their extraction runs exclusively use the CO2 freeze method – which unsurprisingly is the best and most environmentally sound technique available.

If there’s one thing to always be aware of when considering any CBD vendor it has to be the quality of the raw hemp. You cannot produce quality extracts from low-grade or unhealthy hemp. But from healthy hemp, you can extract all the other nutrient-rich aspects of the plant – which is why full-spectrum products are a true highlight of the CBDLife range.

It’s worth mentioning that CBDLife proactively lists all of their independently conducted batch tests on their website. What you purchase is exactly what you will get. It may not sound essential, but when picking out a truly excellent product it ought to be always referred to – especially when shopping for a non-isolate oil.

The CBDLife Range

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By now, it should hopefully be clear that CBDLife is as close to an ideal blueprint of what a top class CBD vendor ought to be.

Their reputation has been hard earned. Until recently, they focused far more upon quality rather than quantity. Business must be good this past year though – they’ve considerably extended their range recently with some very interesting and innovative new additions to the scene.

The big question, of course, has to be whether this has in any way compromised any of the foundations that have made them one of the most esteemed names in the game.

We’ll now take a detailed look through their broad variety of products. Rather than just list them (you can do that by visiting https://cbdlifeuk.com/cbd-products/), we’ll discuss the principles and pick out some highlights – especially products which we consider to fall firmly into the ‘trailblazing’ rating.

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CBDLife OilsCurrently available only in 10ml bottles (400mg or 1000mg), their two standard oils have some interesting differences from most of their rivals.

Instead of the traditional olive oil base – which is all fine and good in its own right – they use MCT oil.

After some initial controversy, it’s now being broadly accepted (apart from the occasional old-school purist) that MCT allows for a better sublingual absorption. It’s entirely non-toxic and used in a vast array of other foodstuffs and supplements. It may not mask the flavour, but for those looking for effectiveness, it’s simply difficult to beat.

All of their oils are full spectrum, containing CBD, CBDA and a wide variety of other cannabinoids, minerals, and vitamins.

Another interesting point is that CBDLife is the first big company to do away with old-fashioned droplet vials. Their oils are only available as sprays – and for good reason. They’re simply more practical, deliver an exact dose every time, and provide a good spread underneath the tongue. The bottles are as leak-proof as they get.

Once again, ‘purists’ may find this off-putting, but there really is no reason to feel that way. Sprays will become the accepted industry standard in the next couple of years, with these guys once again at the cutting edge of a new trend.

One other oil product worth mentioning (it’s rarely seen elsewhere) is their Aqua drops. As you may have guessed, this CBD extract is combined with spring water and available only in a 400mg strength.

It’s designed mostly for those who like to mix their dose into drinks, and appeals towards those who use the supplement as part of their post-workout/exercise routine. Simply take it around a half hour before eating to encourage proper absorption.

Overall, their oils may not offer the widest variety of strengths out there, but the quality is pretty much peerless.

We’d like to see maybe another offering of say 600mg or 700mg and we’d be surprised if that was not available soon. The spray delivery system and the use of MCT are innovative, practical, and add considerably to the effective absorption of the extract.


CapsulesThey may not be the most fashionable way to take your dose, but capsules still make up a lion’s share of the market.

Primarily this is thanks to their convenience. Just add them to your daily vitamin schedule and the effects ought to slowly release into the body lasting around 8 hours. Take one with breakfast and one before dinner – it’s as simple as that.

Available in either 300mg or 750mg packages, they’re designed to integrate as effectively as possible with the body despite having to obviously pass through the digestive system. How? They use coconut oil which is one of the most absorbent oils for capsule ingestion.

As with their oils, they’re full-spectrum. They are designed for those who either like a zero-hassle means of taking their dose or just cannot stand the natural flavour of hemp oil. They’re also vegan-friendly.

Capsules may not be everyone’s preferred method, but these are good examples of how to make them as efficient and effective as possible.


PasteNow, this is something you really don’t see every day! CBD pastes are still pretty rare in the UK which is surprising because they can be one of the best ways of ingesting your dose. This is a 17% whole plant (full-spectrum) extract that’s bursting with supplementary cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes.

Taken in a similar fashion to oil (under the tongue) this is an easy to dispense and highly concentrated paste that’s consistently smooth.

It’s designed to pass directly into the bloodstream in one big ‘whack’ in a grain of rice-sized portion. It tastes very strongly of the plant – which can only be a good thing – in our opinion.

It’d be interesting to see this range expanded as it is one of the best customer reviewed products in the CBDLife range at the moment. Perhaps not for everyone but also quite likely the best way to take an oral dose, we’d highly recommend those looking for an alternative to classic sprays/oils to check this out.


This is where CBDLife has been most busy recently. Their vaping range is now very extensive, and incorporates everything from preloaded vaping pens to dedicated e-liquids, wax/crumble, terpene isolates, and of course, easy to use starter kits.

Here’s a quick run through of their key ranges for vaping:

CBDLife ePen

ePenYou don’t need a fancy gizmo to enjoy vaping CBD – and don’t believe anyone who says otherwise!

Designed very much for those new to vaping, their ePens contain a basic 350mAh Battery, a preloaded full-spectrum cartridge (100mg or 200mg), charging unit and carry case.

They use a porous ceramic atomizer that’s specifically designed for vaping CBD because the extract tends to be thicker than a typical PG/VG vape juice.

Replacement cartridges are also available in packs of the same strength. It’s simple to screw them into the battery and vape away.

Their pens provide a super quick, easy and clean way to enjoy vaping your dose or to use as a supplement to an oil spray/capsule/paste routine as and when required.

All cartridges are available in Natural, Strawberry, Spearmint or a mysterious ‘Black Ice’ flavour option.

The Dab Pen & Crumble

Dabbing With CrumbleAnother kind of product you don’t see every day – dabbing is again predicted to really take off in the UK soon.

It provides a great way of immediately absorbing the CBD extract straight into the bloodstream.

A good alternative for those put off by traditional vaping methods, this kit contains everything you need to get started dabbing. A 650mAh magnetic variable voltage battery provides plenty of power, with a quart-based coil/atomizer (a replacement spare is included), along with a dab tool, charger and carry case. This also works with any crumble and you’re not limited to the CBDLife range either.

The crumble is available in 500mg or 1g pots and is also a full-spectrum extract. It can be used not just for dabbing, but also as a food additive, a base for homemade e-liquids, and even combined with oils for topical use.

Not many UK vendors have crumble at present, and this is already setting the benchmark of quality that anyone interested in CBD ought to be looking for.

CBD E-Liquids

E-LiquidsAlongside the e-liquid used in their ePen cartridges described previously, they also have a proprietary range of ‘Crystal Calm’ e-liquids at a flat 200mg strength.

That may sound a little on the low side, but remember that vaping is the most effective way of taking your dose. It hits the bloodstream instantly. When made from a full-spectrum extract, all that goodness is going to be so much better than a higher strength isolate.

There are 4 flavours to choose from: Menthol, Vanilla Custard, Strawberries & Cream, and Citrus Fruit Blast – each offering a very full-bodied, smooth vape.

Perhaps more interesting though is the option of picking up a 500mg vape additive. This can be added to any e-liquid in the world. Just add a couple of drops when filling up your tank, give it a decent shake and you’re good to go.

There aren’t many top-drawer companies who offer this at the moment. Those that do are almost always based on isolates. This offers the chance to add that full-spectrum goodness to your favourite vape – and we reckon it’ll be a bestseller very soon.


IsolatesNot everything has to be full-spectrum and for those who like their isolates, then here’s a perfect vaping/dabbing option.

These finely ground crystals can be used in a variety of ways, and are a great option for those who like to experiment with 99% isolates!

Available from 500mg to 20g with price points to match, you won’t see this level available anywhere else at the time of writing.

It may not be for everyone, but if it is, then this is the company you need to buy from.

Edibles & Accessories

We’ve covered the core products but there’s still some sense in making a quick appraisal of the other peculiarities in the CBDLife range.

Have a sweet tooth? You can pick up a pack of CBD infused gummy rings (25mg per serving) which is a wonderful way of totally eliminating the taste of raw extract.

Packed full of vitamins and vegan-friendly, these are a fun little novelty for those with deep pockets.

Should you fall in love with CBDLife and their products, you can even pick up a branded T-shirt, hoodie or cap! We’ll leave that to your discretion – but hey, why the hell not!


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 300mg
CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 750mg
CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg
CBDLife Aqua Drops 400mg
CBDLife 10% ePen 100mg

Hempura Reviews – A Product Line-Up Analysis For 2019

The UK CBD scene may still be in its infancy, but already we’re seeing the emergence of some really great companies.

Hempura ReviewsHempura may have only launched in 2017 but they’ve already carved out a reputation for delivering quality across the board.

Not only are their products of the highest quality, but they’ve also established a name for genuinely outstanding customer service.

Their website contains a great variety of resources and tutorials to help their customers (or anybody for that matter) to get started with CBD.

Even better, they also publish lab reports for their products – meaning you’ll always get what you ordered.

So let’s take a look into the reasons why Hempura’s customers have already accredited it a prized five-star status on the review site TrustPilot.

Excellent Quality Hemp

Before checking out their complete range of products, let’s first address why this CBD ranks as one of the finest on the market.

When it comes to choosing an oil or e-liquid it can be tempting to save a few pennies and take a chance of a ‘B or C Grade’ option.

More often than not these extracts have been sourced by mass-produced hemp, pumped full of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Just to cap off this unpleasant chemical cocktail, they use solvent-based processing for a quick but very low-quality end product.

Fortunately, Hempura has set themselves far higher standards. Sourcing all of their hemp exclusively from organic hemp farms in Eastern Europe, this is imported and extracted on UK soil.

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Not only does this process involve the use of no chemicals during the growing stage, but the end oil is the result of a CO2 freeze-based extraction that leaves no unwanted residuals. This means that you receive as close to perfect an end product as possible.

As may be expected, this adds a premium to the product that can make high strength options quite pricey. But, speaking from experience, most people will find that a little extra can stretch a very long way indeed.

We cannot speculate on how much any CBD product may help meet your needs, but we have seen far more positive experiences when using top grade oil. This is despite being the same concentration as cheaper/inferior products.

So if you’re looking to get started with a CBD routine, Hempura are presently a very appealing and enticing option.

They Only Use Full-Spectrum Extracts

Another big fat tick in Hempura’s plus points has to be that they stress only to use full-spectrum extracts.

Keep an eye out for companies who over-rely on using the term ‘pure’. Sure, any CBD product sold in the UK is permitted to only contain a trace of psychoactive THC left over. Some people prefer it that way, but increasingly it’s thought that full-spectrum varieties – those which retain dozens of other cannabinoids usually lost during processing – helps make CBD more effective.

While their products will certainly not get anyone high or at risk of failing a drugs test, they retain all the healthy extras which most of their competitors just eliminate.

For those wishing to have zero THC, they also offer ‘broad spectrum’ varieties which contain fewer cannabinoids than ‘full spectrum’ but may offer some people additional peace of mind.

A Straightforward Variety Of Sensible Strength Oils

Moving on, let’s take a look at their oral drops to begin with.

Hempura CBD OilsWhether opting for full or broad spectrum, these come in 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg concentrations at the same price point (an unusual feature).

Each 10ml bottle ought to be good for around 200 applications. For those dosing three times a day, you’ll find that a bottle should last around 10 weeks.

We don’t usually tend to promote price points when it comes to company reviews (simply because they fluctuate). Yet the 500mg option for £36.99 represents comparatively excellent value considering the quality of the actual extract.

We’ll not stick our necks out and make speculative assertions, but that strength tends to commonly ‘work’ for a good proportion of people.

Some people dislike the taste of CBD oil – especially more ‘earthy’ full and broad spectrum options, so consider the option of instead taking your dose via a capsule.

While this does completely remove the taste, in practical terms we would still suggest drops if you can handle it.

CBD tends to get broken down when ingested through the gastric system, whereas with drops under the tongue it absorbs much more effectively. Just bear that in mind if you’re considering taking the capsule route.

Good Quality Natural Tasting E-liquids

For people who like to vape their doses, we can thoroughly recommend checking out the Hempura options.

Sure, there’s only two listed at the time of writing and both are broad spectrum packing either 250mg or 500mg strength.

Hempura E-Liquids

True to form, they don’t contain any artificial flavours or obviously contain any nicotine. Instead, citrus terpenes deliver a ‘hempy’ taste that will be great for people who like that kind of style.

We’d really like to see them extend their range of e-liquids to incorporate full-spectrum options and maybe even one higher strength option. But, while currently offering only a couple of options, you can be assured that they’re great quality.

CBD Chocolates!

We always like to see companies branching out to edibles – and these white chocolates are a handy way to take a dose.

Available in 200mg, 500mg or 1000mg varieties they are dangerously delicious so be warned in advance!

Hempura CBD Chocolates

Whether or not many people will take their CBD with a daily chocolate – honestly we don’t know – but for a novelty or gift, it’s a nice addition to their product line-up.

Make Use Of The Hempura Knowledge Base

Seriously, if you’re completely new to CBD and you want to learn the ropes, take the time to check out the Hempura website.

Even if you end up shopping elsewhere, they set the standard when it comes to providing great quality tutorials and instructions. Plenty of rival companies are a little lax when it comes to this part of their operation so it’s nice to see some real effort here.

They’ve even put this short 5 minute video together to help those who are new to the scene. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s well worth watching:

We mentioned above that they publish batch testing results. Just type in the product code from any of their range and it’ll show what levels of CBD and other components are present. This is a very neat feature.

As simple as it sounds, plenty of other companies just overlook providing this truly essential aspect of their customer service. So credit where due – and it’s very clear to see why they proudly have one of the best customer feedback scores of any UK CBD operation.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

We’ve Individually Reviewed These Products

Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Hempura CBD Capsules 300mg

Endoca Reviews – A Full Product Guide For 2019

Endoca may be an unfamiliar CBD brand for many UK-based readers. Whilst they’re one of the biggest and longest established names in the industry, for some reason they’ve only recently caught on over here.

Founded by the Danish therapeutic medicine expert Henry Vincenty, he initially took an interest into the potential hemp extracts may hold for helping people suffering from AIDS.

After setting up a non-profit clinic it became clear that there was a huge untapped interest in CBD products – leading eventually to Endoca as it is today.

What Makes Endoca Stand Out?

Endoca Reviews - Full Guide For 2019Pretty much every CBD company claims to offer the absolute purest extracts going. But when you take a closer look, this is not only difficult to measure but also to compare!

We always recommend that you do plenty of research into the providence of the hemp used in every product.

Happily, we can also report that these guys really do deliver some of the best oils and supplementary products currently available.

As you’d likely expect from one of the biggest names out there, they farm plenty of hemp. 2,000 acres of it to be precise, all grown totally organically and without any exposure to unpleasant chemicals or artificial growth agents.

This is then processed into extracts within a pharmaceutical grade laboratory, resulting in as close as you can get to genuinely ‘pure’ supplements.

As the company is continuing to grow, they’re maintaining a fully eco-friendly approach instead of greedily chasing quick profits.

For those searching for a properly ‘right on’ and sustainable CBD company, it really is pretty much the gold standard (even the fuel used for their harvesters is recycled from food waste!).

What Makes Their Products So Good?

All this is very well and thoroughly wholesome, but what is it that makes so many people convinced that they’ve found better personal successes using Endoca ahead of others?

The key is, of course, the quality of the hemp as described above, but they also use and combine multiple strains.

Many CBD companies tend to stick to either indica or sativa strains, while these folks combine the benefits of both in most of their various ranges. Consequently, they carry truly full-spectrum qualities – which means their extracts are also jam-packed full of additional cannabinoids and terpenes.

A growing body of people (and we incline to agree) that these style of extracts can be considerably better as a dietary supplement.

A Sensible Range Of Strengths

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One thing that grates our gears when it comes to many CBD suppliers is that they offer a wonky set of strengths to their oils.

Everyone should be aware that finding a ‘working dose’ can be frustrating, and that the most common way to achieve this is by gradually increasing the strength – a time consuming and in some cases an unnecessarily expensive process.

This is why we were happy to see that their range of oils is either a sensible 3% (300mg) or a considerably stronger 15% (1500mg).

Instead of offering a wide range of strengths, Endoca offer different styles of CBD oil drops. You can choose between hemp oil, raw hemp oil (which contains even more cannabinoids) or another raw oil fortified with additional CBDA (an increasingly popular choice).

Whichever strength you choose, you can be rest assured that it’s going to be considerably more potent than what many other companies claim to offer.

While this is all well and good, it should be mentioned that a limited variety of strengths may put some people off, especially given that the higher concentrates are somewhat expensive.

Speaking anecdotally – and of course, making no promises – we gather that satisfied customers who are experienced in the CBD scene swear that this range is much more efficient than you may initially assume.

In our opinion, it would be nice to see perhaps a 500/1000mg option as well, but frankly, the quality of these full-spectrum oils is enough to make us satisfied with a relatively moderate 300mg.

A Wide Range Of Additional Products

While oils are rapidly becoming the most popular method for taking CBD, some people can struggle with the taste, especially in more ‘complex’ extracts such as these.

One of the great reasons to consider using Endoca is that they also offer a comprehensive range of other products that incorporate the same quality extracts. We’ll run through these in turn:


The ideal solution for those who really don’t enjoy the taste, we’re happy to say that the same variety of strength and hemp composition used in their oil drops are also available in capsule form.

They’re easy to take alongside any other supplements and are 100% vegan and kosher friendly. These are a super choice for long-term users or for regular dosing (there are 30 capsules in each jar).

Endoca Capsules - New Packaging

Chewing Gum

Here’s something you don’t see every day!

Packing an impressive 15mg CBD per capsule, and made from natural chicle gum taken from the sapodilla tree, this is an organic way to take your dose and flavoured with organic spearmint.

We were very excited to try these, and were far from disappointed – they really do taste great!

Rumour has it that they are planning on extending their range of edibles soon, so just in case they are reading we’d like some boiled sweets, please!

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Skin Care Products

We’re seeing more and more skin-based creams and lotions hit the market, and make no mistake these can get very expensive indeed!

But what do you get for the beauty conscious CBD aficionado? A hemp salve (750mg) or body butter (300mg or 1500mg) are available alongside a more moderately priced lip balm (20mg).

All of these are totally natural, made from organic ingredients and haven’t been tested on animals at any stage.

CBD Skincare Products From Endoca


We’ve saved the strangest for last, and yes you read that correctly – Endoca manufacture CBD suppositories!

It isn’t just a gimmick either. The advantage of using these is that it allows the CBD to bypass the gastric process and fully hit the bloodstream.

Delivering 500mg of CBD is an impressive figure – just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Hemp Suppositories


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Paste 3000mg
Endoca Hemp Oil Paste 2000mg
Endoca Hemp Oil Capsules 300mg
Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter
Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Drops 300mg
Endoca Hemp Salve
Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 300mg
Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg
Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Capsules 1500mg
Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg

Love CBD Reviews – A Complete Guide For 2019

Love CBD

It’s extremely difficult to find very much to criticise about Love CBD. Not that we’re complaining of course – these guys are the epitome of what to look for in any UK-based company.

Offering a range of truly top quality extracts (with masses of openly published testing results), customer services to die for and a legit dedication to delivering only the best, it’s easy to see why they retain such a loyal support.

Love CBD ReviewsMake no mistake they offer premium products that are ideal for the purists out there – especially those who understand the various qualities held by different strains of hemp.

But having been around for a little longer than most, does Love CBD still deserve its reputation as being one of the very best? After all, there’s no shortage of thrusting young competitors launching into an already overcrowded market.

Let’s take a closer look and see what makes them one of the most trusted and appreciated brands going.

What Makes Love CBD Stand Out?

In a word – detail. Regardless of where you may be on your CBD adventure, everyone must have felt that frustration by a number of companies who make sweeping claims without providing an inch of evidence.

Nothing could be further from the truth when considering this company under that scrutiny. They’re absolutely fastidious when it comes to presenting the independent lab results of their extracts. Not only is this reassuring but from a customer’s perspective, it’s also educational.

Everyone knows how tricky it can be to find a ‘working dose’ but thanks to the breakdown of the cannabinoids within their strains you’ll have a much greater idea of what works for you.

Quite why every company doesn’t copy this model is beyond us. CBD oils can become quite expensive, so why blindly take their word that a certain product is what they claim it to be?

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Having regular batch testing and published reports ought to be an industry standard – and we’d always suggest dealing only with those that do so.

Such transparency is extremely refreshing and highlights their claim to be all about helping the customer pair with a suitable product. It’s an impressive ethos and one that must be seriously respected.

The Purity Of Their Products

As their testing demonstrates across the board, all of these extracts regardless of concentration are as good as it gets in terms of purity.

Rather than dedicate themselves to just one strain of hemp, they source their raw materials from hand-selected cannabis farms across the EU.

These are universally organic, unpolluted from chemicals or artificial fertilisers and pretty much as natural as possible.

As is standard among all A-class CBD brands, they only use CO2 frozen extraction methods to gain as pure an extract as possible. The result is a variety of different styles of CBD that are better than anyone else currently on the market.

Most of their focus is on oil drops and lotions with a couple of e-liquids for good measure (more on these in a moment).

Their production method generally leans towards a more ‘full spectrum’ model that serves to retain additional terpenes and cannabinoids typically lost by most other extraction methods. So to put it simply, Love CBD have a heck of a good base product on their hands!

Product Line-Up

The product line-up for 2019.

Product Highlights

They are all universally top class but the real focus here must be placed upon the variety. By this we do not mean they have an enormous range – they don’t – but instead, they have a slim selection of very different products.

It’s worth pointing out that most of these are stronger than typically on offer from comparative stores. There are some lower concentration sprays and oils but most are towards the stronger end of the market.

Love CBD Product RangesA key range that is unlike anything else out there is their ‘Entourage’ selection of capsules, oils, and sprays.

For those not in the know, the ‘entourage effect’ is a term used in association with full spectrum extracts to describe how additional cannabinoids can help CBD take on a fuller effect.

This is not just a fancy marketing gimmick – there’s plenty of emerging scientific proof detailing how more complex extracts can deliver far more impressive results.

Combining just the extract and organic olive oil, these may sound a little basic but by no means is that the case. In our opinion (for what it’s worth) full spectrum is what true cannabis extracts ought to be when used as a health supplement.

Take the 800mg Entourage spray as a good example. That is a significant dose – which is delivered by 6.4mg per spray.

Just like with oils, the point is to aim under the tongue for rapid absorption straight into the bloodstream. Coming in a 20ml bottle instead of the standard 10ml makes a concentration of this strength actually pretty good value.

They do stress that there’s going to be a trace element of THC left over but by no means is it enough to risk legal difficulties, fail a drugs test or get remotely high. Such honesty is again testimony to the transparency of this operation and again very impressive.

E-liquids are not their real focus (yet) with a range of outstanding capsules and oils being their main market. Yet all of their ranges are unique in their own regard. They have ‘Dutch’ style (exclusively incorporating hemp grown in The Netherlands), plus Indica and Sativa specials for their e-liquids. In short, if you know the difference between strains you’ll just adore these products!

Video: Dosage instructions from Love CBD

Any Concerns?

Some people just do not like sprays because it can lead to accidental swallowing.

Why is this an issue? Simply because CBD loses some of its strength when filtered through the digestive tract. Oil drops applied directly to the underneath of the tongue are more effective, and it’s surprising that there’s a lack of options available here. Sprays may seem convenient but they’re not necessarily the best delivery method.

As for the variety of products – yes they’re awesome, but only when they’re in stock!

They are specialists and clearly have a very devoted clientele – but a fortnight plus to get more in? Surely at that stage, it may be worth delisting them temporarily, and if that’s a common issue then it’s a bit of a downer from a company that otherwise oozes class.

What We’d Like To See Next

Obviously better stock control would be a nice start! Apart from this, there’s clearly space to add a few lower strength options across the range.

It’d be even better if these were available in a classic drop bottle instead of as a spray. You can order a proper instead of a spray, but you have to specifically mention this in your order notes – which is a bit of a faff. Perhaps that comes down to personal preference, but it seems odd to focus so much on sprays and lotions almost exclusively.

A product of this quality supported by a company that genuinely does care about quality and customer satisfaction deserves to be available at more appropriate scales for a wider audience.

We hope that they’ll consider expanding this in the future because that’s what’s required for an outstanding brand to do well in such a crowded market.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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Love CBD Balm
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Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray
Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray

CBD Asylum Review – A Top Rated UK Company

They’ve only been in business for a couple of years, but they’ve swiftly established themselves as one of the best – and ambitious – CBD companies in the UK.

Where some companies may be accused of resting on their laurels when it comes to expanding their range, this is certainly not the case with CBD Asylum.

CBD Asylum ReviewTheir mantra is focussed on developing the ways that CBD may potentially hold an enormous benefit for health, lifestyle and personal fitness.

A lesser quality company may well have tripped over its own shoelaces with this kind of scope, but as we’ll see there’s plenty more to come from this stylish operation.

Unlike quite a good proportion of other companies involved in this emergent scene, they don’t have any side distractions.

All their products are exclusively geared towards CBD – meaning there are no additional subsections such as ‘standard’ e-liquids and only a very limited selection of paraphernalia and devices. Their focus is entirely on delivering the best CBD products possible.

What Makes CBD Asylum Stand Out?

It cannot be stressed enough quite how enthusiastic these guys are in trying to promote the positives that these supplements may hold.

In their estimation pretty much everyone can have a use for CBD in some capacity. This can be for the typical range of health reasons or even as far as post-workout recovery.

Recently, they’ve been emphasising the latter, even going so far as to enlist strongman Eddie Hall to be the focus of their quite glitzy marketing operation.

One thing to always look out for when assessing companies engaged in this line of products is how far they propagate claims that it will help people. Be wary of any that do so because that’s simply not how these supplements work.

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CBD Asylum is a good example of a company that’s not shy of discussing the reasons why people have benefitted from taking up a routine, but reassuringly steer clear of making unfounded promises.

Considering how universal their business model is, their restraint is impressive and singles them out as a serious and trustworthy company.

Purity Of The Products

All the flashy advertising in the world would count for nothing if the product was poor, especially in such a competitive market.

Yet we’re happy to report that these guys are one of the best when it comes to matters of purity and responsible sourcing. All their oils are 100% natural and they use no synthetic additives or chemicals at any stage of production.

They claim to have absolutely no THC residual in any of their oils. We’d take that claim with a slight pinch of salt because no matter how thoroughly it’s extracted there’s inevitably going to be a tiny bit left over. By tiny we’re talking a tiny percentage of a percentage!

The UK law stipulates that anything less than 0.2% THC is legal, so there’s nothing to worry about in that format (or reason it will cause a failure at a drug tests). But there’s always going to be a little still present, it’s only going to be an issue for anyone allergic to THC – and that’s something we’ve never heard of before. Just a little gripe but no biggie.

Video: Product Highlights

You can tell right away that these guys have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store because they stock a broad range of products.

Video: Liam Jones (company co-founder, and Alex Montagnani (Pro MMA Fighter) taking you through their product line-up.

Their E-Liquids

CBD Asylum ProductsTheir e-liquids range from 200mg to 2,000mg in strength, and providing plenty of options in between. That makes it pretty simple to gradually establish a ‘working’ dose.

Interestingly, they also offer some high VG e-liquids that produce huge clouds – just use them sparingly!

Their Oils

As for their oils, they’ve recently added a staggering 10,000mg extract that’s probably the strongest (and most expensive) on the UK market – if not the world. More typical users will be equally well served by a broad variety of oils and drops.

Their oil drops are genuinely excellent quality but perhaps you may be wondering what makes this company really stand out from the crowd?

We’d draw attention to the CBD Pro Shot which is designed to be added to water or isotonic drinks after a hard workout.

Plenty of professional athletes are starting to pay attention to how CBD can present a natural and healthy way to reduce inflammation and assist in recovery. As ever – you won’t find us making bold claims as fact – but plenty of athletes have found this to be an effective addition to their fitness regime. The Pro Shot is easy to use, measures out very reliably and has rapidly become one of their flagship products.

Eddie Hall At CBD Asylum

Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017) – centre, with co-founders Liam Jones – left, and Alex Hope – right.

Any Concerns?

CBD Asylum have taken huge steps at a very fast pace so there’s inevitably going to be a couple of oversights here and there.

Whilst their products are clearly very well manufactured and fit the bill when it comes to purity and quality, there’s a bit of a gap when it comes to verifiable proof of efficacy.

All good companies will claim to regularly test their batches of extract to ensure they meet the grade. While they may well do so, the very best will also provide details of the findings established by third-party tests. This is important not just to verify the integrity of the product, but also because it provides details on the extent other cannabinoids are retained.

Some people prefer just ‘pure’ CBD isolate, while a growing number are increasingly keen on more full-spectrum supplements and like to know the extent to which these have been retained.

It would take very little effort to publish these on their website, which is a bit of an oversight considering they publish plenty of guides and blog posts anyway.

It certainly doesn’t diminish our faith in their products as we know they’re the real deal – but this may put off more discerning customers.

What We’d Like To See Next

Obviously, the publishing of batch testing results is a must-add. We’d love to see some high strength pastes too!


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VSAVI Reviews & Why They Are The Best CBD Brand In The UK

VSAVI Reviews

VSAVI is without question one of the biggest and best names in the British CBD scene.

Renowned for the quality of their products, they’ve also been at the forefront in raising awareness of the potential benefits that cannabis derivatives may hold.

As a core member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTAUK), they especially emphasise the importance of purity when it comes to undertaking a CBD routine.

Using only the best hemp alongside natural growing and extraction processes, they really do set the marks when it comes to what people ought to expect from a UK manufacturer.

As may be expected, they have a very loyal customer base for this reason – so let’s take a closer look and see quite why they are widely regarded as the best in the business.

What Makes VSAVI Stand Out?

Plenty of companies try to stress the exacting standards they use when manufacturing their extracts – but the truth is that some are considerably better than others.

The UK scene is largely unregulated and there are no established ‘standards’ regarding harvesting or production.

Frustratingly, this means that second-rate companies (and there are a lot out there) can freely advertise their products as being ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ even though they may have used every chemical imaginable during their production cycle.

But when VSAVI claim to only sell ‘pure CBD oil’ it really is the case.

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They use only organically grown hemp – meaning no chemical-based fertilisers, growth agents, insecticides or other unpleasant additives are used during cultivation.

When it comes to extraction, they exclusively employ only CO2 methods which despite being more expensive and time-consuming, results in a far superior end product. No solvents or alcohol are ever used. So it’s up to the end consumer to decide which kind of ‘pure’ they prefer. Personally, we’d always side with VSAVI!

Just as important regarding purity is the quality of facilities used during the extraction stage.

Many people tend to associate organic, free grown hemp with dirtiness. That’s simply not the case – at least with this company.

They use 100% clean room laboratories akin to those used in pharmaceutical industries. So what this equates to is a little bottle of truly premium grade CBD.

On offer are not just isolates but also ‘full spectrum’ (inclusive of many additional terpenes and cannabinoids) and naturally flavoured e-liquids too.

Regardless of the option selected, you know that it’s going to always be the real deal.

Product Line-Up

Product Highlights

So we’ve covered how VSAVI set the benchmark when it comes to purity, but what about the standout products in their range?

Although they do also vend nicotine-free standard e-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) content for vape enthusiasts, their real focus is on their CBD oils and liquids.

Vaping Oils

VSAVI E-Liquids

They offer a range of pure CBD e-liquids.

In regards to their e-liquids, it’s important to mention that they’re fully compliant with EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) standards which by no means can be said for many rival companies. With this in mind, let’s see what they have on offer.

The VSAVI CBD e-liquids ranges from a very mild 50mg concentration up to a whopping 1000mg. While there are stronger concentrates available, the vast majority of people ought to find their 300mg option beneficial.

As well as the earthy and natural full spectrum option, there are also an additional 11 different flavours to choose from. These are very tasty indeed!

Most people settle with the natural unflavoured e-liquids. We tested the 300mg option and found it to be a delicate and indeed very lightly fragranced vape.

Some people struggle with the more full-on whole spectrum varieties, but the ‘typical’ CBD isolate is an especially easy going experience with a balanced level of cloud production.

All too often companies include too much cloud bearing VG in their e-liquids, meaning of course that customers burn through it far quicker. Instead, VSAVI has made the intelligent call of keeping it as close to a standard e-liquid as possible (80/20 PG/VG ratio). Their products are also vegan and kosher friendly.

Oil Drops


They manufacture their oils solely from high grade hemp extracts.

In regards to their oils, there is once again a nice spread in concentrations ranging from 300mg to 1500mg.

As would be expected, these will increase proportionately in expense the higher you go, but for those starting out on CBD and needing to establish a ‘working dose’, it’s a sensible selection to work with.

VSAVI themselves include a straightforward guide to help use their products/find the sweet spot, and as usual, this involves slowly upping your intake until you find a level that works.

Refreshingly, they don’t direct their new customers straight to the higher concentrations which may well be unnecessarily strong/expensive.

While it’s not our place to suggest or speculate regarding individual doses and potential benefits, we’d claim from personal experience that even their 500mg strength oil will likely be more useful than many other rival products.

This is again thanks to it being really pure and high grade – which in our estimation makes it considerably better than equivalent “500mg” or “5%” compounds. It’s especially noticeable in their full spectrum oil, with those dozens of additional cannabinoids really capable of making a difference.

Any Concerns?

It’s difficult to find much to actually criticise about VSAVI’s range of products. They quite simply have as good a quality extract as it’s possible to make!

If there were any issues regarding this we’d be on it like a flash, but it’s as close to a perfect blueprint of what to look for when selecting a vendor as it gets.

That being said, there are drawbacks by so emphatically focussing on quality ahead of quantity. Their overall selection is comparatively quite limited compared to some of the other big names out there.

In absolute honesty, we don’t think many people are going to need super strength e-liquids, but an option somewhere between 500mg to 1000mg would be a welcome addition for more moderate consumers.

What We’d Like To See

We have no doubt that VSAVI is never going to compromise on their exacting standards. It’s what makes them unique and in our estimation they are the best CBD company to buy from in the UK.

However, considering the quality of the extract they possess, why not extend it in to a wider range? It wouldn’t require much effort.

Even developing oral sprays (which are more convenient than oil drops), capsules for those who struggle with the taste of hemp, and sub-ohm vaping oils would be great steps forward for this tremendous brand.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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