Love CBD Balm

Love CBD Balm

Love CBD Balm ReviewThe UK CBD scene has recently seen an influx of balms which add yet another fascinating dimension to this market.

Already well established in the US, until the last couple of years they were rare – if not impossible – to find over here.

Love CBD are perhaps the best known British company who specialise in this style of product, and have forged a reputation as one of the best when it comes balms.

We’re already big fans of these guys (read our full review here) so were eager to see if the hype surround their balm range was worth the while.

Here’s what we discovered.

Three Strengths Of Untouchable Quality

One of the key reasons why so many people buy Love CBD balm is because it’s made from the highest quality extracts going.

As you’d expect from a proper skincare product, it’s entirely organic and comprise of just three ingredients.

As well as the CBD (100mg, 300mg or a mighty 1000mg) the other ingredients are coconut oil, shea butter and grape seed oil.

All of these ‘agents’ are highly regarded by beauticians for the qualities that they offer for healing and maintaining quality skin.

But for us, the standout factor here is being able to choose between the strengths. It isn’t our place to call what strength of dose should ‘work’ for everyone, but what we did find was that even the most mild concentration did work wonders as a skincare product.

Of course, while that is all fine and dandy, if you’re applying for the potential anti-inflammation aspects, we’d aim perhaps a little higher. Yet it’s no surprise to discover that many athletes and gym enthusiasts swear by its restorative qualities. Whether that’s a direct result of the CBD, or the other ingredients present, we cannot say for certain.

Probably The Best Extract On The UK Market

Love CBD Cannabis Infused BalmSo yes, these balms are a nice variety – and obviously do increase in price the higher you go.

We’re not here to discuss Love CBD’s pricing strategy, but will say that their ‘elite tier’ status as one of the best in the business does justify the cost.

If you shop around, there’s quite a few cheaper alternatives that claim to offer “cannabis infused” balms – but more often than not these are based upon chemical based growth and extraction techniques.

These guys differ by using only 100% organic and natural hemp sourced from truly specialist EU based farms.

What we particularly like is that they do not use just one source – their farms stretch from Scandinavia through to Holland and Eastern Europe.

Each of these grows are based on a specialist strain which are extracted via ‘frozen’ CO2 methods meaning you get a final product that is rich in not just CBD, but also associated other cannabinoids and terpenes (all of which are thought to be essential for helping the core extract work better).

Of course, there is a minuscule – we’re talking very small – amount of THC left over, but well below the UK government’s maximum levels. You could bathe in this and never get even in the slightest bit high!

Are Love CBD Balms Worth Trying?

Best Place To Buy

Based upon anecdotal evidence – so take that as intended – there have been many reports of how ‘proper’ quality CBD balms and lotions may help people with long-term skin problems.

Quite how this may help with the likes of dry skin or eczema is not really fully understood, but if you intend on trying such products to hopefully help manage such a condition then balms are highly recommended.

As with all kinds of CBD product though, the quality of manufacture is second only to strength when it comes to the likelihood of it presenting a legit solution.

This is why we’d have to recommend these guys because not only are their balms as close to perfect as organic, vegan and eco-friendly as it gets, but they deliver with absolute consistency every time.

Their extract is fantastic – which is why we’d recommend these balms across the board, either as a stand alone or supplementary aspect of a regular CBD schedule.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Would we recommend people entirely new to CBD to start off with a balm? In all honesty, probably not unless it's for addressing a specific issue.

Most people will be better served by using oils/capsules/e-liquids to get started and hopefully finding a 'working' dose.

That being said, there's a reason why these are very highly regarded across the UK CBD community.

As a balm, they are as good as anything you'll find in any pharmacy for maintaining, healing and protecting your skin. Throw in a wallop of top class CBD and you've got a product that's even better.

Available in three strengths: 100mg (10g jar), 300mg (30g jar) or 1000mg (100g jar)
Contains coconut oil
Contains shea butter
Easy to apply
Top quality ingredients
Trace amounts of THC
Perhaps a bit on the expensive side, however as with all things in life, you really do get what you pay for!
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