CBDLife Aqua Drops 400mg CBD+CBDa

CBDLife Aqua Drops 400mg

CBDLife Aqua Drops 400mgThere’s no hiding the fact – not very many people enjoy the taste of 100% natural/organic CBD oils.

To an extent, the rather ‘earthy’ flavour is a hallmark of quality and testimony that you have an unadulterated product.

Most people eventually get used to it, but for those who simply cannot get used to it but do not want to miss out on the many potential benefits on hand, why not use some water soluble droplets instead?

CBDLife have figured this out ahead of most of the competition and released droplets that can be taken both in the classic oral fashion or alternatively just mixed into a drink.

A single drop is one dose, and when combined in a flavoured drink, the taste is pretty much unnoticeable.

So is this a viable solution for those who can’t stand taking their dose the classic way?

Why Aqua Drops Make Scientific Sense

As may well be expected there’s much more to the reasoning behind this range than just allowing for a tastier mode of ingestion.

The human body is 60% water so it stands to reason that by drinking your regular CBD dosage it will integrate more fully and naturally into the body’s system.

To an extent, there may be some truth in this, although generally speaking the best way to absorb the goodness from the oils is by holding it under the tongue. This part of the mouth provides a far quicker form of ingestion than by swallowing it down into the digestive tract.

The CBDLife Aqua Drops are different from standard oils because they’ve been formulated to encompass a high level of bio-availability. Without wishing to become too bogged down in scientific parlance, this basically means how efficiently the body absorbs the CBD.

Unlike typical consumption of oils, the theory is that this range is much more effectively converted into the bloodstream.

What Is A Suitable Aqua Drop Dosage?

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The million pound question with any such product is establishing a suitable and effective dosage.

Unfortunately, there’s no exact methodology that works 100% of the time as a small proportion of people will simply carry a natural immunity/resistance to this kind of product. These drops, however, are a sensible strength for establishing what level of dosage may be most suitable – they’re neither especially weak or overwhelmingly strong.

From what we have ascertained from current users (and CBDLife’s own guidelines) most people find that 2/3 doses per day of five drops (5mg) tends to deliver satisfactory results. Just be aware that some people may be able to get by with even less – and help stretch out the life of the bottle considerably longer – whereas others may need as much as double that amount.

For reference, there’s no recorded instance of anyone ever having overdosed on any CBD product including sublingual oil drops. There isn’t even a recognised toxic dose, because the body will just naturally excrete whatever it doesn’t use or need.

Is This Product Totally Natural?

This range has been formulated to be specifically water soluble so while all the ingredients used are natural and organic, there’s a little more to this range than usual.

Here’s the full list of ingredients:

  • Full CO2 Hemp Extract
  • Water
  • Curcumine
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Triglycerides
  • Myrcene
  • B-caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Linalool
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

Compared to an olive oil based mouth drop, this is a fair bit more complex than usual. Most people will not be concerned by this, but it’s something worth being aware of.


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Conclusion & Rating

Plenty of people genuinely struggle with the taste, and being able to drink it down effectively in perhaps a tasty glass of lemon cordial or even a cup of tea is going to be very tempting.

That being said, there's no masking the fact that sublingual ingestion is the tried, tested and proven the most effective way of absorbing CBD drops.

We'd recommend this product specifically for people who have already established their effective dose via other, more 'traditional' means.

Water soluble (add to a drink or take under the tounge)
Great value for money
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