CBD Asylum Fruity CBD Oil 1500mg

Fruity CBD Oil Drops 1500mg

Fruity CBD Oil Drops 1500mgLet’s face the facts – some people simply struggle with the taste of CBD oils.

While others can shrug off the ‘earthy’ notes it can be a significant hurdle, which is one of the reasons capsules and even e-liquid alternatives remain so popular.

Some purists may argue that ‘whole plant’ oils such as this powerful offering from CBD Asylum ought to also carry an unadulterated natural flavour.

Our opinion is that providing it does not jeopardise the organic eco-friendly qualities of the extract, then why the devil not? If it opens up the wonderful world of CBD to more people, then that can not be a bad thing.

Fortunately, this 1500mg oil from CBD Asylum demonstrates exactly what we suspect many users are looking for in a high strength oil.

An Impressively High Quality Tincture

One place where CBD Asylum has always impressed us is their willingness to experiment. Over the last six months or so they’ve expanded into high-grade, more concentrated oils to meet market demands.

1500mg (15%) in a 10ml bottle is stronger than most, and as we’ll explain shortly, it’s one of the purest currently available on the UK market. However, this alone is not all this makes this an especially enticing option.

Fruity CBD Oil 1500mg Review

CBD Asylum have recently started using MCT oil instead of the usual olive/coconut carrying agents used in the majority of other tincture oils. Why? Simply because there is plenty of evidence that MCT can be better for absorption into the body, especially when ingested underneath the tongue. It certainly is never a bad thing to have an alternative to the standard options, something those with allergies will likely also appreciate.

Whatever your views on MCT, you can be assured that everything else in this CBD oil is as natural as ever. Additional fruity flavourings are derived from entirely natural sources and would be described best as a very subtle – not overly sweet – fruit salad. Think berries, banana, and a little lemon zest and you’re not a million miles away.

As with all of their range, they are vegetarian/vegan-friendly and the oil contains 0% THC. You will not get ‘high’ or run any risk of failing a drugs test even though it’s a high strength product.

Eddie Hall Using CBD Oil

Eddie Hall, winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017, is a fan and user of their products!

The Best High Strength Oil On The Market?

Best Place To Buy

Separating manufacturers who claim to have outstanding hemp from those who actually deliver is one of the downsides of a largely unregulated market.

Like the handful of other UK companies who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, CBD Asylum perform independent batch tests on all of their range.

Let’s be frank – 1500mg strength is a premium product and beyond most people’s small change – so if you need this high a concentration at least you know it’s going to deliver exactly what it claims.

One of the other major plus points about CBD Asylum is their recent move much more towards ‘full spectrum’ (whole-plant) extracts.

There’s a seriously fast-growing body of evidence (alongside masses of anecdotal testimonies) that point firmly towards these being much better integrated into the body’s own endocannabinoid system. The only downside is that they can taste especially pungent due to retaining extra oils and terpenes – a problem that’s simply solved by adding natural fruity flavourings that do not in any way compromise the qualities of the extract.

All of their hemp is organically grown and cultivated before an environmentally sound CO2-based extraction is performed in pharmaceutical grade laboratories.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

It's never a bad thing to see a gap in the market successfully filled. Those looking for a seriously high quality flavoured CBD oil suitable for sublingual use (without gagging!) need look no further.

What we really like about this product is that it provides an MCT alternative to the more established varieties out there.

This may not be for everyone, but there's emerging proof that it can serve as a superior agent to others. If it can aid a full absorption then that's not a bad thing at all. After all, what's the point of splashing out on a top of the range oil if 30%+ is going to be wasted?

Overall, CBD Asylum has added another very interesting string to their bow here.

If you're unsure about the 'fruity' flavour, then you may wish to try out one of their less concentrated (and much cheaper) oils first.

An excellent quality, high strength solution for those who struggle with that 'raw' CBD taste.
A genuinely pleasant taste that masks the 'hempiness' without being overwhelming.
Easy to measure and dose, taken directly underneath the tongue and held in place for around 90 seconds.
A little will stretch a long way. Twice daily dosage will deliver 30mg of CBD.
Zero THC for absolute peace of mind.
On sale at a highly competitive price.
Also available in a Peppermint flavour.
Also available in a higher strength (2500mg). Just £20 extra to upgrade!
May upset some 'purists'
It'd be good to see a full online breakdown of the cannabinoid profile for an easier comparison.
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