Hemptouch CBD Spray 300mg

Hemptouch CBD Spray 300mg

Hemptouch CBD Spray 300mgFew would argue that one of the longest-running debates on the CBD scene is where flavourings factor in.

For purists, many would argue that the slightly dank and earthy notes that ought to be expected from ‘pure’ oils, sprays or vape oils is part of the process.

But let’s face it, not everyone gets on with the taste.

The real issue here is finding a manufacturer that does not compromise the integrity of top-class CBD and only uses 100% natural flavourings to make it a little more palatable.

Which brings us to Hemptouch. For those new to CBD, these folks only use the finest production methods to deliver an extract that is as good as it gets.

Key to this is their adherence to not using any solvents or alcohol techniques during any stage of their process.

It’s legitimately a 100% natural, vegan and kosher friendly, made from the best hemp going.

When adding flavourings, they only use real ingredients. There are no industrial nasties used here. So, how do they stand up to testing? Rather impressively!


Hemptouch Spray - PeppermintLet’s cut right to the chase. This is absolutely delicious and a perfect ‘after dinner’ spray.

Usually, we’d recommend that people take a spray right before a meal because it aids integration into the bloodstream – but in this case, it’s ideal for after a meal.

Refreshing and sprightly without being acidic, it’s also not going to compromise all of those quality cannabinoids.

A fantastic choice and standout winner in our opinion.


Hemptouch Spray - OrangeJust the right side of tart without being close to overwhelming, this is lovely and a great choice for those who appreciate their citrus.

Hopefully, a little further down the line, Hemptouch may use this as a perfect base to combine with another fruit.

We’d like something to add a different element – rhubarb perhaps? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

As it stands, this is a lovely little spray with a universal appeal. Who doesn’t like orange?


Hemptouch Spray - CoconutFancy something a little more exotic?

Coconut can be so difficult to get right, often ending up far too sweet.

Hemptouch has delivered the goods here. Totally natural and based on the finest extract, this is a taste of the tropics that is a little short of a pleasure and one of the best sprays we’ve tried.

As with all of their range, this is non-GMO, free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and parabens.

Absolutely lovely, and we’d love to see it as an e-liquid as well.


Hemptouch Spray - ChocolateThink of a Mars bar without the toffee and that’s about right.

There’s a certain milkiness but also a clear presence of proper cocoa bean.

The result is a luscious delight that would be a perfect complement with both a cup of morning coffee or an evening serving of ice cream.

Just as importantly, and as with all of this range, this is based on MCT oil.

Why does that matter? It not only considerably assists with the absorption of all the goodness, but helps considerably maintain the integrity and shelf life of the product.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Needless to say, Hemptouch has set the benchmark when it comes to delivering sheer quality CBD oil complemented by outstanding flavours.

If there was one that has to be absolutely recommended it would have to be the Chocolate, but all are great in their own way.

Considering all of the above are 20ml bottles, just one will go a long way, making them a fantastic choice for anyone considering getting started with CBD.

Great price
Delicious flavours
Very easy to use
100% natural
Vegan and kosher friendly
We would have liked to have seen a natural hemp flavoured spray. If you prefer a more natural taste, you should check out Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1000mg. Made by the same company but in the form of oral drops.
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