Endoca Hemp Oil Paste 2000mg

Endoca Hemp Oil Paste 2000mg

Endoca is one of those companies that doesn’t cut corners. This non-profit organisation has spent a decade researching hemp strains from across the globe for their potential medicinal benefits.

They now operate 200 acres of farmland – cultivating world-class and entirely organic plants – from which they make their fantastic CBD extracts.

Hemp oil paste may be unfamiliar to many people from the UK. For some reason it hasn’t really made its way to our shores yet.

It offers certain advantages over oil drops, and in this case, we have a heated variety weighing in at a mighty 2,000mg!

Why Choose Heated Extracts?

When it comes to CBD from any manufacturer it’s always sensible to wary about terminology.

Quite often ‘heated’ implies a ‘pure’ isolate – an extract whereby the goal is to finish up with as much CBD as possible with next to no other cannabinoids (including THC) left over.

This hemp oil paste is a little different. Endoca insist that by using their environmentally sound CO2-based extraction method they retain cannabinoids even after heating it up.

All that happens is that any CBDa becomes CBD, and other molecules undergo changes. After third-party testing, this does seem to be the case, there are just fewer than compared to their RAW range of hemp oil pastes. For those of you interested in that style of product, we’ve also reviewed their RAW Hemp Oil Paste 2000mg.

The big question of course is “does this matter”? Well, it really does depend. Should you have already enjoyed success using ‘pure’ CBD extracts and you’re now looking for something of the absolute highest quality, then this is a fantastic product.

It retains many cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and amino acids – just at lower levels than their RAW option but with a greater focus on the CBD. Basically, it’s a matter of personal choice.

Why Use A Paste?

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The Endoca hemp oil paste comes with a syringe to assist with easy dosage and application.

Considering the concentration – 2,000mg (20%) – our guess would be that many people would not need to take that much compared to a 500mg oil. One dose a day will stretch this out a long way for more casual users. There’s also the advantage that it’s much less prone to accidental wastage.

Pastes are taken sublingually (under the tongue) just like normal CBD oil. They take a little longer to absorb and tend to taste extra ‘hempy’. Just allow for a couple of minutes or so with each application.

Endoca recommend that it’s taken on an empty stomach, so maybe first thing in the morning about a half hour before breakfast.

It’s also very easy to combine the paste into foods if you’d prefer to ingest it that way, just bear in mind that any CBD you accidentally swallow will pass through the digestive system and will lose some efficiency. Quite how that matters at this strength is just a moot point!

Product Video

This video shows you how easy it is to use and apply the paste:

Proper CBD Of The Highest Quality

All of Endoca’s products are third-party tested and the results can be found on their website or via customer services (who incidentally are very friendly).

Unlike quite a few other companies out there, they test their products by batch so you can be sure that the serial number on your product is exactly what is advertised.

While the hemp is grown entirely naturally the extraction process is undertaken in pharmaceutical grade fully licensed laboratories – without so much as a whiff of chemicals or pollutants.

This paste is entirely vegan-friendly, contains no GMO, gluten and is certifiably Kosher.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Endoca have finally brought a high power paste that leans heavier towards CBD ahead of other ingredients to the UK market.

Those who have found success using similar oil but want to upgrade their experience to the very best should seriously check this extract out.

It's derived from world-class hemp, manufactured by genuine experts in their field, and generated profits all go back towards research into the potential of this magnificent plant. Sure it may not be the cheapest out there - but a little will go a long way.

We expect CBD paste to make a big splash on the UK market soon and it's excellent that Endoca has hit the market with a product of this high a standard.

A little healthy competition is always good from our perspective, and for now, this sets the benchmark for sure.

Fantastic quality high concentration extract sourced from outstanding hemp.
Endoca look after all stages from growing the plants to bottling the extract.
Great high CBD paste ideal for those looking to upgrade to the best.
Very flexible product that's easy to measure and absorb.
Retains many additional cannabinoids for a 'whole plant' effect.
Very strong tasting - a problem if that isn't your thing!
May not be quite as full spectrum as the RAW variety.
It's only possible to purchase this product in Euros. This may give the impression they only ship to Europe, however this is available for delivery to the UK.
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