CBD Asylum Gummies 300mg

CBD Gummies 300mg

CBD Gummies 300mgTime to tantalise those tastebuds!

CBD Asylum have just released their first foray into the delectable world of CBD gummies – offering those with a sweet tooth the perfect way to top up their intake.

While fortified sweeties are massive in the USA and continental Europe, we haven’t seen many of the UK’s big name manufacturers enter this market so far.

Needless to say, anticipation and expectation were pretty high when these popped through the letterbox, so how do they stand up to testing? Read on to discover our findings…

Why Use CBD Gummies?

Perhaps the first thing to make clear is that most people will use these sweets alongside one of the more ‘standard’ dosing techniques (tinctures, vaping, capsules, etc).

Whilst CBD Asylum is keen to point out that it’s perfectly reasonable for people to use these gummies exclusively – and there’s no reason why you couldn’t – we suspect that most people will enjoy these to just boost their intake.

Much like why so many people vape CBD to receive an instant hit straight into the bloodstream, edibles serve in much the same way. Not everyone likes vaping so these gummies provide an excellent (and delicious) alternative option.

The problem with using vaping to ‘top up’ your CBD levels is that it’s very difficult to measure your intake. At best, you can only really make an educated guess depending on the number and length of your draws, which of course becomes even more tricky depending on the strength of the e-liquid.

These CBD Asylum gummies weigh in at exactly 10mg CBD each (300mg per pot of 30 sweets), so if you’re keeping to a tightly controlled dosing schedule you’re going to be able to measure this very precisely.

10mg is a pretty fair whack and more than most similar products on the market tend to contain. This is why it’s entirely plausible that some people could use gummies exclusively to ingest their dose (CBD Asylum suggest 1-3 per day for those who opt to do so).

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Full Spectrum For Extra Efficient Absorption

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Alongside that impressive 10mg of CBD, these gummies also happen to be made from full spectrum (“whole plant”) extracts.

An increasing body of evidence suggests that these style of extracts that retain many dozens of additional cannabinoids are much more effective at absorbing into the body.

Packed full of additional amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, they seem more able to bind with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

Anecdotally speaking, we can say with confidence that people who find little success with isolate varieties often find that full spectrum is considerably more beneficial.

This is an interesting factor and one which makes the CBD Asylum gummies really stand out from the crowd. Not only do they deliver a quality amount of CBD per serving, but they use truly outstanding quality extract full of these essential additional qualities.

The majority of similar edibles on the market only use isolates, and while they may help some people we’d back full spectrum ahead of those any time.

As with all their products, these gummies contain only a minuscule trace of residual THC that is far below the legal maximum. You’ll be safe to perform any daily activity and have zero chance of failing a drugs test.

Now On To The Taste Test!

OK, so far we have seen that these gummies are a step ahead of the vast majority of other edibles out there. But how do they taste?

Well, we’d compare them to a kind of super fruity and citrusy fruit pastille. They’re not overwhelmingly sweet and have a surprisingly refreshing zestiness that leaves a very tangy aftertaste.

For those who struggle with the taste of full spectrum oils, be assured that you can’t notice even the vaguest hint of muggy hemp. To all extents and purposes, these are just very tasty sweets!

Each gummy weighs in at 40 calories, and are designed to be slowly chewed and savoured. We’d recommend you try and take your time doing so.

Just like a tincture oil, the primary way to ingest the CBD packed inside your sweet is to allow it to pass through the pores underneath your tongue. You’ll still be absorbing the residual elements through your intestines once it’s been swallowed, but oral absorption is simply more efficient thanks to it bypassing the digestive tract and entering straight into the bloodstream.


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Conclusion & Rating

Finally, we have an edible CBD product that we can confidently say is not just a novelty.

It's clear to see that CBD Asylum has taken a long look at the current situation and realised that the UK scene is screaming out for high quality, well-concentrated and delicious fortified gummies.

Taken as either an exclusive means of ingesting your daily dose or as an occasional treat to reinforce an existing routine, these present an excellent way of enjoying all the goodness of a really high-quality extract.

To put it simply, CBD Asylum has now set the bar for what a quality edible now ought to be.

We're crossing our fingers in anticipation of them releasing a variety of other strengths in the near future - or dare we whisper it - maybe even some chewing gum?

Fingers crossed that those guys continue to expand on this range, as it perfectly shows them at the top of their game. 5 stars across the board!

Great price.
Taste delicious.
Will last around a month if you only take 1 a day.
Full spectrum.
It's too easy to take more than you actually need - they are that delicious!
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