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CBDLife 10% ePen 100mg

CBDLife 10% ePen 100mgIt doesn’t take much browsing around to realise that the vast majority of CBD vape kits comprise just a standard vape pen and maybe a bottle of e-liquid.

Truth be told, it’s rare to find a kit that is genuinely designed for enjoying CBD e-liquids which is why this 10% ePen from CBD Life instantly grasped our attention.

According to the marketing blurb, this (very reasonably priced) kit has been crafted to allow for easy and effective vaping and ‘dabbing’ of these specialty e-liquids.

So do we finally have a kit that is genuinely designed for this niche market, or just another cobbled together assortment of components ripped from the mainstream vaping market? We’re happy to say that the former is the case.

Contents & Quality

The 10% ePen kit arrives neatly packed inside a rather smart little metallic carry case, instantly earning a point or two for tidy presentation!

Inside the case, we have a 650mAh magnetic variable voltage battery (three levels), one magnetic wax quartz atomiser, one magnetic ceramic replacement coil, dab tool and eGo charger.

Unfortunately, a separate bottle of CBD e-liquid isn’t included as standard but otherwise, this is everything you’d need to get up and running. Overall it’s a sound choice for newbies to vaping or those who are sensibly looking for a dedicated kit to keep separate from their daily vape.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that all of the components supplied with the kit are magnetic. This makes it extremely easy to screw the various bits and pieces together, and bear in mind that the battery uses a 510 connection – the industry standard for most CBD screw-in cartridges.

As would be expected, this ePen is compatible with all of the CBDLife range and plenty of other manufacturers as well (check before purchasing though!).

“We can’t recommend the 10% ePen kit enough.”

Overall we were impressed with how simple it was to set up. Even a total novice will be able to assemble this in next to no time at all.

Quality Performance

Smart presentation, comprehensive components, easy assembly – all count for nothing if the actual vape turns out to be sub-par. But the good news is that this ePen delivers just the right amount of ‘oomph’ to heat up CBD wax/liquid/crumble to produce a very tasty vape indeed.

Filling up the cartridge is as simple as with any typical vape pen, and there is a discernible difference between the three power settings.

Best Place To Buy

We tested this pen with a 50/50 PG/VG CBD oil and found that on the highest setting it produced gorgeous clouds, while on the lowest it was more of a ‘quick draw’ that still delivered a satisfying throat hit.

We recommend to ever so slightly loosening the connection between the battery and cartridge. This allows for an additional airflow that generates even greater cloud production – just bear in mind that the larger the clouds, the quicker you’ll get through your liquid/concentrates. Very relaxing though!

Over out testing phase, we refilled the cartridge five times and even with throughout the day use there was no drop in performance.

The battery gives fair warning when it is nearly out of juice and needs a recharge, and as would be expected from a pocket-sized pen the battery will last around 24 hours with steady use.

Given that we’re vaping CBD we’d expect most people to use it far more sparingly than they would a standard e-cig, so you can safely add another day or two to the estimated battery life depending on usage.

At a guess, we’d estimate the cartridge/atomizer to last at least 20 refills before needing a replacement.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

It's good to see one of the leading names in the CBD industry taking the time to develop a pen kit that is genuinely dedicated to this kind of specialty vaping.

Yes, it would be nice to have the option of adding a bottle of their outstanding CBD e-liquid at a discounted price at the checkout - then we'd have the perfect starter kit - but besides this, we can't recommend the 10% ePen kit enough.

Ideal for total newbies as well as a sound option for anyone wanting to set up a dedicated, quality and very affordable separate vape set-up for exclusive use with CBD products - this is absolutely worth checking out. Top class!

Perfect for beginners
You may wish to purchase a separate bottle of liquid
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