CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg CBD+CBDa

CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg

CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mgLooking to take up a CBD routine but have no idea which spray to start with?

You could do a great deal worse than checking out the range on offer from CBDLife, who have fostered a great reputation for vending top class hemp oil sprays in a crowded marketplace.

Their 400mg (4%) Hemp Oil Spray has received rave reviews, with current users claiming that it’s the perfect dose for helping cope with a wide range of conditions.

While CBD oils affect people in different ways, there does seem to be a genuine effectiveness with this spray that anecdotally suggests it’s more reliable than many other oils on the market.

An Easy To Use & Effective Hemp Spray

Each spray will deliver precisely 5mg of CBD and this product is designed to be taken sublingually. For those unsure what this means, in layman’s terms it means ‘under the tongue’.

While the flavour may not quite be to everyone’s taste it does dissipate quite quickly. To apply (recommended either two or three times per day before a meal) simply spray one dose under the tongue and hold it there for a couple of minutes before swallowing. It’s as easy as that!

While this is far from the strongest/most concentrated oil on the market, it does take effect very quickly. Partially this is because of the ingestion method – spraying under the tongue allows for the swiftest absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream.

For those who seriously struggle with the taste, bear in mind that this oil can be effectively integrated into foodstuffs (cakes and biscuits being especially popular).

“Considered as one of the best and most effective lines on the market.”

Natural & Nutritious

One of the most important factors to examine when selecting an oil is the extraction method used to separate the CBD from the base hemp.

As with all quality oils, CBDLife uses a CO2 extraction technique that is widely considered to be the most effective and natural means of producing oils.

Not only does this result in the lowest possible residual quantities of THC but it also ensures that the oil retains its natural goodness. This 400mg hemp oil spray is packed full of Omega 3/6 and a natural source of vitamin E.

By using the ‘full extract’ rather than distilling it down (as cheaper lines often do) the use of the CO2 extraction process basically protects the natural terpenes which are considered essential to transmitting any potential health benefits in to the body.

Establishing A Suitable Dosage

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Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of using these oils is finding a dose that ‘works’ for your body.

It cannot be stressed enough that CBD oils vary in effectiveness between people and it’s next to impossible to predict a dosage that is guaranteed to deliver results. Some people are just naturally resistant.

In regards to this specific product, we can speculate from the experience of current users that it seems to be one of the more reliable lines on the market.

As with all such products though do expect to have to increase dosage over time to enjoy the same positive effects as the body will slowly develop resistance.

Most people use between 10-20mg/day (2-4 sprays) and it’s sensible practice to start low and increase dosage as necessary.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

The CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg is a premium grade, full spectrum CBD product that has to be considered as one of the best and most effective lines on the market.

Not only is it produced by a company who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to extracting top quality, natural and ethical oils but anecdotally many existing users swear by its effectiveness.

Sure, it's not the cheapest CBD oral spray on the shelves, but if you're looking to try out CBD, this is certainly one of the most reliable products out there. Recommended all round.

High quality CBD
Not the cheapest on the market - you get what you pay for
Full spectrum
Extremely effective
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