CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mg

CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mg

CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mgCBD Asylum has been making incredible steps forward with their higher strength ranges.

One that we thought that’s worth checking out was their Infuse Drops 2000mg series.

Their products do go as high as an almighty 10,000mg but by our estimation, most people interested in the highest strength CBD oils are going to find this fits their needs perfectly well enough.

It has already been receiving great praise and feedback from their early clients, so obviously, this was one that demanded serious attention.

Just in case any readers may not have heard of CBD Asylum, they’re a fairly new company that has seized the bull by the horns and now regarded as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of top quality CBD products.

Despite their glitzy website – don’t be worried – they use only the very best production techniques to produce 100% ethical and vegan-friendly products. As we’ll see, this is a very important factor which is why their CBD Asylum Infuse Drops are one of the best little vials of goodness we’ve seen in a while.

What Are The CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mg?

One of the first aspects of this product that impressed us right from the start was their use of MCT oil.

Usually, we prefer top quality olive oil as a base for our tinctures but medium-chain triglyceride is possibly even better. Often taken as a separate health supplement, MCT carries a great range of health benefits that pairs perfectly with the CBD ethos.

Besides the infusion, the only other ingredient is a food grade flavouring – with a choice between ‘natural or ‘fruity’. We opted for the ‘fruity’ variety and true to form, it was very tasty indeed – something which people who struggle with the flavour of some oils ought to take note of!

How To Use The Drops

Another factor that will please those who have tried other (more outdated) products in the past is that the actual bottle comes with a smartly designed pipette applicator. This allows the crucial aspect of accurate dosage to be not only perfectly measured every time, but also easy to squeeze under the tongue.

All the needs to be done is then hold it underneath for around 90 seconds – making that tasty fruitiness worth its weight in gold!

It may sound unusual for those who have never taken such drops, but this is the best way of absorbing any oral CBD drops.

That part of the mouth is the best for absorption straight into the bloodstream and bypassing the liver which can tend to filter out some of the effectiveness.

The drops can, of course, be taken with a drink or incorporated into food, but by our estimation, under the tounge is the best way.

One applied and absorbed a standard dose will stay effective for between 4-6 hours depending on the body chemistry and metabolic system. It may not sound long but the truth is that this is considerably longer than the result from vaping and really needs only to be applied a couple of times a day.

The bottle may only be 30ml – which is actually generous for a CBD product – but we’d expect that taking 4 drops of this in total over a day will last for a good few weeks if not longer.

Best Place To Buy

Is The 2000mg Strength Necessary?

People take CBD for all kinds of reasons but higher strength lines have started really picking up recently.

We would always say that quality of manufacture can be just as important as strength when hitting such high concentrations, but if you feel that 2000mg is for you then why the devil not?

People react differently to CBD and while a small dose may work for some, others really will need a four-figure power to feel any benefits.

There’s no surefire way to ascertain a ‘typical dose’ but that is no different to any other CBD product out there and CBD Asylum are quick to point this out in their user guides.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Overall, this is an excellent option for those looking for a top grade, high strength tincture that while expensive still compares well with rivals on the market.

By all means, we'd be happy to describe this as a truly premium standard product that has been expertly configured from the best hemp going.

A fantastic choice if you're looking to step up your current intake although we would qualify that by suggesting new starters may find a lower concentration more suitable to start with.

Very high strength.
Also available in higher strengths: 5,000mg and 10,000mg.
Available in two flavours - Natural or Fruity.
MCT production method.
Very good price for the 2,000mg strength.
Comes in a 30ml bottle which is a decent size.
We do not recommend starting on 2,000mg - this is a high strength - so do bear this in mind if you're completely new to CBD.
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