Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer

We’ve been looking forward to getting out hands on the Khan for a little while now – and finally, it’s here to review!

To be fair ‘Khan’ is a great name and we were expecting something a little bit special, especially in regards to power output.

As one of the latest offerings from the highly regarded Mig Vapor team, this promises to be an ultra discreet pocket-sized device that offers a performance level akin to much larger vaporizers.

Featuring a rather stylish snake squiggle on the front of the unit and an interesting glass mouthpiece (we don’t see these every day), how did the Khan stand up to expectations? Read on to find out!

What’s In The Box & First Impressions

No need to bore you with the details here as the kit comes with everything you need to get up and running – and for a change without any tiresome gimmicks.

Our first impressions were that this really is pocket sized with the aluminum unit (available in either Thunder Red or Onyx Black) also being surprisingly light.

You can see why this has been clearly designed for the dry herb vaper ‘on the go’, but with that being said it grips nicely in the hand and by no means could be considered as feeling cheap.

Also included are all the bits and pieces you actually need to enjoy your loose leaves.

The glass mouthpiece (more on that shortly) fits nicely into the toploading unit right above your herb oven.

The kit also includes a cleaning brush, tweezers, water filter, alcohol wipe, USB charging cable, and a user manual (a digital copy of this can be found below). This is all you’ll need to get going apart from your own grinder of course!

Mig Vapor Khan Review

Controls & Settings

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Overall, this is pretty intuitive and once you get to grips with it there’s no reason why you couldn’t turn on or even change the settings in your coat pocket.

You’ll need to charge the 2500mAh internal battery before use and that takes somewhere between 2-3 hours, so that’s a little longer than some other options out there.

Rather annoyingly, it doesn’t offer USB pass-through vaping either, so it’s going to be essential to keep the device charged up.

Controls and power up are all performed using the high quality LED screen with temperature control capable of being managed in either single or in 50 increments.


You can fit up to 0.5g of dry herb into the ceramic top-loading tank which is a surprising amount for a device of this size. By our estimation, that’s perfectly adequate and remember that larger tanks are more liable to lead to wastage – and we don’t want that!

One of the places where the Khan really stands out is power and temperature. As mentioned during the intro we were hoping for something powerful but this offers more than the vast majority of larger big-name dry herb vaporizers on the market! You can set your temperature between 150° – 240°C and it powers up pretty fast regardless of which temperature you choose.

Thanks to an isolated air path the vape production is absolutely spot on. Obviously, we want maximum vape for the lowest possible amount of herb, and here the Khan really did stand out.

As tempting as it is to use the highest temperature we’d not recommend you do so for too long (it will drain your battery fast!).

The glass mouthpiece that comes as standard allows for really clean vaping and is peaked in such a way that you only really need to power the device for a second or two to get a proper lung full with next to no wastage. Compared to the more standard ‘wide-mouth’ format this was a feature that we really enjoyed about the Khan.

By our reckoning, the ‘average’ dry herb enthusiast ought to comfortably expect a good evening’s session with just one charge, and the Khan ought to last most people having more occasional blasts a full day.

Just remember that the charge time is a little longer than usual and there’s no pass-through option. So that means it’s important to keep an eye on the battery life and we’d suggest the lower temperatures if you’re having a ‘pass-around’ session at home.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range 150° – 240°C (302F – 464F)
Chamber Capacity 0.5g
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Oven Diameter 14mm (0.55 inches)
Material of Mouthpiece Thick pyrex glass
Material of Heating Chamber Ceramic
Charging Time 2 -3 Hours


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Conclusion & Rating

Expectations were perhaps unfairly high for the Khan dry herb vaporizer but overall we were still very impressed with it.

The standout features must be the high power output and the glass mouthpiece, both of which deliver a really tasty vape.

This is a supremely portable unit considering the power that it holds. So for those who really do need a portable dry herb vaporizer that delivers performance (at a very good price too) then the Khan offers an excellent solution.

The lack of pass-through charging may not be a big deal for most people - but it is for us, and it was disappointing for that not to be included. We believe this should be standard for DHV's but then this is a super portable high performer.

For those 'on the go' and want to enjoy a quality sized tank (and avoid the hassle of refilling) with a brilliant vape delivery we'd absolutely recommend the Khan. It's a great piece of kit that will be a 100% match for most user requirements.

Super portable high performer ideal for those vaping on the go.
Great tank capacity that is easy to fill and clean.
Superb power (just watch your battery!)
Glass mouthpiece really helps deliver super smooth vape.
Stylish design compared to most.
No pass-through charging may be a downer for some.
Relatively long charge times.
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