CBD Asylum Drip It Oil 500mg

CBD Asylum Drip It Oil 500mg

CBD Asylum Drip It Oil 500mgLooking for the perfect way to get started with CBD? You could do much worse than hop in with this 500mg Drip It oil from those connoisseurs over at CBD Asylum.

For those new to this company, they’re genuinely dedicated to delivering the purest isolates available on the UK market.

Sure, many companies claim this, but we know from experience that when it comes to wanting a CBD oil with barely any residuals then these are the guys to try.

500mg is a quality starting dose that tends to be around a good strength for more people than not.

It’s an impressive addition to their range and ticks plenty of boxes – so read on to find out why.

Tinctures Made Easy

Tinctures are a tried and tested means of ingesting CBD. All you need to do is crack open the handy little 10ml bottle, and apply your dose right underneath the tongue. Hold it in place for about 60 seconds and that should absorb easily into the bloodstream (try not to swallow).

Exactly what your dose ought to be will vary between people, and there’s a degree of trial and error when figuring out what ‘works’ best.

A good starting point with this 500mg extract would be a couple of drops twice a day, around 30 minutes before eating. Give it a few days, then up or lower your dose as appropriate.

What we like about the CBD Asylum Drip It Oil 500mg is that the bottle is very much of a ‘classic’ design. There’s no need for any fancy tools or so forth, and dosing is extremely straightforward when out and about (after a couple of times getting used to it).

Generally speaking, CBD which is taken this way ought to stay in the bloodstream for about 8 hours so factor that in when setting out your routine.

MCT-Based Oil Aids Effective Absorption

Best Place To Buy

Moving on to the more technical aspects, we were impressed to discover that CBD Asylum has been at the forefront of using medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) as the carrying agent for their concentrates.

Research suggests that this entirely safe chemical (used in hundreds of food products) is the best for helping absorb extracts taken orally.

We’re not so keen on it being used in capsules, but for the Drip It range there’s no question that it serves its purpose very well indeed.

It’s certainly as good as – if not even better – than olive or coconut bases for oral ingestion, and tends to knock a little off the price as well.

A Choice Of Flavours!

Ignore the ‘purists’ who claim for whatever reason that CBD should not be flavoured.

We have no room for that nonsense, and providing the extracts are entirely natural and don’t compromise the quality of the core extract.

This range is available in a Natural flavour should you enjoy the raw product, and also ‘Cool’ (a subtle mintiness) and ‘Fruity’ (like a Starburst sweetie).

Plenty of people struggle with the natural essence and taste of CBD oils, so it’s never a bad thing to have alternatives included in the range.

Anyone who has tried other flavoured options in the CBD Asylum range will know how refreshing they can be – and we’re happy to say that this is exactly the same case here.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

It's good to see that CBD Asylum has chosen not to neglect the everyday user by releasing this excellent little extract.

Recently, they've been at the forefront of high strength oils which are aimed towards a very small proportion of the market.

This is the entry level strength for their Drip It range (currently also available at 1000mg) and a great place to get started with tincture-based dosing.

The option to add a little flavour makes this MCT-based oil actually enjoyable to use, and a great place for those to get started on their CBD adventure.

A quality extract at a sensible strength.
Easy to dispense and vary your dosage as necessary.
MCT allows for optimum absorption into the bloodstream.
A nice variety of genuinely tasty flavours.
Entirely natural and derived from only premium grade hemp.
Only available as an isolate.
Takes a little getting used to - especially unflavoured.
Fairly expensive, but worth the price tag.
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