CBD Asylum Review – A Top Rated UK Company

They’ve only been in business for a couple of years, but they’ve swiftly established themselves as one of the best – and ambitious – CBD companies in the UK.

Where some companies may be accused of resting on their laurels when it comes to expanding their range, this is certainly not the case with CBD Asylum.

CBD Asylum ReviewTheir mantra is focussed on developing the ways that CBD may potentially hold an enormous benefit for health, lifestyle and personal fitness.

A lesser quality company may well have tripped over its own shoelaces with this kind of scope, but as we’ll see there’s plenty more to come from this stylish operation.

Unlike quite a good proportion of other companies involved in this emergent scene, they don’t have any side distractions.

All their products are exclusively geared towards CBD – meaning there are no additional subsections such as ‘standard’ e-liquids and only a very limited selection of paraphernalia and devices. Their focus is entirely on delivering the best CBD products possible.

What Makes CBD Asylum Stand Out?

It cannot be stressed enough quite how enthusiastic these guys are in trying to promote the positives that these supplements may hold.

In their estimation pretty much everyone can have a use for CBD in some capacity. This can be for the typical range of health reasons or even as far as post-workout recovery.

Recently, they’ve been emphasising the latter, even going so far as to enlist strongman Eddie Hall to be the focus of their quite glitzy marketing operation.

One thing to always look out for when assessing companies engaged in this line of products is how far they propagate claims that it will help people. Be wary of any that do so because that’s simply not how these supplements work.

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CBD Asylum is a good example of a company that’s not shy of discussing the reasons why people have benefitted from taking up a routine, but reassuringly steer clear of making unfounded promises.

Considering how universal their business model is, their restraint is impressive and singles them out as a serious and trustworthy company.

Purity Of The Products

All the flashy advertising in the world would count for nothing if the product was poor, especially in such a competitive market.

Yet we’re happy to report that these guys are one of the best when it comes to matters of purity and responsible sourcing. All their oils are 100% natural and they use no synthetic additives or chemicals at any stage of production.

They claim to have absolutely no THC residual in any of their oils. We’d take that claim with a slight pinch of salt because no matter how thoroughly it’s extracted there’s inevitably going to be a tiny bit left over. By tiny we’re talking a tiny percentage of a percentage!

The UK law stipulates that anything less than 0.2% THC is legal, so there’s nothing to worry about in that format (or reason it will cause a failure at a drug tests). But there’s always going to be a little still present, it’s only going to be an issue for anyone allergic to THC – and that’s something we’ve never heard of before. Just a little gripe but no biggie.

Video: Product Highlights

You can tell right away that these guys have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store because they stock a broad range of products.

Video: Liam Jones (company co-founder, and Alex Montagnani (Pro MMA Fighter) taking you through their product line-up.

Their E-Liquids

CBD Asylum ProductsTheir e-liquids range from 200mg to 2,000mg in strength, and providing plenty of options in between. That makes it pretty simple to gradually establish a ‘working’ dose.

Interestingly, they also offer some high VG e-liquids that produce huge clouds – just use them sparingly!

Their Oils

As for their oils, they’ve recently added a staggering 10,000mg extract that’s probably the strongest (and most expensive) on the UK market – if not the world. More typical users will be equally well served by a broad variety of oils and drops.

Their oil drops are genuinely excellent quality but perhaps you may be wondering what makes this company really stand out from the crowd?

We’d draw attention to the CBD Pro Shot which is designed to be added to water or isotonic drinks after a hard workout.

Plenty of professional athletes are starting to pay attention to how CBD can present a natural and healthy way to reduce inflammation and assist in recovery. As ever – you won’t find us making bold claims as fact – but plenty of athletes have found this to be an effective addition to their fitness regime. The Pro Shot is easy to use, measures out very reliably and has rapidly become one of their flagship products.

Eddie Hall At CBD Asylum

Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017) – centre, with co-founders Liam Jones – left, and Alex Hope – right.

Any Concerns?

CBD Asylum have taken huge steps at a very fast pace so there’s inevitably going to be a couple of oversights here and there.

Whilst their products are clearly very well manufactured and fit the bill when it comes to purity and quality, there’s a bit of a gap when it comes to verifiable proof of efficacy.

All good companies will claim to regularly test their batches of extract to ensure they meet the grade. While they may well do so, the very best will also provide details of the findings established by third-party tests. This is important not just to verify the integrity of the product, but also because it provides details on the extent other cannabinoids are retained.

Some people prefer just ‘pure’ CBD isolate, while a growing number are increasingly keen on more full-spectrum supplements and like to know the extent to which these have been retained.

It would take very little effort to publish these on their website, which is a bit of an oversight considering they publish plenty of guides and blog posts anyway.

It certainly doesn’t diminish our faith in their products as we know they’re the real deal – but this may put off more discerning customers.

What We’d Like To See Next

Obviously, the publishing of batch testing results is a must-add. We’d love to see some high strength pastes too!


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Conclusion & Rating

So there we have it. CBD Asylum is probably the most exciting CBD company in the UK right now, and they're continuing to release new ranges with impressive regularity.

Thanks to having a top-drawer extract to work with, it's refreshing to see them so determined to market it as a lifestyle choice instead of some mythical 'wonder drug'.

Sure, the advertising style may be a bit 'hip' for some people, but taken as a whole, this is the kind of direction that's going to be necessary for companies to become and remain competitive in a crowded marketplace.

We expect CBD Asylum to remain in the ascendancy for a long time, and they'd be a strong contender for 'best in class' once they patch up a couple of oversights. We highly recommend them without hesitation.

Excellent range of products.
Most of their products are highly affordable.
Supplying strengths of up to 10,000mg - the highest in the industry at the time of writing.
Used by professional athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics.
Free Delivery on orders over £60
International delivery now available
Orders are dispatched the same day if ordered before 3pm.
Some of their high-end products are eye-wateringly expensive.
We'd love to see them add new products to their existing line-up - and we've heard whispers these are on the way.
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