Hempura Reviews – A Product Line-Up Analysis For 2020

The UK CBD scene may still be in its infancy, but already we’re seeing the emergence of some really great companies.

Hempura ReviewsHempura may have only launched in 2017 but they’ve already carved out a reputation for delivering quality across the board.

Not only are their products of the highest quality, but they’ve also established a name for genuinely outstanding customer service.

Their website contains a great variety of resources and tutorials to help their customers (or anybody for that matter) to get started with CBD.

Even better, they also publish lab reports for their products – meaning you’ll always get what you ordered.

So let’s take a look into the reasons why Hempura’s customers have already accredited it a prized five-star status on the review site TrustPilot.

Excellent Quality Hemp

Before checking out their complete range of products, let’s first address why this CBD ranks as one of the finest on the market.

When it comes to choosing an oil or e-liquid it can be tempting to save a few pennies and take a chance of a ‘B or C Grade’ option.

More often than not these extracts have been sourced by mass-produced hemp, pumped full of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Just to cap off this unpleasant chemical cocktail, they use solvent-based processing for a quick but very low-quality end product.

Fortunately, Hempura has set themselves far higher standards. Sourcing all of their hemp exclusively from organic hemp farms in Eastern Europe, this is imported and extracted on UK soil.

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Not only does this process involve the use of no chemicals during the growing stage, but the end oil is the result of a CO2 freeze-based extraction that leaves no unwanted residuals. This means that you receive as close to perfect an end product as possible.

As may be expected, this adds a premium to the product that can make high strength options quite pricey. But, speaking from experience, most people will find that a little extra can stretch a very long way indeed.

We cannot speculate on how much any CBD product may help meet your needs, but we have seen far more positive experiences when using top grade oil. This is despite being the same concentration as cheaper/inferior products.

So if you’re looking to get started with a CBD routine, Hempura are presently a very appealing and enticing option.

They Only Use Full-Spectrum Extracts

Another big fat tick in Hempura’s plus points has to be that they stress only to use full-spectrum extracts.

Keep an eye out for companies who over-rely on using the term ‘pure’. Sure, any CBD product sold in the UK is permitted to only contain a trace of psychoactive THC left over. Some people prefer it that way, but increasingly it’s thought that full-spectrum varieties – those which retain dozens of other cannabinoids usually lost during processing – helps make CBD more effective.

While their products will certainly not get anyone high or at risk of failing a drugs test, they retain all the healthy extras which most of their competitors just eliminate.

For those wishing to have zero THC, they also offer ‘broad spectrum’ varieties which contain fewer cannabinoids than ‘full spectrum’ but may offer some people additional peace of mind.

A Straightforward Variety Of Sensible Strength Oils

Moving on, let’s take a look at their oral drops to begin with.

Hempura CBD OilsWhether opting for full or broad spectrum, these come in 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg concentrations at the same price point (an unusual feature).

Each 10ml bottle ought to be good for around 200 applications. For those dosing three times a day, you’ll find that a bottle should last around 10 weeks.

We don’t usually tend to promote price points when it comes to company reviews (simply because they fluctuate). Yet the 500mg option for £36.99 represents comparatively excellent value considering the quality of the actual extract.

We’ll not stick our necks out and make speculative assertions, but that strength tends to commonly ‘work’ for a good proportion of people.

Some people dislike the taste of CBD oil – especially more ‘earthy’ full and broad spectrum options, so consider the option of instead taking your dose via a capsule.

While this does completely remove the taste, in practical terms we would still suggest drops if you can handle it.

CBD tends to get broken down when ingested through the gastric system, whereas with drops under the tongue it absorbs much more effectively. Just bear that in mind if you’re considering taking the capsule route.

Good Quality Natural Tasting E-liquids

For people who like to vape their doses, we can thoroughly recommend checking out the Hempura options.

Sure, there’s only two listed at the time of writing and both are broad spectrum packing either 250mg or 500mg strength.

Hempura E-Liquids

True to form, they don’t contain any artificial flavours or obviously contain any nicotine. Instead, citrus terpenes deliver a ‘hempy’ taste that will be great for people who like that kind of style.

We’d really like to see them extend their range of e-liquids to incorporate full-spectrum options and maybe even one higher strength option. But, while currently offering only a couple of options, you can be assured that they’re great quality.

CBD Chocolates!

We always like to see companies branching out to edibles – and these white chocolates are a handy way to take a dose.

Available in 200mg, 500mg or 1000mg varieties they are dangerously delicious so be warned in advance!

Hempura CBD Chocolates

Whether or not many people will take their CBD with a daily chocolate – honestly we don’t know – but for a novelty or gift, it’s a nice addition to their product line-up.

Make Use Of The Hempura Knowledge Base

Seriously, if you’re completely new to CBD and you want to learn the ropes, take the time to check out the Hempura website.

Even if you end up shopping elsewhere, they set the standard when it comes to providing great quality tutorials and instructions. Plenty of rival companies are a little lax when it comes to this part of their operation so it’s nice to see some real effort here.

They’ve even put this short 5 minute video together to help those who are new to the scene. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s well worth watching:

We mentioned above that they publish batch testing results. Just type in the product code from any of their range and it’ll show what levels of CBD and other components are present. This is a very neat feature.

As simple as it sounds, plenty of other companies just overlook providing this truly essential aspect of their customer service. So credit where due – and it’s very clear to see why they proudly have one of the best customer feedback scores of any UK CBD operation.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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Conclusion & Rating

Here we have an excellent company that with just a few additions and variations to their product range could stroll to a five-star rating.

Their products are outstanding quality and also not absurdly priced.

Additional services and support are legitimately industry leading. So considering that they've not even been running for two years yet at the time of writing, the Hempura team should be rightly proud of how well they've grown.

We look forward to seeing where they are at in a year or so, and can confidently predict very great things indeed.

Top class full and broad spectrum oils, e-liquids and chocolates!
Outstanding resources that will delight new and experienced CBD customers.
A reputation for offering similarly superb customer service.
Transparent publication of independently conducted batch testing.
A quality ethos and a very progressive vision.
A little more variety in strengths would be good.
E-liquids could also use a boost in variety.
Unnecessary packaging?
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