CBD Asylum Muscle Rub 200mg

CBD Muscle Rub

CBD Muscle RubOur regular readers may remember when we reviewed the Pro Shot from CBD Asylum – a concentrated dose you’d add to your post-workout recovery beverage.

It remains a higher popular product, and CBD Asylum seem set to branch out even further into the sports/fitness market.

Their Muscle Rub is designed especially to help you recover from those aches and strains of physical overexertion.

This is the first muscle rub containing CBD – on these shores at least. So what does it offer?

Is It A Lotion? Is It A Recovery Aid?

This was the first thing we were looking to figure out, and honestly we’re not entirely sure!

The first thing you notice when cracking open the pot (which is 100ml in size) is that it does admittedly smell rather nice. If you like the smell of Germolene, you’ll love the smell of this!

Perhaps in order to mask the post-gym session sweat, it incorporates rich scents such as black pepper and eucalyptus that’s off-set by considerably softer peppermint and Wintergreen. It smells a heck of a lot better than Deep Heat, that’s for sure!

We didn’t notice any physical sensation when trying this product out. Shouldn’t a muscle care supplement tingle a bit? To get the blood flowing a tad? Apparently not, yet CBD Asylum say with confidence that this is “the most effective muscle rub on the market”. We’re certainly inclined to agree with them!

CBD Muscle Rub UK

Packing A Good Amount Of CBD

Best Place To Buy

CBD companies in the UK have to be extremely careful – they’re not permitted to give assurances that their product will definitely cure or assist with any particular ailment – and that extends to post-workout therapy too.

Make no mistake – 200mg of their highly impressive organic CBD in a 100ml pot is a very generous quantity.

Offering Swift Absorption

This is undoubtedly one of the best CBD products out there for topical use because it absorbs right into the skin. Just apply it to clean dry skin, preferably half hour or so after a shower so no sweat gets in the way.

How much you use, and how you measure it, is difficult to say. CBD Asylum recommend those carrying a ‘knock’ should try using it three times a day. How much of a dose is anyone’s guess, and a personal choice (which in all fairness they do explain).

For a CBD enriched skincare product it’s unmistakably great value for what you get.

Great Quality Extract

Something to be aware about CBD Asylum is that they use some of the best extracts in the UK right now. Entirely organic, sourced from licensed hemp farms, and extracted using only ecologically sound CO2 methods – it really is outstanding stuff.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

It's never a bad thing to see a new style of CBD product become available.

This is a great muscle rub and those who have found success using similar post-workout or recovery aids may find it very useful indeed.

The great thing with CBD Asylum is that you are sure to receive some of the best quality (and value) extracts on the UK market.

In this case, their muscle rub packs a decent punch and so if it sounds like something which may suit you, you really must give this a try!

A novel product that adds a refreshing twist to the CBD skincare market.
Packs a good amount of top quality CBD.
It smells fantastic!
For occasional use, it will stretch a long way.
Totally THC-free and no risk of failing drugs/performance tests.
It offers a very benign sensation compared to medicated muscle rubs.
Dosage is very ambiguous and near impossible to measure accurately.
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