Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1500mg

Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1500mg

Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1500mgHemptouch has made a very exciting move into the higher concentrated CBD market by launching a 1500mg oil.

It’s a trend we’ve seen quite a bit of recently, with many of the big names announcing similar releases of ‘stronger than most’ compounds.

Yet this one is a little different from most of the others, incorporating a full spectrum extraction process that delivers in our opinion a truly universal concoction of cannabinoids.

There’s a very strong chance that this could be the ‘purest’ 1500mg strength oil that we have yet seen – so needless to say it has caused quite a stir among the CBD aficionados!

Those who keep up with their manufacturers should know that Hemptouch is almost obsessive when it comes to the quality of their hemp oils.

They only use the very best methods at every stage, leaving us with a fair amount to cover.

So let’s see how the Hemptouch 1500mg hemp oil stands up to testing.

Outstanding Sativa Hemp Makes For A Wonderful Start

An oil is only ever going to be as good as the hemp from where it came, and as expected we are dealing with a company who really put in a special effort here.

Using only specially grown and EU compliant methods, their hemp is as natural as it gets.

Completely free from any artificial adulteration – even as far as to not use abrasive, chemical-based fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides – this is exactly what hemp would have resembled in the wild thousands of years ago.

Of course, this growing and processing stage also results in a legitimately vegetarian, vegan and kosher extract.

Extracted As ‘Full Spectrum’ Is Essential

So far so good, but let’s face it Hemptouch are by no means the sole elite CBD producer who uses only top-tier hemp.

But they take the step with this oil to produce a full spectrum extract that contains far more healthy cannabinoids with plenty of cannabidiol, terpenes and other goodness.

Where full spectrum is found in other oils, it’s not always seen in higher strength oils. This is because the one drawback – depending on your point of view – is that it makes the actual taste considerably ‘earthier’.

Experienced users will unlikely be fazed by this, but those converting to this product from more benign or even flavoured alternatives may take a little getting used to it. But no pain – no gain!

Excellent Extraction Underlines The Total Quality

As all good companies, they use not just zero chemicals during the growth of the plants, but also when extracting the actual CBD.

Best Place To Buy

Plenty of lower quality (and cheaper) companies use solvents or alcohol to produce a higher yield of lesser quality oil.

Hemptouch incorporates a supercritical CO2 process that uses ‘dry ice’ to deliver not just a very high-class end product, but also one that contains a mere thimble of THC. There is no risk of failing a drugs test let alone ‘getting high’ by using this product despite it’s clearly stated strength.

Just like all oils, it’s designed for oral ingestion but can also be mixed into foods and drinks. Usually, we’d advise against this, as it does lower the amount of CBD absorbed properly into the bloodstream but considering the strength of the oil, it will not make a huge difference.

Under the tongue is always best, but those who get by on lower doses will find this a viable alternative should the taste be a little too much.


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Conclusion & Rating

The Hemptouch 1500mg hemp oil is one that is going to really appeal for those who enjoy the residual taste and in particular are on the lookout for a pretty much perfect extract.

With each bottle carrying 200 drops it may even be possible to dose slightly lower than usual thanks to the actual purity of a product carrying so many additional cannabinoids.

If that sounds like a suitable solution for you, then go ahead and give them a try.

For a stronger than usual oil that is also a full spectrum, it represents genuine quality.

Also available in two lower strengths: 500mg or 1000mg.
One of the lowest prices in the UK for this strength
Pure quality extract
Comes in a 10ml bottle which means you'll receive a highly concentrated dose of CBD
Supercritical CO2 extraction method
Vegan and kosher friendly
Lactose and gluten free
It may seem somewhat expensive for a relatively small bottle - just 10ml. However, used sparingly and you'll find that these drops will last for a couple of months.
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