CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 30 x 25mg – 750mg CBD+CBDa

CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 750mg

CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 750mgOne of the key issues to be aware of when undertaking a CBD regimen is that over time your body will naturally develop a tolerance.

As with all aspects of these kinds of supplements, how long that will take and at what dosage will wildly vary between individuals.

Sometimes these capsules/oils may not have any effect at any strength, while other times people can feel significant benefits on even very low doses.

For people who are responsive to CBD but develop tolerance, it’s necessary to either take a long break to allow the body to ‘reset’ – which is hardly ideal – or up your intake.

The CBDLife 25mg Hemp Oil Capsules provide a lot of CBD which in just one capsule is more than the average daily intake used by most people.

There’s plenty of advantages to employing this delivery method even for those yet to build up a tolerance. Here’s why they can be an excellent option for all users.

High Concentration Intended For Long-Term Biodiversity

As with any capsule, it’s advisable to take them with a meal to aid absorption into the bloodstream and help counteract the rare possibility of suffering a sugar crash – which sometimes can happen with high doses of these supplements.

These are a premium grade, full extract supplement which is 100% organic, vegan and ethically manufactured from the highest quality hemp.

Crucially, CBDLife only uses a CO2 extraction method (the same as used by coffee companies when decaffeinating their beans) allowing for the purest and most natural extracts possible. No solvents or similar chemicals are used at any stage of the process.

Thanks to this quality and purity, the actual active ingredients are pretty much as good as it gets anywhere in the market, but a little known or discussed factor helps make these capsules a truly elite product.

Plenty of cheaper and lower quality capsules use artificial agents to carry the CBD. Not here though! CBDLife takes pride in only using coconut oil with their supplements – and that’s not just because it’s healthy and natural in itself.

CBD is fat soluble and it’s absolutely crucial that such fats are present to ensure proper transmission into the bloodstream. Without these fats, a large proportion of the active ingredients will simply be lost by passing straight through the digestive system.

Is 25mg Too High A Concentration?

Best Place To Buy

There’s no doubt about it – 25mg is certainly towards the ‘stronger’ end of the market, but bear in mind that these capsules are intended to provide – for most people – a full day’s worth of CBD in one dose.

They are ideal for possibly being able to help alleviate the symptoms of people with long-term and persistent issues.

Of course, there’s no certainty that it will work for everyone, but if we’re working from anecdotal testimony alone plenty of people suffering from degenerative illnesses, persistent psychological strain, and similar chronic health concerns have found that having a constant presence of CBD in their system to be very beneficial.

Some people simply dislike CBD vaping oils or via spray or oil drops.

In fairness, pure unadulterated/flavoured CBD is at best an acquired taste, whereas capsules are totally tasteless.

Ascertaining not just a suitable dosage for your body chemistry but also an appropriate method of delivery are the big two decisions to be made when it comes to starting with these supplements.

A simple strong capsule taken with breakfast is unquestionably the easiest and lowest hassle way to ensure you are taking a decent and regular/consistent dose.


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Conclusion & Rating

25mg in one sitting may be a little too much for most fans of these supplements but in certain cases, it can be ideal.

This concentration is likely going to be more than enough to satisfy the needs even of people who have developed a tolerance following long-term use.

Also, it's a steady way of taking a good day's worth of CBD in a single sitting - and especially useful for people wanting a long lasting effect without the hassle of needing to keep re-dosing throughout the day.

If either of those scenarios fit your needs, then you could certainly do far worse than consider these superbly manufactured CBD capsules.

Excellent value for money
Also available in a lower strength. Please see CBDLife Hemp Oil Capsules 300mg.
100% organic
Made from the highest quality hemp
Contains coconut oil
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