Is CBD The Same As Hemp Oil?

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

A common misconception when it comes to cannabis extracts is that CBD and hemp oil are the same thing.

While they both have a number of handy uses, contain compounds thought to be beneficial for health, and are psychoactively benign – that is pretty much where the similarities end.

Such confusion can be mostly blamed upon manufacturers of both products who tend to haphazardly throw around labels without much regard for what they actually mean.

CBD OilYes – they are both technically speaking ‘marijuana oils’ but as we’ll now see, they are very different products.

Let’s start with quickly summing up the key properties of both CBD and hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

Only the seeds from industrial hemp (specifically produced for minimum THC levels) are used in the manufacture of hemp oil. It has an enormous variety of uses including:

  • As a cooking oil
  • As a natural moisturiser
  • Environmentally friendly paint production
  • Increasingly used as a biofuel
  • Cosmetics and foodstuffs


Technically known as cannabidiol oil, it is manufactured using the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the entire cannabis plant which has been processed into hemp.

It carries only trace amounts of THC. It’s for this reason CBD oils do not violate the United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and hence why they are legally sold in the UK.

Bear in mind that there is no cast-iron scientific proof for any health benefits.

The Key Differences

Basically, while hemp oil contains a minuscule – we’re talking molecular – quantity of CBD, dedicated oil typically carries between 10-15% of the pure extract.

CBD vs Hemp Oil

Image Source: Meet Harmony

The reason for this is primarily because of the method of production. Hemp oil is extracted solely from the hemp seeds which contain barely any CBD.

While there is no doubt that hemp oil has many practical applications it pales when compared to dedicated CBD oil in regards to addressing potential uses.

That being said, while CBD is widely believed to offer some benefits these are by no means universal and are not guaranteed to help everyone across the board.

Frustrating as this is, the general consensus among most users and a good proportion of medical experts ‘off the record’ is that it doesn’t do any harm.

Most users who find an appropriate dosage and do not possess a natural tolerance find that it does deliver a very subtle calming influence despite being almost entirely free of THC.

However, let’s not totally dismiss the healthiness of using hemp oil with foods. Used as a salad dressing it does deliver a solid dose of vitamin E.

It has also been demonstrated as being able to assist with the likes of PMS, neurodermatitis, and arthritis. Yet despite its apparent occasional benefit in regards to health application, hemp oil remains almost wholly considered as an industrial and cosmetic tool.

So Which Is Better? CBD vs Hemp Oil?

This question tends to get thrown around a lot and really it is quite unfair and shortsighted to compare them.

Despite often being bundled together under the infuriating ‘marijuana oil’ label, they both offer very different potential uses.

While hemp is demonstrably useful and has been used in various forms for hundreds of years, CBD extract is comparatively new as effective means of extraction have only been discovered over the last few decades.

Perhaps the best answer to this question would be to try and incorporate both into your lifestyle!

There’s no real sense in trying to score or rate either because they both have different qualities that are applied towards different ends.