Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

When the original Firefly vaporizer hit the scene a few years ago it was a complete game changer.

Not only was it specifically designed to be easier to clean (at last!) but also used dynamic convection that allowed it to heat up and be ready to use within a few seconds.

Suddenly, there was a device on the scene that allowed people to enjoy dry herbs almost like they would a liquid/cartridge style vape pen.

However, there were problems with the battery life, weight and even longevity of the original model – so much was expected when Firefly 2 flew through our letterbox to address and improve upon these essential factors.

Portability & Style

Straight from the box, you may seem a little underwhelmed. Make no mistake – this is a very compact vaporizer and weighs in at around a third less than the previous model.

That being said, it feels very natural in the palm and should automatically raise the eyebrows for anyone wanting that added ‘stealth’ factor! Nicely finished with a stylish and almost retro look, it easily slots together with a reassuringly solid click.

Having such smoothly engineered components will prove a godsend when it comes to cleaning – one quick scrub on all sides and you’ll be done in a minute at most.

Whilst it may not look especially imposing, this is a very nicely crafted vaporizer that highlights how many rival products can be so excessively over-engineered.

So overall, the device is pretty impressive and is sure to appeal to those who like to combine a low-fuss approach to dry herb vaping with a little flashy style!

Firefly 2 Colours

The device is available in a range of 8 different colours: Black, Red, Blue, Gold, White, Jet Black, Oak, and Zebra.

Battery Reliability

OK, we knew that the Firefly 2 was going to look the part, but how about that ever so important battery life?

We’re genuinely delighted to report that this edition compares very favourably indeed. Expect it to heat up within 5 seconds on average – we managed 3 seconds with the lowest 340°F temperature – which is quite frankly much better than anything else currently on the market.

By the time it takes to click the ready button in your pocket and raise the mouthpiece to your lips, you’ll be able to enjoy a long and delicious draw. That’s nothing short of game-changing!

But what about longevity? The Firefly 2 has made considerable improvements here. Depending on your usage, we’d rate this as being good to use consistently over a session for 1.5 hours. Used independently over the day, and there’s no reason why there still won’t be plenty of juice left come bedtime.

Charging from dry takes about 45 minutes, making it once again considerably quicker than most of the current opposition.

Compared to the Firefly 1, we’d rate their claim that this edition offers 100% more power as being pretty much spot on.

From a full charge expect to get at least 40-50 ‘proper’ draws on a medium setting. Each draw powers on the unit for 30 seconds, so that equates to about 20 minutes before the battery croaks. While that may not sound a huge amount of time, trust us – it’s more than plenty.

Oh, and for those who cannot face the prospect of their Firefly 2 running dry – you can easily pick up cheap spare batteries that can be interchanged in seconds.

Intelligent Heating = Tremendous Vaping!

Best Place To Buy

The Firefly 2 offers six different heat settings, with the maximum 500°F really only going to be used by those enjoying some concentrates (you’ll burn your herbs at that intensity).

Users can easily change the temperature settings by either the straightforward control panel or by using the smartphone-enabled app for greater personalisation.

Whether or not you want to play about with these settings is entirely up to you, but we found that 420°F offered the finest balance between quality vapour and prolonging the burn of our stocks. On that note, the chamber is quite small at 0.10 grams so remember to pack it in nice and tight.

The heating is controlled by a 50-watt element which runs through to the borosilicate glass vape bowl. “What does that mean”, I hear you cry! Well, in layperson’s terms, what that means is your herbs/wax/concentrate is going to pass through an inbuilt system that allows for a consistently cool and clean vape.

Over a full session – running the battery from full to empty – we didn’t experience one dry/hot hit. Cloud production can also be managed using the manually adjustable airflow dial. We’d recommend you check this out if you’re planning on stealthier vaping.

Whichever configuration you settle on, be assured that the clouds that the Firefly 2 produces are simply sumptuous.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 12cm x 3.5cm x 2.1cm
Temperature Range 171°C to 260°C (6 Levels)
Chamber Capacity 0.1g
Heating System Convection
Heat-up Time 5 secs
Battery Capacity 1-2 hrs
Charging Time Approx 45 mins
App Compatibility Available on iOS and Android

Unboxing Video

Firefly 2 Manual & Instructions

Click to view the instructions which are provided in the User Manual:


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Over the grapevine, we've not heard any longer-term users of the Firefly 2 complain about there being any technical issues after many months of enjoyment, which should again be reassuring to anyone considering checking out this tremendous little performer.

Another nice feature worth mentioning before we close this review is that the kit supplies everything you need to get up and running right away - minus your herbs of course! A couple of batteries, USB charging lead, and some concentrate pads are all you really need.

We'd suggest that anyone looking for a truly portable dry herb/concentrate vaporizer that delivers phenomenal convenience and performance should check out the Firefly 2.

The manufacturers have improved an award-winning device far beyond our expectations, and that deserves credit and recognition.

Extremely fast heating and delivers a tremendously consistent cool vaping.
Simple to assemble, use, clean, switch batteries and configure heating settings.
Can deliver enough power to also handle concentrates and waxes.
Mouthpiece feels very natural and does not easily stain even at higher temperatures.
Fast to charge.
May feel just a little too lightweight for some people.
You will probably want to stock up on reserve batteries (thankfully cheap & easy to switch!).
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