CBD Oil Sale Chats With CBD Asylum [Interview Series]

CBD Oil Sale Chats With CBD Asylum - Our Interview

CBD Asylum are one of the UK’s leading CBD companies. We’re massive fans of theirs, and rate their products very highly.

For those who are new to this brand, you can read our CBD Asylum Review for a low-down on their full range of products.

We’d like to thank Liam Jones, the co-founder of CBD Asylum for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to speak to us recently.

Our Interview

How and why was CBD Asylum established?

“CBD Asylum was born from our company, Virtutum Limited, with a realisation that we needed an identifiable brand that people could relate to.

We wanted to steer away from the stereotypical cannabis leaf and combine harvester image and wanted people to see our brand as the go-to place for all things CBD, a sanctuary where people could buy the best products with service and advice to match. Asylum meaning sanctuary, hence CBD Asylum.

We also pride ourselves on innovation so we felt the name CBD Asylum was the perfect combination of a sanctuary for CBD with a cool but crazy edge to it!”

Where are your products made? Do you have your own labs?

“All our products are manufactured in house at our facility in Kingston Upon Hull.

We have lab certified cleanrooms along with highly trained and passionate staff and years of experience in related fields, we’re always one step ahead in terms of innovation.”

Do personally use CBD?

“All the time. For working out and recovery, I’m a fan of our Pro range – the Pro Oil and Pro Shot are the most effective products on the market and I personally swear by them.”

How is CBD best taken? Is it better to vape it or take it under the tongue?

“Both. For a measured dose of CBD, the oils are the go-to product. For all day support, vaping is perfect.”

Do you think attitudes towards CBD are changing?

“100%! People are really starting to embrace the benefits of CBD and see how effective and good for you it really is, the only way is up for CBD I feel.”

Who are your biggest buyers – do your products appeal to any certain demographic?

“People looking for pain relief, increased rest and anxiety is our largest reason for purchase, although I have to stress our products are not sold for such purposes.”

Why is your Pro Shot aimed towards the fitness market?

“Versatility and ease of use mainly. You can add Pro Shot to literally any beverage you like, it goes perfect with your post workout shake and takes you right into the zone for effective post workout recovery.”

Do any athletes or sports professionals endorse your brand?

“Yes they do – Alex Montagnani (Professional Cage Fighter) and Liam McAleese (Fitness Model) to name a couple and we’re always looking for more!”

Why do you use MCT oil in some of your products? What are the benefits of using MCT as opposed to olive oil for example?

“MCT oil is tasteless, it offers a great carrier for CBD products without the ‘botanical’ taste of other oils or whole plant extracts.”

Are you often approached by potential customers seeking medical advice?

“Yes we are, although unfortunately we are not doctors or pharmacists so cannot give out such advice.”

What are your future plans for the company?

“Our aim is to bring CBD to the masses in the UK, hit the US, expand into Europe on a large scale and keep on innovating!

It’s products like the CBD Pro Shot, CBD Pro Oil and CBD Sub Ohm Vape Liquid that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd, offering methods of delivery other companies haven’t even contemplated.”

Any new products in the pipeline?

“Of course, we’re pathfinders, not followers though so if I told you, I’d have to kill you haha.”

Why should people buy from CBD Asylum?

“We’re the best, plain and simple. CBD Asylum is CBD for the masses, we only use the highest quality ingredients and only produce products that work so you can rest assured CBD Asylum has your back.

Also there’s no THC in our products so if you’re tested, you’re not gonna fall foul of any regulations.”

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