CBD Asylum Vape It E-Liquid 1000mg

CBD Asylum Vape It E-Liquid 1000mg

CBD Asylum Vape It E-Liquid 1000mgWhen it comes to vaping CBD it can be tricky finding your ‘best dose’.

Generally speaking, it’s recommended to start low and work up towards a level that you find beneficial.

Sure that can be frustrating but it’s by far a more sensible approach than diving in at too high a concentration and wasting your money on overkill.

CBD is non-toxic and entirely benign, so it’s impossible to overdose. But some people do need a higher dose than others to help them, which is why there’s high strength CBD vape oils on the market.

The ‘Vape It’ range from CBD Asylum maxes out at 1000mg. They do have other options which head even higher, but this is a sensible level for people to try out who for whatever reason have not felt maximum benefits at lower ‘doses’.

It’s a cracking e-liquid for many reasons, so let’s take a look at why.

Why Vape High Strength CBD?

One of the reasons many people get shy of trying out vaping at 1000mg is that they think “goodness, that’s pricey for a 10ml bottle”. It’s a fair initial judgment, but you need to understand that this is not designed to be used like a typical vape where you can get decent e-liquids for just a fiver.

This contains no nicotine and instead the beauty of vaping CBD is in regards to how it works as a way of taking your dose.

Vapour is demonstrably the quickest way of getting CBD into your bloodstream.

Unlike oral drops, it bypasses the liver, so there’s no reduction in concentration (pesky livers, eh!). What you get is not just immediate, but it is unreduced – so that is 1000mg of quality CBD going right to work unmolested.

Some people use vaporizers as well as oral dosage as and when required throughout their day.

Feeling stressed out or whatever is the issue – take a couple of draws on your vape. When used like this, a 10ml bottle will stretch for weeks and possibly even months.

It’s a popular trend and one that, personally speaking, I believe lends itself, especially towards high strength e-liquids.

But Why CBD Asylum’s ‘Vape It’ 1000mg?

For those who are new to reading about this company – fret not. They’ve only been running for a couple of years (as of September 2018) yet have a burgeoning reputation for the class of their products.

One thing to be aware of is that there is a lot of ‘crap’ CBD on the market that is poorly produced, often under strength and frankly just a waste of money.

It always pays to take your compound via a company who can demonstrate the efficacy and quality of their wares.

This is why their business has taken off so well, and the reason their customers are far more loyal than most.

Best Place To Buy

They use certifiable (we checked) finest quality EU produced hemp that has never been as much as next to nasty chemicals at any stage of their life.

It’s proven to be totally organic, vegan and kosher friendly, ethical and environmentally sound.

When drawing out the CBD from the hemp, they do so via the best methods going – dry ice instead of any chemicals. This means that their extract is as pure and untainted as it can realistically get.

If you want ‘proper’ CBD then that is the perfect blueprint of how to source it.

Three Flavours To Choose Between

Natural (hemp-like), Cool, and Fruity are the options available.

Not being made of money, we opted for the ‘Fruity’ because everyone will know what natural is like and Cool is described as icy blueberry. Fruity, on the other hand, sounds suitably ambiguous – so let’s check out that one!

Anyone who has vaped before (standard e-juice or CBD) will know that ‘fruity’ can be very hit or miss. Is it going to be apples and pears, strawberry and banana or some weird untraceable combination? This was like a zesty summer fruit bowl, with a very subtle combination and a refreshingly kiwi like aftertaste.

Absolutely lovely and especially refreshing for the above mentioned occasional draw or two when needed. Top marks for this!


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

At 1000mg concentration make no mistake this is a strong and premium e-liquid.

Factor in how carefully - and in regards to the hemp - respectfully it has been produced, and it becomes even better.

I'd suggest starting out with lower concentrations before diving in at 1000mg, but as described for those looking for a supplemental 'hit' then this is going to deliver very well for the vast majority of people (hopefully!).

Great product and very impressive indeed. Highly recommended.

Unrivalled in terms of quality
Available in a choice of 3 flavours: Natural, Fruity, Cool
Not suitable for those who are intolerant to Propylene Glycol (PG)
Somewhat expensive. However you get what you pay for!
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