CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 30 x 10mg – 300mg CBD+CBDa

CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 300mg

CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 300mgPeople choose to take up a CBD routine for all sorts of reasons, and the method they use to ingest their dose can make a big difference.

Generally speaking vaping allows for the quickest and most emphatic absorption of the active cannabinoids, with many people finding near immediate relief after just a few draws.

Yet vaping simply isn’t suitable for everyone. Even though quality CBD vape oils are 100% natural/organic and nicotine free, some people just don’t like the sensation.

Also, some chronic, ever-present ailments are better served by the slower release offered by ingesting CBD capsules/oils via the digestive tract. This is what these 10mg hemp capsules are designed for, so let’s take a look at how effective they can be.

The Big Bioavailability Question

It’s no secret that oral consumption of any CBD product results in a lower bioavailability compared to vaping.

Even applying drops or sprays under the tongue isn’t as effective a means of getting the active ingredients into the bloodstream. Popping capsules will result in the loss of some ‘potency’ via the digestive tract.

Before ruling out capsules, however – take a moment to consider a couple of facts that serve to turn the tables a little.

These capsules weigh in at 10mg, which even if they may lose say 20% at a push of their bioavailability via digestion still packs a fair amount of CBD.

Most people use between 10-20mg a day to begin with, so even with ‘wastage’ taking two capsules a day is still going to be easy enough to satisfy most people.

As with any kind of CBD ingestion method body chemistry and natural tolerance will play a big part in determining what is a suitable/effective dosage. Over time this will likely need to be increased as resistance grows.

All this being said, capsules of this strength do not deserve the cynicism that many people in the community levy upon them.

In terms of delivering a steady and consistent dose, they’re present an ideal way of keeping track of a measured, regular intake.

Most people just take their capsule with a meal to help with straightforward and efficient digestion (there’s also the slight risk that CBD intake can cause blood sugar crashes in some people, so consuming with food is always a good idea).

Why Buy These Capsules?

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So we’ve seen that quality capsules can be just as effective as other forms of ingestion, but who would most benefit from using these ahead of sprays/vaping?

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that these capsules or for that matter any CBD product will universally work to help everyone with any ailment – it simply doesn’t work that way.

However, many people with persistent ailments have found that having CBD constantly active in their system has helped to alleviate the negative symptoms from an enormous range of issues.

Sure, capsules may not have the instant relief that vaping may be able to offer but instead, they serve to be ever present and simply to lessen constant symptoms.

Just like the rest of the CBDLife range, these capsules are designed to be as natural and organic as possible. They are simply active CBD and coconut oil – that’s all there is to it. No binding agents, chemicals or any other nasty stuff – and the active ingredients are harvested from 100% organically grown plants.


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Conclusion & Rating

These capsules are great for people needing a lower concentration of CBD that will be active for a longer period of time.

For people who dislike either vaping or just as significantly the rather earthy taste that quality CBD e-liquids and oils tend to carry, capsules are a great taste-free way of still being able to ingest the qualities and potential benefits that are on offer.

Overall, these capsules offer exactly the right level of concentration that would suit the majority of people and of course never discount the quality of their manufacture/production either.

If capsules sound right for you, these are exactly the standard of product you ought to be looking for.

Also available in a higher strength. Please see CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 750mg.
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