Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray 300mg

Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray

Dutch CBD Oil 300mgWhen it comes to sourcing top drawer cannabis for processing into CBD oil sprays, there’s nowhere better than The Netherlands.

Love CBD have formed partnerships with a selection of Dutch farms that specifically row only the purest, utterly unadulterated cannabis plants.

There’s no pesticides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals used at any stage of the growing process, with the result being that when harvested the crop is exactly as nature intended.

A surprisingly tiny proportion of commercial marijuana is cultivated by these means nowadays, but rather than sell it for smoking these farms instead sell it wholesale for conversion into CBD oils. Is the difference noticeable?

Strength Isn’t Everything

Given the provenance and quality of the plants used in the production of the Love CBD Dutch 300mg oil spray, you may be forgiven for wondering why the concentration is comparatively low.

After all, other products in this range can contain double or even treble as much of the active ingredient. Thinking this way is a common misnomer that tends to confuse many people new to the CBD world.

Unlike recreational marijuana where strength does indeed play a considerable factor in determining the ‘quality’ of the crop, with CBD you are instead looking for the perfect combination of active cannabinoids. This is more important than concentration because remember there is barely a trace element of THC left over following a CO2 extraction process.

Nobody undertakes a routine in order to get high – simply because it’s impossible!

“The CBD included here is of the absolute highest quality.”

Yet the quality of the hemp plays a crucial factor in the eventual effectiveness of the product.

Thanks to having famously liberal attitudes towards marijuana, Dutch growers have the freedom to source the finest seeds and strains in the world and possess the mindset of harvesting only 100% organic and natural plants.

When processed into CBD oil, the resulting product is as good as can be found anywhere.

The Proof Is In The Testing

Best Place To Buy

One of the best features of Love CBD as a company is their absolute transparency when it comes to publishing the results following independent testing.

According to their most recently published test results, their Dutch spray consists of 15mg CBD, 10mg CBDA and a tiny 0.31mg of that unwanted THC.

In regards to sheer purity, those figures set a genuine benchmark for quality, so even though this may not be the ‘strongest’ on the market, it’s quantifiably one of the finest.

Determining The Appropriate Dosage

Be aware that this is a food supplement and absolutely not suitable for vaping!

As outlined above, it’s not the ‘strongest’ concentrate out there, with a single 20ml bottle containing 300mg of CBD & CBDa.

Each spray amounts to exactly 0.16ml containing 2.4mg of CBD. So where does this leave us regarding determining a suitable dosage?

If you’re new to CBD, the best way to establish a regular dosage routine is to ‘taper up’.

Everyone is different (and for a sorry few they will naturally be immune/non-responsive to any dose) but given that concentration we’d recommend starting on two sprays a day taken with food.

That may be not quite enough – in fact, we’d speculate that for most people using a standard spray it wouldn’t be enough. But this is not your standard spray! It’s far purer than the vast majority of generic oils/sprays out there, so it’s possible that it could be a case of less being more with this product. The only way to find out for sure is to give it a try!


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

This is a superb quality and very competitively priced CBD oil spray that enjoys a relatively rare advantage of being produced from some of the finest cannabis plants on the planet.

Don't let the admittedly slightly low concentration put you off - the CBD included here is of the absolute highest quality and that makes a serious difference in regards to delivering potential benefits.

Whether brand new to the scene or a veteran user looking for a higher quality product, this Dutch formulation demands attention as it really is one of the finest quality oil sprays out there at the moment.

Also available in other strengths: 150mg and 500mg
Great taste - not overpowering
Excellent value for money
Low price
2.4mg of CBD per spray
Vegan and lactose friendly
This is fairly a low strength offering
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