George Botanicals 10% Drops

George Botanicals 10% Drops

George Botanicals 10% Drops ReviewFor all who have already checked out our George Botanicals 5% Drops review, consider this as the next step up.

As with any CBD oil, it isn’t going to get you remotely high – even though this is twice the ‘strength’.

A far better description would be a higher concentration, as that is what we have here.

The obvious question would be along the lines of “if 5% is fine then why go up to 10%?”.

Here’s why. Everyone’s body is different, but the one universal fact is that everyone builds up a tolerance over time.

Speaking anecdotally, 10% will be most people’s standard ground – but it’s best to start low and increase over time.

So are the George Botanical 10% Drops that sweet spot? Let’s see!

Manufacturing & Purity

Something worth setting out right away is the fact that this is a food supplement.

George Botanicals only use proper, industrial grade hemp for their extracts.

A reasonable question is why that makes a difference? After all, hemp has been used in thousands of ways for thousands of years – so why ought it matter on the providence? The key is the extraction of the good stuff.

George Botanicals only use a CO2 extraction system. Not only is it by far and away the most effective and environmentally best process, but it’s also the most labour intensive.

In layman’s terms – it takes a while! But who’d like to save a few quid at the expense of dropping solvents down their throat?

All the cheap options on the high street use that method, and considering this is a health supplement – personally speaking, I’m not in to swallowing that!

What we have here, is a vegan-friendly, gluten & GMO-free natural CBD.

Just to place the cherry on the cake, it’s also based on olive oil. This is by far and away the best way of not just delivering a drop, but also for preserving the quality of the CBD. It makes a huge difference.

Dosage & Storage

Best Place To Buy

There’s no exact science to how much CBD ought to be taken by anyone. It can be incredibly frustrating!

What can be said is that the possible health benefits – especially over the long term – can be anecdotally astonishing.

Two to five drops per day is what most people – at this percentage – find works. There’s no need for more, it simply doesn’t work that way!

What can be said for sure is that those who have found CBD to be beneficial will eventually build up a tolerance.

This is why 10% tends to be the perfect dosage, but again and it cannot be stressed enough – there’s no exact rules or science!

While it’s non-toxic and absolutely safe (you cannot OD on CBD), keep it away from any nippers roaming about the place.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

This is a brilliant addition to the George Botanicals range and one that is packed full of the good stuff at an ideal level.

Sure, there's no guarantee that it'll work universally - people are different - but for a steady little dose at breakfast and bedtime, it's very impressive indeed.

Great flavour - not overpowering
Fully tested in a CTA approved laboratory
Free Delivery
These drops may seem a little on the pricier side, however you get what you pay for.
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