Hempura Full-Spectrum Raw Hemp Capsules 300mg

Hempura CBD Capsules 300mg

Hempura CBD Capsules 300mgIt’s easy to forget that the majority of people who use CBD still tend to take it in capsule form.

Sure, oils and to a lesser extent e-liquids have rightly earned their market share over the last couple of years, but nothing beats a capsule for ease and reliability.

The problem with capsules is that they pass through the digestive tract, and filters out some of the core ingredients.

The majority of those on the market tend to be ‘isolates’ and in all honesty, the jury’s out on how effectively the body may absorb them. Research is still ongoing.

So when we heard that Hempura had released their own range of full spectrum raw hemp capsules – at a sensible 10mg per capsule – we were a little intrigued.

Why Full Spectrum Matters

Without getting into a human biology lecture, here’s the basics to be aware of.

Plenty of research still needs to be done on how CBD integrates into the human body’s own endocannabinoid system. But what we do know is that full spectrum – a variety of extract from the sativa plant that retains many of the additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins usually lost in producing ‘isolate’ – seems to help absorption into the body.

In regards to this specific product, what that may mean is that rather than run the risk of just passing straight through, the boost provided by full spectrum ought to help release this fully into the bloodstream.

The same principle applies to any kind of CBD, and again – while the evidence is yet to be clear-cut – the signs seem to point that way.

What Goes Into These Hempura Capsules?

Best Place To Buy

Hempura are one of the best names in the business but not necessarily among the best known yet.

They tend to aim for the more exclusive end of the market, which is why this pack of 30 capsules at a steady 10mg each is a slightly unusual break from their typical lines. At the time of writing, it’s decent value for the quality you get.

Unlike some of the big UK-based CBD vendors out there, Hempura take their batch testing and transparency to a truly different level.

They appreciate that not every batch is going to be exactly the same – and with full spectrum products you want to keep an eye on this.

They allow customers to see independent lab test results from all of their releases. Just head to the Lab Reports section on their website, type in the product code printed on the label, and you’ll enjoy a full breakdown of what is in that batch. It’s a great feature and one of the reasons why Hempura tend to enjoy much higher than usual brand loyalty.

What you can be assured with Hempura is that their products contain nothing but CBD (plus those essential additional cannabinoids), sourced from “decarboxylated cannabis sativa hemp bud”. That means it has been extracted using CO2-based methods – the most eco-friendly and effective method going and widely used across the food and supplement industry. As for the capsule, it’s made from vegetarian friendly HPMC.

Is 10mg Enough For A Capsule?

It’s not our place to suggest what dosage you ought to take. Everyone’s body chemistry differs, and we’re not legally permitted to mention any potential benefits!

What people ought to be aware of is that people who take CBD capsules tend to do so alongside the rest of their daily vitamins. In our opinion, that tends also to be people who are long-term users, and 10mg over a day may be mild to some but would represent – anecdotally speaking – a sensible maintenance dose for most.

Always remember that CBD is non-toxic and anything not absorbed will just benignly go through the body.

Whether or not a capsule alone is enough – again it’s a personal decision. A recent trend has been to supplement a high quality capsule (and this is 100% organic elite grade hemp) with a vape or even oil as and when it’s required over the day.

What we will say is that this is a great way to take full spectrum CBD on a regular and long-term basis.


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Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Are capsules on the comeback? Well, if they are then Hempura are certainly setting the bar high from the very start.

Make no mistake - the full spectrum element derived from world class industrial hemp is what sets this apart from the isolates that comprise the majority of the market.

Quality counts across the board with CBD, and we'd suggest that anyone who has been frustrated so far using standard varieties ought to consider giving this a try before throwing in the towel.

It's an A-list product that ticks all the boxes.

A great company who use only the finest hemp and extraction methods.
Transparency goes a long way in an unregulated market - those lab tests are industry leading.
A sensible strength and priced at a very competitive level for an elite tier capsule.
Capsules allow for exact/precise dosage and are ideal for long-term users.
Extremely rich in cannabinoids and terpenes yet still under 0.05% THC.
It'd be great to see a 'slow release' version for all-day use.
Difficult/impossible to modify the dosage so would be good to see a higher strength offering to the range.
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