Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray 150mg

Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 150mg

Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 150mgTrust us – we know how difficult it can be to get started with CBD!

With new products being released every day and a sometimes rather confusing amount of terminology to get to grips with, figuring out a place to start can be surprisingly tricky.

Even more so discovering a product that offers enough concentration to deliver potential benefits.

It’s well-known that establishing a ‘working dose’ is different for everyone, and without getting bogged down in detail, there’s one rule always worth following. Start low and grow.

Here we have a cracking example of a very affordable spray that doesn’t compromise on quality – something that can unfortunately rarely be said.

Having reviewed many products from the best companies in the UK, our opinion is that quality can be just as important as strength.

The Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray may only weigh in at 150mg over a 20ml bottle, delivering 1.2mg of CBD per spray, but it’s sourced from truly world-class plants.

Here’s why we’d recommend it ahead of the vast majority of other ‘pocket change’ options out there.

Why This Is An Ideal Option For Newcomers

Let’s forget the low price for now. What you have here is an extremely easy to use spray that works just like a breath freshener – with one crucial difference.

You apply the spray underneath the tongue and hold it in place for around 90 seconds. This is long enough for the CBD to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream with minimal wastage, and avoids typical ingestion which loses potency by being processed through the digestive organs.

Over a day, four sprays/applications will deliver just shy of 5mg of CBD & CBDa. For some people that would be considered still a light level of consumption, but for newcomers, it’s a good spot to start.

There’s nothing to stop anyone taking more – CBD is non-toxic and impossible to overdose/get high on/fail drugs tests – but working up slowly is the best option and this is extremely easy with this spray.

Is Dutch Better?

Best Place To Buy

Love CBD source all of their hemp from licensed Dutch plantations. A good number of other A-list companies tend to blend their hemp together from various sources. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, in this case, there is that added element of provenance which is nice to know. After all, Dutch hemp is world famous for a reason.

Love CBD only work with those who cultivate and harvest their plants according to very exacting organic standards. No chemicals or other artificial products are used at any stage – resulting in top grade plants that are packed with natural goodness.

The only other ingredient is olive oil – used commonly throughout the industry as a natural preservative and carrying aid which helps take the ‘edge’ off the hempy flavour.

Quality Matters

If you take a look at the Love CBD website you’ll notice that they publish third-party batch testing scores for all of their products, this one included. Just search for your serial number on their testing page for an exact report on what is inside your Dutch CBD oil spray.

Most people use this to be assured that there is very little residual psychoactive THC (which there isn’t) and some to check the presence of other cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes. As would be expected for such a natural product it’s vegan and lactose friendly.

While this is not marketed as a ‘full-spectrum’ oil it does contain elements of these desirable ingredients. Most other introductory style products are much more ‘isolated’ – which might sound good but not necessarily so.

Traces of those other components are increasingly believed to be very helpful in binding the CBD into the body. We’re inclined to agree, and those reports suggest to us that this is an oil far greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, we’d go as far as to recommend this other a good number of more concentrated products.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Whilst there's no doubt this is a 10/10 option for newcomers to CBD, we'd also suggest that this may be a useful addition for established users too.

A growing trend of late has been people 'mixing up' their daily dosage by combining capsules, vaping, tinctures and even lotions to their own preference.

We'd suggest this as an ideal way of topping up your CBD levels over a day - something that may be of particular interest to those who currently stick to just a single morning tablet.

Regardless of who ends up using this Dutch CBD oil spray, what we will say with absolute certainty is that it's brilliant value for a top of the range extract.

Yes, it may simply not be concentrated enough for some established users who have figured out their dosage requirements, but that should not remotely detract from this being a great addition to the UK CBD scene.

Very highly recommended indeed.

Also available in higher strengths: 300mg and 500mg
Outstanding value for a truly excellent extract.
Easier to use compared to drops and delivers an exact dose every time.
20ml bottle will last most people 6-8 weeks.
Fully natural CBD product sourced from world class Dutch hemp.
Extracted using only eco-friendly CO2 processing.
We'd love to see a truly full-spectrum option added to their product range.
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