Hempura 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD OilIt’s always nice when Hempura releases a new CBD oil. There’s just something about their brand that makes you feel a little bit special! It’s much more than the fancy packaging as well.

Those in the know will be aware that these are one of the classiest UK manufacturers of full spectrum extracts.

No stone is left unturned in their harvesting or extracting process, resulting in what is quickly becoming one of the most popular elite brands in the country.

Even the best in the business is not immune to a bad day at the office, so can their 500mg full spectrum oil maintain their exacting standards? Let’s take a look.

A Truly Full Spectrum Oil!

Our regular readers will be aware that full spectrum CBD oils are all the rage at the moment. Barely a week goes by without some group of hemp boffins somewhere on the planet declare that this style of extract binds better with the body.

Indeed it sure looks like all the extra cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids lost during isolate production do seem to help supplemental use bind with our body’s endocannabinoid system better.

The problem is that ‘full spectrum’ is not a regulated trade description. Pretty much any manufacturer can claim that their extract is such because there’s no industry standard.

Who decides what is a full spectrum or whole plant extract? In absolute fairness, the only person who ought to make that call is the consumer. You can tell those producers who are confident in their product because they’ll provide comprehensive, third-party batch testing results on their website. Surprisingly, so few do.

Fortunately, Hempura is a little classier than most. They include batch testing results (you can check the batch number on the product label) across their entire range on their website.

In the case of this 500mg full spectrum hemp oil, it’s absolutely rammed with them. Make no mistake this is a bonafide full spectrum oil.

What’s Inside The Oil?

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Each 10ml bottle will provide 200 measured drops each containing 2.5mg of CBD. In our opinion that makes this a ‘throughout the day’ product in the sense that most people will dose around three times a day.

One of the common issues with full spectrum oils is that they do retain a little more THC than usual. Very impressively, the batch we tested weighed in at a tiny 0.05mg THC (UK legal limit is 0.2mg). So this isn’t going to get anyone remotely high or come close to failing a drugs test.

What about those additional components? There’s a variety of different terpenes, flavonoids, phytonutrients, minerals (including Omegas), vitamins, and healthy amino acids. Basically, it’s all the goodness you’d find in a sativa plant – from which this oil is derived – without the high.

Interestingly they use hemp oil instead of the standard olive/coconut/MCT as the carrying agent which will pack plenty of other nutrients as well.

As Reliable As CBD Oil Gets

Every company loves to rant on about how good their hemp and processing is but only a few really deserve proper accolades.

As registered members of the UKCTA (UK Cannabis Trade Association), they take purity very seriously.

All of their extracts are produced using supercritical CO2 methods exclusively at licensed British laboratories. No chemicals are used at any stage and all batches are entirely traceable, with this oil also being vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

So, in a nutshell, it’s easy to see why Hempura have rather quickly (they were only launched in 2017) become a bit of a connoisseurs favourite.

They do everything the way top quality extracts ought to be manufactured, and have the evidence to support it.


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Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

As mentioned at the top of this review it's difficult to be immediately impartial when reviewing Hempura CBD oils because they have such an impressive track record for quality.

It's no surprise to discover that this is an expertly crafted and superbly processed oil that quite simply ticks all of our boxes.

It's a good strength which those used to sublingual dosing will appreciate, and being full spectrum means - in our opinion - quality counts more than quantity.

With a couple of hundred drops per bottle, this will provide the best part of two months worth of top grade oil for those taking 10mg throughout the day.

To us, this equates to great value from a company who currently set the benchmark for quality in the UK CBD industry.

The Hempura mark of quality comprised of high grade and fully traceable CBD extract.
A genuinely full spectrum oil which is increasingly believed to be essential for effective absorption.
Batch testing reports to highlight additional cannabinoids and prove extremely low THC count.
2.5mg CBD per drop makes this easy to experiment with and suitable for those mixing their doses.
UK manufactured under industry-leading laboratory standards.
The hemp oil carrying agent may not be to everyone's taste if already used to more mainstream oils.
Unnecessary packaging?
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