CBD Asylum Pro Shot

CBD Asylum Pro Shot

CBD Asylum Pro ShotOne of the lesser-known benefits that CBD may offer is when used as a workout supplement.

It’s important to qualify from the outset of this review that not everyone reacts to this cannabinoid extract the same.

A dose that may help or work for one person can be ineffective to others depending upon body chemistry and natural tolerance among many other factors.

However, where it appears that CBD can be especially useful for a good proportion of people happens to be in exercise and workout communities.

One of the products that has been receiving much attention is the Pro Shot from CBD Asylum.

This is a highly concentrated dose of natural and organic water-soluble CBD that is applied to either water or sports drinks.

Anecdotally speaking, many are claiming that this significantly enhances their post-exercise recovery.

So, let’s take a look and see how well the CBD Asylum Pro Shot really works.

Handy But Imperfect Application

Review From Alex Montagnani

This is what Alex Montagnani (a pro MMA fighter) has to say about the Pro Shot.

When it comes to any CBD product one of the first things to look at is how practical it is for measuring and administering doses.

Consistency is the key and this raises a slight issue with the CBD Pro Shot. The bottle is 60ml containing the recommended 20 doses that ought to be taken after a workout or other strenuous physical activity.

This is all fine and well, but because the bottle is squeezable unless you carry a measure with you there is no exact way of determining a precise dose. All the advice on offer says to squeeze into a drink – or direct to mouth – for one second.

In our opinion, this product would be better suited to an automatic dispensary pump system like a bar optic instead of as a squeezable bottle. It may sound like nitpicking, but we do take dosage very seriously especially when used in the longer term.

A Powerful & Flexible Recovery Aid

That gripe aside, what we do have here is an excellent amplified CBD. By amplified – the manufacturer’s description – they mean this concentrate has been processed into smaller particles.

The theory runs that this allows for far quicker absorption into the body, exactly what anyone would want after an hour in the gym.

It may sound slightly bizarre but it does actually stand up to science as the same principles are used in many other recovery products. This means that 15mg serving of CBD will near instantly hit the bloodstream and straight away aid with recharging the body.

How To Use – A video featuring Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017)

The only ingredients are the water-soluble CBD, terpenes and purified water.

Interestingly enough it can even be used in cooking, but if so we’d recommend it in smoothies or added right the end of cooking.

Containing absolutely zero THC (quite the claim) there’s obviously not any high associated with this product, just all those health boosting cannabinoids.

It will not flag up in any drug tests either, which is another reason why CBD is increasingly popular with senior athletes.

But Does It Work?

Best Place To Buy

There’s no questioning the quality of the CBD itself. It delivers a great dose of high-grade CBD just as effectively as any other oral consumption method.

While vaping will offer a more instant effect, when ingested orally the compound will stay active in the system for longer which is ideal for recovery purposes. So taken on this basis alone it’s a great product.

Not all CBD works for everyone and ascertaining a dose that does can be frustrating. Yet since this came to market it has received plenty of excellent first-hand recommendations from both people who take their exercise seriously.

Perhaps even more pertinently, there’s a growing number of people in high energy professions that are starting to vouch for it helping the aches and pains stay away following a long shift.

CBD To Add To Sports Drinks

Eddie Hall shows how easy it is to add it into sports drinks.


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Conclusion & Rating

What we can say for certain is that there's absolutely no reason not to give it a try.

Even those not following a steady routine for other reasons may well find the Pro Shot adds an extra quality to their workout.

By no means ought this be bundled alongside other supplements that are at best based on pseudo-science and at worst are total scams.

There is some evidence to suggest that CBD taken in this context and concentration can deliver essential nutrients which are the key to effective recovery.

While we would like a more exact method for easy dosage, otherwise this is as good a CBD exercise aid as you'll find anywhere and quite possibly one of the very best.

Used and endorsed by athletes and bodybuilders such as Eddie Hall (World's Strongest Man 2017)
0% THC
WADA approved
Reportedly helps to decrease recovery times
15mg of CBD per serving
Tested by 3rd party labs
Given that this is a squeezable bottle, there's no way to determine a precise dose. It can be easy to use too much at once. CBD Asylum recommend one bottle should provide 20 servings, so do bear this in mind when using the product.
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