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Endoca Reviews

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The chances are that Endoca may be an unfamiliar CBD brand for many UK based readers.

While they are one of the biggest and longest established names in the industry, for some reason they’ve only recently caught on over here.

Founded by the Danish therapeutic medicine expert Henry Vincenty, he initially took an interest into the potential hemp extracts may hold for helping people suffering from AIDS.

After setting up a non-profit clinic it became clear that there was a huge untapped interest in CBD products – leading eventually to Endoca as it is today.

What Makes Endoca Stand Out?

Endoca ReviewsPretty much every company involved in CBD claims to offer the absolute purest extracts going. But when you take a closer look, this is not only difficult to measure but also to compare!

We always recommend people perform plenty of research into the providence of the hemp used in every product.

Happily, we can also report that these guys really do deliver some of the best oils and supplementary products currently available.

As you’d likely expect from one of the biggest names out there, they farm plenty of hemp. 2000 acres to be precise, all grown totally organically and without any exposure to unpleasant chemicals or artificial growth agents.

This is then processed into extracts within a pharmaceutical grade laboratory, resulting in as close as you can get to genuinely ‘pure’ supplements.

As the company is continuing to grow, they’re maintaining a fully eco-friendly approach instead of greedily chasing quick profits.

For those searching for a properly ‘right on’ and sustainable CBD company, it really is pretty much the gold standard (even the fuel used for their harvesters is recycled from food waste!).

What Makes Their Products So Good?

All this is very well and thoroughly wholesome, but what is it that makes so many people convinced that they have found better personal successes using Endoca CBD ahead of others?

The key is, of course, the quality of the hemp as described above, but they use and combine multiple strains.

Many CBD companies tend to stick to either indica or sativa strains, while these folks combine the benefits of both in most of their various ranges. Consequently, they carry truly ‘full spectrum’ qualities – meaning their extracts are also jam-packed full of additional cannabinoids and terpenes.

A growing body of people (and we agree) that these style of extracts can be considerably better as a dietary supplement.

A Sensible Range Of Strengths

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One thing that grates our gears when it comes to many CBD suppliers is that they offer a wonky set of strengths to their oils.

Everyone should be aware that finding a ‘working dose’ can be frustrating, and that the most common way to achieve this is by gradually increasing the strength – a time consuming and in some cases an unnecessarily expensive process.

This is why we were happy to see that their range of oils is either a sensible 3% (300mg) or a considerably stronger 15% (1500mg).

Instead of offering a wide range of strengths, instead, Endoca offer different styles of CBD oils. You can choose between hemp oil, raw hemp oil (even more cannabinoids) or another raw oil fortified with additional CBDA (an increasingly popular choice).

Whichever strength you choose, you can be rest assured that it’s going to be considerably more potent than what many other companies claim to offer.

While this is all well and good, it should be mentioned that a limited variety of strength oils may put some people off, especially given that the higher concentrates are understandably expensive.

Speaking anecdotally – and of course, making no promises – we gather that satisfied customers who are experienced in the CBD scene swear that this range is much more efficient than you may initially assume.

In our opinion, it would be nice to see perhaps a 500/1000mg option as well, but frankly, the quality of these full spectrum oils is enough to make us satisfied with a relatively moderate 300mg.

A Wide Range Of Additional Products

While oils are rapidly becoming the most popular method for taking CBD, some people can struggle with the taste, especially in more ‘complex’ extracts such as these.

One of the great reasons to consider using Endoca is that they also offer a comprehensive range of other products that incorporate the same quality extracts. We’ll run through these in turn:


The ideal solution for those who really just can’t enjoy the taste, we’re happy to say that the same variety of strength and hemp composition used in the oils are also available in capsule form.

Easy to take alongside any other supplements and 100% vegan and kosher friendly, these are a super choice for long-term and regular dosing (30 tablets in each jar).

Endoca Capsules

Chewing Gum

Here’s something you don’t see every day!

Packing an impressive 15mg CBD per capsule, and made from natural chicle gum taken from the sapodilla tree, this is an organic way to take your dose and flavoured with organic spearmint.

We were very excited to try these, and far from disappointed – they really do taste great!

Rumour has it that they are planning on extending their range of edibles soon, so just in case they are reading we’d like some boiled sweets, please!

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Skin Care Products

We’re seeing more and more skin based creams and lotions hit the market, and make no mistake these can get very expensive!

But what do you get for the beauty conscious CBD aficionado? A hemp Salve (750mg) and body butter (1500mg) are available alongside a more moderately priced lip balm (20mg).

All of these are totally natural, made from organic ingredients and of course not tested on animals at any stage.

CBD Skin Care Products


We’ve saved the strangest for last, and yes you read that correctly – Endoca manufacture CBD suppositories!

It isn’t just a gimmick either. The advantage of using these is that it allows the CBD to bypass the gastric process and fully hit the bloodstream.

Delivering 500mg of CBD is an impressive figure – just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Hemp Suppositories


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Conclusion & Rating

We've covered pretty much all the key points about Endoca.

If we're nitpicking, we'd say that it would be nice just to have one more variety of strength in the oils/capsule range. Plus, an e-liquid would be a welcome addition but not quite fit into their 'style' of business.

One thing to be aware of is that this is a truly premium brand - and this is emphatically reflected in their prices.

But if you want to pick up some of the finest (and most interesting) CBD varieties we've found in a long while, save up and treat yourself.

Many people who have done so swear by Endoca, and from what we've seen it's clear to understand why.

World class extracts
Loyal and satisfied customer base
Interesting variety of options
A good addition to the UK CBD scene
Ethical policies
A little lightweight on available strengths.
Comparatively expensive and imported from overseas.
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