George Botanicals 5% Drops

George Botanicals 5% Drops

George Botanicals 500mg CBD DropsIt’s always refreshing to see a quality new name arrive upon the UK CBD oil scene.

For those wondering if George Botanicals are a name more associated with cut-price ASDA jeans, rest assured!

What we have here is a range of extremely high-grade extracts, and at just 5% ideal and affordable for the newcomer as well.

As we’ll explain over the course of this review, these guys/gals take purity very seriously.

They only use the finest production methods, ensuring that the cannabidiol is as pure as anyone could wish for.

This is why they suggest – even at this slight a strength – two drops a day to be more than sufficient.

As we’ll see, two drops of sheer quality are far better than ten drops of garbage!

Manufacturing & Purity

For those new to the CBD scene, it cannot be stressed enough to make it clear that the integrity of the product is essential.

What do we mean by that? First of all, let’s take a gander at the hemp.

All of the George Botanical range use industrial class hemp. While that may not sound especially enticing, what this means is that it’s the real deal.

All the good stuff can be extracted with as little THC as possible. To put it bluntly, you aren’t going to be remotely high!

Instead, this extract is packed with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients you may ever wish for.

Sure, it’s a premium product – and has the price point to match – but compared to what’s on the high street shelves, this is simply a different league.

What Makes The Difference? The Extraction Process

There are many ways to strain CBD from hemp.

Unfortunately, most tend to be quite unpleasant – not the sort of thing you’d willingly drip under your tongue!

But George Botanicals only use pharmaceutical quality CO2 extraction. Not only is this by far and away the most environmentally sound process, but for the end user, it also preserves all the good stuff!

No solvents are involved at any stage making this a 100% organic hemp seed oil.


Best Place To Buy

Half a drop under the tongue twice a day.

By notepad maths, that means a bottle ought to last around 4 months.

Why under the tongue? It absorbs quicker and better. Many folks prefer capsules or vaping – and fair enough! But CBD tongue drops are amazing for convenience. There’s no better way for making sure the drop is absorbed and doesn’t have the vaping aspect which isn’t for everyone’s taste.

Something to be aware of is that at 5% strength, there is a possibility of resistance. The same could also be said for 50%!

When it comes to CBD, it’s essential to remember that everyone is different. What works for one person isn’t going to work for another. Yet there are no side effects, hardly something which can be said of most health or food supplements.


Something we especially liked about George Botanicals is that they go further than most to explain storage and safekeeping.

Keep it outside of the reach of kids, that goes without saying, and even as a relatively low percentage oil stick to their recommended dosage.

This is a high purity product – a little can go a long way!


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

As everyone ought to know, CBD is a supplement and by no means any kind of intoxicant.

This 5% liquid may sound a little on the soft side, but CBD is something to work into - not go head first!

A great product, ethically produced by people who really understand what they are doing.

If anyone intends on getting started with a regular CBD dosage, then there are very few better places to look.

Also available in a higher strength: George Botanicals 10% CBD Drops.
Great flavour - not overpowering
Fully tested in a CTA approved laboratory
Gluten free
GMO free
Great value for money
We'd love to see a range of flavoured oils from this company
Not the cheapest out there for this strength
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