George Botanicals CBD Balm

George Botanicals CBD Balm

George Botanicals CBD BalmGeorge Botanicals have been quietly beavering away making a rather impressive name for themselves recently.

While most of their customer base is focused around their more ‘mainstream’ variety of CBD products, for those not in to vaping or capsule popping, their balms have been attracting ever more interest.

While balms based on cannabis extracts have been around for decades in one form or another, only in the last year or two have specifically CBD-based balms become more accessible.

The skin does serve as not just a natural way of ingesting the compound into the body, but also as a means of helping focus the application.

Plenty of people who use such balms do so to ideally help with the likes of arthritis, as well as recurrent skin issues. They’re also increasingly used to reduce inflammation and muscular wear and tear.

Balms are looking set to be big news in the very near future. So how does George Botanicals 1% CBD balm compare to the opposition?

A More Complex Balm

The majority of other companies out there who have added a line of balms to their product range play it pretty simple.

Most of the time it’s just three or four additional agents combined with the CBD, leaving good quality but perhaps slightly uninspired lotions.

When you check out the George Botanicals 1% balm (300mg of CBD in a 30ml pot) be sure to look at how more complex their formula happens to be.

As well as four different types of butter, there are a variety of additional oils, waxes and vitamin extracts included to make this a truly top quality skincare product.

Even without the CBD, this is the kind of balm that would put many mainstream manufacturers to shame.

While purists may let out a slight yelp at the inclusion of artificial factors, the fact is that these are all organically based extracts. This is essential for one core reason…

Top Class CBD Extract

Quality plays an extraordinary role when it comes to making CBD products ‘better’ or dare we say it more likely to work as hoped.

George Botanicals follow the lead common with all elite-grade businesses in this market by employing only totally organic and solvent free production processes.

Their hemp is a sativa-L strain that’s extracted in a full-spectrum format.

For those unaware of what this means, or why it so crucial, it means that instead of being a ‘pure’ CBD extract it includes dozens of other cannabinoids that are thought to be essential to complement the core product.

Best Place To Buy

While some people – for their own reasons – sometimes steer clear of this in capsule/oil/e-liquid format due to the hempy taste, in a balm it’s totally scent free – so of course, why not use it?

We don’t hesitate to recommend full spectrum ranges of any product. Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to orally ingest, but when it comes to just rubbing into the skin then there’s no reason not to.

George Botanicals (and plenty of their customers) have found that twice daily application has been plenty to help assist dealing with a broad range of ailments.

We’ll stick out necks out and suggest that this is due to the full spectrum composition as well as top class CO2 only extraction methods.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Don't be put off by the list of ingredients - they are fantastic compared to more conventional skin care solutions.

The inclusion of top class CBD just adds an additional dimension to this product, and one that's rapidly turning the heads of people who may otherwise not have been pre-disposed towards trying such extracts.

It's easy to apply, and not terribly expensive when compared to other similar quality lines on the market.

We'd recommend this thoroughly to anyone who feels CBD balms may help them. Very impressive indeed.

Easy to apply
Made from pure hemp extract
100% Vegan
Organic & natural
Lactose and gluten-free
Only available in one strength (1%)
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