CBD Asylum Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mg

Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mg

Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mgLet’s face it – not everyone enjoys the distinct “hempy” taste of full spectrum CBD oils.

CBD Asylum have made it their mission to assist as many people as possible to enjoy the potential benefits of premium grade extracts, and this time they have really thought outside the box!

This peppermint infused MCT-based oil only delivers an aftertaste. When it’s held underneath the tongue you’ll not taste a thing!

But is this just a novelty product, or a real potential game-changer for the UK CBD market? Let’s find out…

1500mg Of Superb Full Spectrum Extract

Before checking out the performance let’s quickly discuss what probably drew your attention to this oil.

As most will know, 1500mg (in a 10ml bottle) falls firmly into the bracket of high strength CBD oils. Most people would be advised to start off with a lower strength when establishing their effective dose.

For those who do need this level of concentration you should always look for full spectrum varieties. These retain many more cannabinoids and terpenes (all non-psychoactive) that deliver an ‘entourage effect’, making the CBD more capable of binding into the body’s endocannabinoid system.

A growing body of scientists believe that isolates – regardless of their strength – are more prone to simply passing ineffectively through the body. We’re still slightly on the fence about that, but are confident from anecdotal and personal experience alone that full spectrum is better.

What you are getting here is 1500mg of seriously top quality whole plant CBD oil, that can even be upgraded to a 2500mg strength for an additional £20 (what a bargain!).

For the vast majority of people, 1 or 2 drops of this a day ought to do the job better than the vast majority of alternatives to be found anywhere on the current market.

CBD Asylum Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mg Review

CBD Asylum claim that their extracts contain zero THC. We’ll take that with a slight pinch of salt, especially considering that this is a full spectrum oil and will naturally contain a slightly higher residual compared to an isolate. But in all honesty, that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

The amount of any THC retained in this oil is going to be a ‘trace’ at best, and hundreds of times below the government’s legal maximum of 0.2%.

All of CBD Asylum’s oils are derived from 100% organically grown plants subjected to eco-friendly CO2 extraction methods. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, these oils are as good as it gets!

MCT Base For Additional Efficiency

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We were interested to learn that CBD Asylum opted to use MCT oil in this product. A growing army of industry experts is steering in this direction now instead of the more typical and traditional olive/coconut oil bases.

Used widely across the food and supplements industries, MCT oil is believed to provide a considerable additional boost to absorbing extracts into the body. With tinctures, this is especially useful, as the goal is to get that CBD straight into the bloodstream without passing through the digestive tract (which is believed to reduce absorption efficiency by between 25-40% – depending on who you believe).

While the aforementioned ‘purists’ may struggle to gravitate towards MCT, in our opinion if it assists the body in absorbing the natural goodness of a top class extract then why the devil not? Sometimes science does tend to offer advantages, and that’s certainly true in this case where we are dealing with very high strength compositions.

The Taste Test!

Our tasting panel happens to actually adore the taste of raw CBD oil, so it was quite a novelty to take a couple of flavoured drops to start with.

After a couple of minutes to allow for the oil to absorb, it took one swallow to release a very elegant and refreshing peppermint taste. Unlike many minty kinds of flavours, this was actually really subtle and lasted for about four or five minutes before fading away.

It was a peculiar – but also very moreish – sensation, and one that we look forward to seeing extended to other products in the CBD Asylum range. Very impressive indeed, so thumbs up for that guys!


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

CBD Asylum currently is at the absolute forefront of the UK scene and are on a rich vein of form when it comes to releasing potentially game-changing new product lines.

Regardless of the taste, this oil alone is designed to be not just high strength but also to fully absorb into the body.

While there are a handful of other companies out there who match this elite standard of product, none come close to matching CBD Asylum when it comes to price point - especially for products such as this which can justifiably be considered 'premium range'.

We can say with absolute confidence that should you head down this path, you will not find a better overall quality oil than this for your money.

The peppermint flavouring is a really nice extra touch and our hunch is that many people will prefer this refreshing aftertaste compared to oils that impart a flavour from the moment it hits the mouth. Delicious and refreshing - just what your body will feel when it enjoys the boost of all those world-class cannabinoids!

Overall, a seriously top class oil from quite probably the most exciting CBD company in the UK.

Upgrade to the 2500mg offering for just an extra £20.
Great price compared to the same strength offered by rival companies.
Offers outstanding value for money.
Vegetarian and vegan friendly
Also available in a Fruity flavour.
Also available in a higher strength (2500mg). Just £20 extra to upgrade!
At £89.99 for a 10ml bottle (at the time of writing) this may well be out of most people's budgets. Quality doesn't come cheap!
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