Do You Really Need A High Strength Dose Of CBD? Our Facts & Findings

Do I Need A High Strength CBD Oil?

Do I Need A High Strength CBD Oil?

One of the most interesting trends you may have noticed recently is the considerable increase in the availability of high strength CBD products.

Until the last couple of years, it was unusual to find many options when it came to 1000mg+ oils and e-liquids.

Now, pretty much all of the biggest names on the scene have at least one such specialist range – but is this level of strength really necessary?

We took a look at some of the most recent scientific studies that certainly seem to suggest people are finding these products useful.

But as with so many factors regarding CBD, there’s no categoric evidence that suggests everyone will find them beneficial. In fact, taking far more CBD than necessary may even be counterproductive.

How Important Is The Strength Of A CBD Dose?

This million-pound question always needs to be taken in context.

Some people are simply going to need to take more than others, and this can be influenced by everything from body size, age, internal chemistry and of course their state of physical health.

Most people tend to settle on a dose somewhere between 300-500mg in strength, but there’s a minority who find extremely potent oils necessary.

A common mistake that many people continue to make is to just immediately take up a high strength CBD routine. Not only is this often unnecessarily expensive, but saturating the body with more than is needed to support our own endocannabinoid system can be ineffective.

There’s plenty of studies that have been undertaken which show that people who are given a far greater dose of CBD are not automatically going to ‘feel’ any benefit. Often people who undertake a more moderate dosing routine actually find it more beneficial.

Ingestion Methods Really Do Matter

Another commonly overlooked factor when taking CBD is that some methods are far more effective than others. Capsules may be convenient but they can also lose a great deal of their advertised strength when processed through the digestive system.

Other methods such as oil-based tinctures applied underneath the tongue or vaping allow the compound to much more efficiently enter the bloodstream.

Quite how much CBD actually ends up in the body when taking capsules is again going to vary considerably by person, but it’s important to understand that taking a 1000mg strength capsule isn’t going to entirely enter the bloodstream.

It may actually be just a fraction that’s actually going to be absorbed. This is not the case with vaping or using oral drops, both of which have a far lower wastage percentage.

If you’re opting for a high strength CBD oil, it’s advisable to consider either of these methods ahead of capsules. Anyone needing a high strength dose will find that vaping offers the best way to ensure as total an absorption of the goodness and vitamins/minerals as possible.

Consider The Quality Of The CBD

There’s a growing body of research that suggests CBD absorbs into the body much better when it’s combined with additional cannabinoids and terpenes that are commonly filtered out when manufacturing isolate.

Typically labelled as either ‘broad’ or ‘full spectrum’ varieties, these dozens of additional components help to circulate the CBD throughout the body and attach to a greater number of receptors.

This can mean that a 1000mg isolate may not be as effective as a far lower strength but fuller spectrum oil.

Consider the quality and reputation of the company should you be looking to try stronger concentrates. Only use those who employ 100% natural, chemical-free and eco-friendly hemp and extraction methods.

So Should I Try Very High Strength CBD?

These varieties are only necessary for those who have already established that they require a high strength dose.

Jumping straight into these without trying more moderate options may not be effective, and will require spending an unnecessary amount of money.

There’s no doubt that for people who do need high strength supplements that the ever-growing variety of options out there can be a godsend.

Just take your time when considering varieties, ingestion methods and of course the quality of the core extract.