Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Drops 300mg

Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Drops 300mg

There’s been a spike of interest in full spectrum CBD in recent months, and upon hearing that Endoca had entered the fray with their own ‘RAW’ release we were very excited indeed!

Just in case you haven’t heard of them, Endoca are a non-profit organisation who are determined to encourage people to enjoy healthier, eco-friendly lifestyles.

They enjoy a much higher profile on continental Europe than in the UK right now, and use their 10+ years of experience in marijuana-based medicines to formulate some of the finest CBD you’ll find in the world.

All the profits are channelled back into their other ecological projects and social awareness programs.

As you’d likely expect from true experts in their field, they have a stack of products and consumables for sale (yet strangely no e-liquids), and one of the most interesting of late has been their 300mg RAW hemp oil drops.

Sourced from their own crops – they run a couple of thousand acres worth of hemp farmland – and cultivated under strict organic principles, it’s a staggeringly good quality oil that for once justifies the slightly eyebrow-raising price.

Here’s why anyone looking for a top-of-the-class tincture oil must rate these guys much more than second class.

Why RAW Is So Good

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It’s not our place to determine what level of dose others should take or find potentially beneficial. Figuring that out is a highly personal quest and one that is different for everyone.

Yet speaking from experience, 300mg of full spectrum CBD oil is a pretty sensible dose for most people to at least start with. Especially when the extract is of this high a standard.

Each 10ml bottle provides 300 drops (a dropper tool is included). At 300mg of CBD & CBDa per bottle, that’s 1mg per serving. It may not sound a great deal, but when dosed 2/3 times a day it can mount up.

We’ve been vocal proponents for a fair while about how quality is important when it comes to finding a decent hemp oil.

Full spectrum RAW oils such as this are – or ought to be – packed with hundreds of other cannabinoid molecules, all of which help the efficiency of the core extract being absorbed into the body.

When it comes to this principle alone, the Endoca RAW 300mg hemp oil is second to none. It’s ‘carried’ by 80% organic hemp oil which itself is extremely rich in Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E.

As for the cannabinoids, which are typically lost during producing isolate varieties of oil, there are also soft concentrations of CBC, CBG & CBN, 9 key terpenes, and a wealth of additional vitamins, amino acids, alkanes and more.

To put it simply, the RAW label is exactly this – all the goodness of the natural plant.

From Seed To Shelf

CBD manufacturers typically tend to source their hemp from third-party farmers and then process it into their own products. There’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest, but it’s worth noting that with Endoca there’s the advantage of knowing that they handle every stage of the process.

As serious experts in the wonderful world of hemp, they know exactly what they’re doing and subsequently grow world-class crops.

When it comes to extraction time, they only use CO2-based cold processing methods. Not only does this ensure that those wonderful cannabinoids are largely retained, but it also prevents the need to involve any unpleasant chemicals. The result is an untainted and entirely natural hemp oil.

How Do I Take These Drops?

The typical way to take this style of hemp oil is to use the dropper to measure out a dose, and then carefully place it underneath the tongue. Hold it there for about 60-90 seconds or so and try to prevent swallowing.

The taste of raw CBD may take a little getting used to, but the good news is that this technique is one of the most effective methods for taking the extract into the bloodstream and bypassing the digestive tract.

One of the additional factors worth mentioning about this 300mg raw hemp oil is that it can be taken other ways. It can be added to food (although it’ll lose some efficacy due to digestion) or even rubbed into the skin.

It’s totally organic, vegan, gluten-free and includes no GMO ingredients whatsoever.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

There are so many options for taking CBD nowadays that it can sometimes be difficult to maintain focus on what really counts.

Quality should always be at the top of anyone's shopping list - regardless of which company they're looking at or what style of ingestion they're considering.

We can say with absolute certainty that anyone who's looking for a reasonable strength hemp oil, derived from some of the finest quality hemp on Earth, you needn't look much further.

Even by their own exacting standards, Endoca has really knocked it out of the park this time. Top marks, and very highly recommended indeed!

Also available in a higher 1500mg strength.
A versatile 300mg hemp oil of the absolute highest quality.
Manufactured to exacting organic, ecological and ethical standards.
An ideal strength for newcomers and those looking to try genuine full spectrum CBD.
Packed full of essential additional cannabinoids, terpenes, minerals, and vitamins.
Quality & composition verified by third-party testing.
Carries quite a raw (natural) taste that may take a little getting used to.
A premium product with a corresponding price point.
It's only possible to purchase this product in Euros. This may give the impression they only ship to Europe, however this is available for delivery to the UK.
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