DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

It seems pretty remarkable that despite it nearing 3 years since the DaVinci IQ first hit the scene, it remains one of the best portable vaporizers in the UK.

Revolutionary at the time due to it being smaller, sleeker and more powerful than most rivals on the market, it still sets the benchmark for what constitutes a truly world-class vaporizer.

Yet the gulf has certainly narrowed in more recent times, so does the DaVinci IQ still hold it’s own against increasingly competitive alternatives? Let’s find out!

Still Offering Outstanding Portability & Build Quality

One of the reasons why this device has remained so popular is for its sheer handiness.

It’s a little heavier than the more recent PAX models (weighing in at 145g) and there are now smaller models out there for those who like super stealthy vaping. It’s still comfortably ‘pocket-sized’ and easily conceals in most people’s palm.

What the DaVinci IQ still leads the market on has to be that ever so beautiful design quality. So many times you’ll read about how vaporizers may be ‘elegant’ or ‘precision engineered’ – the truth is that these genuinely do apply to this device.

Sometimes you just need to hold a vaporizer to gauge the craftsmanship that has been put into it – and in this case, Leonardo would be very impressed indeed!

It has a sturdy and slightly dense feel which makes us confident that it’d survive a little rough treatment – but that’s not advised. After all, who wants scratches on that fine brushed metal finish?

Overall, the DaVinci IQ still feels like the bee’s knees compared to much of the more contemporary opposition. Given how far dry herb vaporizers have advanced recently, that’s big praise indeed.

Batteries & Longevity

The all-important question when it comes to this style of a vaporizer is how reliable that battery charge is going to hold. Longevity (or lack thereof) is a key factor for anyone who intends to be truly taking their dry herbs on the road.

Funnily enough, this is one of the points that has made this such an enduringly popular device. Not only is the DaVinci IQ powered by 18650 batteries that ought to be enough to last 2-3 hours depending on your temperature settings and usage habits, but these are easily replaceable.

Many people think that just means “oh, I won’t need to buy a new unit when this one conks out” and neglect that fact that this allows for spares to be carried in on your person whenever you wish. When your installed battery starts to weaken, just switch it over.

Providing you remember to recharge it regularly you can’t go wrong, and even better replacements are cheap! So many rival products still neglect how essential replaceable batteries are – and in this case, it takes literally 5 seconds to perform.

Batteries are the key to longevity – and with a unit of this quality, there’s no reason that it could not hypothetically last for several years at least.

Newbies to dry herb vaping just need to be aware that the better you maintain and clean your device, the longer they will last. In this instance, the DaVinci IQ is no different. Use the supplied cleaning kit and be sure to read up on effective care methods.

Performance & Smart Path Technology

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A 0.30g chamber capacity may not sound huge (it’s more than enough by the way) – but as with most high-quality vaporizers, the method of heating is the key to how you will enjoy your herbs.

This pure conduction-based heating element allows for an extremely balanced ceramic-based roast that slowly accentuates the flavour of your herbs. That’s right – the taste will become richer and deeper the more you burn, and for routine vapers that’s nothing short of gold dust.

Capable of heating between 249°F and 429°F depending on your preferences, it heats up within 16 seconds at most and will deliver straight from the first draw. On a side note – charging the battery takes around 2 hours from empty.

As for the overall quality of the vape? Well, if there’s one reason alone why this is such a popular device then it absolutely must be this.

Over many months as personal users of this product, never once have we encountered a dry hit even after evening long shared sessions that have worked through several batteries.

It’s almost spookily reliable, and you can enjoy it safely thanks to the in-built temperature control safeguards and automatic cut off levels/limits.

There are many excellent dry herb vaporizers on the UK market nowadays that deliver on parity with what the DaVinci has offered long beforehand. It’s simply a perfectly cool and smooth dry herb vaping experience, there are no other words that do it suitable justice.

The Smart Path technology allows users to switch between 4 pre-programmed heating settings. You can also personalize them exactly to your taste via “Precision Mode”. These can all be managed via the app which is refreshingly easy to use and by no means overcomplicated.

Once you’ve determined what works best for your vaping practices, the app mainly serves as a way of adjusting how your DaVinci IQ handles things such as LED brightness, vibration alerts, and session duration. You can easily get by without using it, but that’s the only way to adjust such ‘stealthy’ functions.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 9cm x 4.2cm x 2.4cm
Temperature Range 249°F to 429°F
Chamber Capacity 0.3g
Heating System Conduction
Heat-up Time 16 secs
Battery Capacity Approx 90 mins
Charging Time Approx 2 hrs
App Compatibility Available on iOS and Android

Video: How To Use The App

Some Tips:

  1. Compact your herbs as tight as possible.
  2. Give them a stir halfway through your session (a tool is provided as part of the kit).
  3. Experiment with temperatures – this is a high powered device and can handle whatever you wish!

DaVinci IQ Manual & Instructions

Click to view the instructions which are provided in the User Manual:


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

The overwhelming majority of people who took the plunge and picked up a DaVinci IQ vaporizer when they were first released will have never experienced a glitch with the kit.

It comes with a phenomenal 10-year manufacturer warranty that adds extra assurance, but the chances are that you'll never need it.

With proper care and cleaning this device will last for many years, especially and in no small part thanks to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer.

Overall, this still firmly deserves its place at the very top of the dry herb vaporizer market. Not only does it match or outperform the vast majority of pretenders to its throne, but there's the added factor of being tried and tested by many thousands of satisfied customers.

It delivers outstanding vapour in a classy style without being overcomplicated to use.

Be sure to check out the many alternative mouthpieces which are now available - some are better than others for reducing heat build up. That glitch aside, this remains the epitome of classy vaping. Very highly recommended indeed!

Tried and tested to deliver a world class dry herb vaping experience.
Wonderful design that combines sophistication with sturdiness.
Great internal features that can be easily switched and modified should you wish.
Simple to clean and with readily available replacement parts and batteries.
10-year manufacturer's warranty for extra peace of mind.
Dry herb only.
Even more discreet options are available.
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