CBD Asylum Disposable CBD Vape Pen

CBD Asylum Disposable Vape Pen

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CBD Asylum Disposable Vape PenOne of the most frequently asked questions concerning CBD is how to vape it properly.

A simple, decent vape pen will do the job quite well enough, there’s no need to splash the cash on anything especially fancy.

But let’s face it – not everyone wants to be bothering about stocking up on clearomizers and topping up their tanks all the time.

Regular vapers will be used to this, but let’s not forget that plenty of CBD users just take a few draws a day. It isn’t an all-day hobby.

So for those who are looking for an easy way to have a vape, without any of the hassle, where to look?

Surprising as it may sound, finding a decent quality yet disposable CBD pen has been a gap in the market for a long while.

So enter CBD Asylum and their all-in-one kit.

Working perfectly right out of the box, and without any need for refills or spares, this is a very impressive unit.

It’ll last a heck of a long time while delivering a top quality CBD vape oil that’s especially easy on the throat.

Handy & Convenient CBD

When it comes to regular usage, some people prefer regular and routine capsules or a splash/spray of oil. Yet for others, it’s handier to just take a little when required.

This is one of the reasons why vaping is a great option.

While there’s no certainty that it’ll work universally, speaking from anecdotal evidence many people who have anxiety or similar stress-related concerns find that a quick vape of top quality CBD can make a real difference.

250mg Goes A Long Way

By Asylum’s estimate – and this is exactly what we’d agree with – each draw on one of their disposables is going to deliver about 2mg.

So, assuming that’s ‘standard’ one of these kits ought to be good for two times a day over around four months.

Bear in mind that there’s no need for taking more than this, especially for new starters.

Higher concentrates may be needed further down the line, as sooner or later tolerance will develop. But from the perspective of a newbie, this is a perfectly sensible way to begin.

How Is It Made?

Best Place To Buy

A valid question, and one that ought to be openly discussed.

What we have here is a Propylene Glycol based CBD e-liquid.

Fret not, PG is regularly used in all kinds of food products let alone being the most common element in typical e-liquids. It’s totally non-toxic, vegan, kosher, and pairs perfectly with CBD.

From a practical perspective, it also prevents needless clouds and wastage. This is ideal for taking a quick vape when required, without the good stuff just pointlessly vanishing into the ether.

One point worth mentioning is that it’s also terpene flavoured. While subtle on the palette and odour free, it does add that sense of cannabis taste (Sativa) while also being in no sense psychoactive.

There’s a fragment of THC left behind, but it’s so little that it won’t flag up on even the most determined drug test. In no way is this going to make anyone ‘high’, and it’s also based on totally legal top quality hemp.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

For anyone who is not a regular vaper but interested in taking a quality CBD by the most efficient method, it's difficult to see many better options.

It's a pragmatic dosage that's just about perfect for getting started with, and just as importantly made from the finest ingredients.

To put it one way, providing the end user recycles the end pen properly once it's expired, this is as a superb way to experience CBD without breaking the bank balance. Highly recommended!

Quick & convenient
Great for "on the go"
Great for those who want to try CBD
This is a disposable product, so it isn't designed be be refilled. We would love to see CBD Asylum manufacture a pen that's re-usable.
Not suitable for those who have an intolerance to PG.
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