Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 500mg

Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 500mg

Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 500mgSometimes it’s nice to know where your CBD oil comes from.

Love CBD is one of the few companies who take the provenance of their hemp incredibly seriously, and we’re delighted to see an extract hit the market derived entirely from Dutch hemp farms.

More often than not you never know the exact source of your hemp extract (unless you ask the manufacturer directly of course), so this adds a certain extra factor when picking out a top grade oil.

The Dutch farms use only the most exacting 100% natural and organic methods to grow these plants – which results in the best quality CBD oil you can get.

So is it worth giving it a try? We wholeheartedly believe so, and here’s why.

Love CBD Extracts Are Outstanding

In our opinion, the most ‘effective’ style of extracts out there are almost always those which retain additional cannabinoids.

The majority of the market still belongs to ‘isolates’ whereby the vast majority of benign additional cannabinoids (there are over 100 of them) are eliminated alongside that pesky THC.

Sure, this results in an almost ‘pure’ CBD extract – but the problem is that those additional components are essential for the goodness to travel around and be absorbed into the body. We’re not just saying it – this is referred to as full spectrum and is an increasing focus of study within the research community.

What this means is that you may have a little more residual THC than usual, but still way below government rules and to a level that’s never going to make anyone remotely high or fail a drugs test. All you need to do is check out the independent lab tests conducted by Love CBD to see the evidence.

In this case, the spray is predominantly CBD & CBDA but also retains traces of dozens of other aspects including vitamins, minerals, and terpenes usually lost during extraction.

When sourced from world-class organic Dutch hemp, you can be sure that if CBD is going to work for you then this is as good as it gets.

Why The Spray Bottle?

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Now we’ve established that this is undoubtedly one of the finest extracts going, you may be wondering why Love CBD use spray bottles instead of the standard tincture-style bottles.

The most important reason is that it allows for an easy way to maintain a standard dosing schedule. Each spray – taken under the tongue and held just like a typical tincture – delivers exactly 0.16ml of liquid and 4mg of CBD.

Given that the bottle is 20ml (most rivals vend at 10ml) this allows for around 125 doses in total. With most people taking a dose three times a day, that’s around a five week supply of top-grade CBD – a figure we agree represents very impressive value indeed compared to other manufacturers.

The second reason is that it’s simply more convenient. Instead of getting funny looks when you’re taking your dose when out and about, a spray can be taken when walking down the street. Just be sure to get it under the tongue and hold for a minute or so. Spray bottles are also far less prone to leaks, generally less messy, and fit snug into a pocket.

Olive Oil Is An Excellent Natural Agent

Another point worth mentioning is that Love CBD still stand by unflavoured olive oil to carry their extract. Opinions vary regarding the use of artificial flavourings, but nobody disputes that olive oil is perfectly effective for oral use.

MCT is an alternative being increasingly used – but as outlined above, this company does everything as naturally as possible.

It tastes a bit nicer, but do be aware that it can be a little overwhelming until you get used to it (and most users do).


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

In our opinion, full-plant extracts such as this are the future of the CBD industry and we're delighted that Love CBD are leading the way.

It's nice to know that in this case Dutch hemp farms are being exclusively used thanks to their reputation for quality natural harvests - but in all honesty, if Love CBD say it's great, the source doesn't really matter that much.

Don't underestimate the importance of transparency - and we'd always recommend using a company that publishes the batch tests of their extracts. In this case, it's a properly rich extract that's delivered using the best sprays on the market.

Quality counts for so much in making CBD an effective supplement, and this is an example others try to follow. Simply superb.

Also available in other strengths: 150mg and 300mg
A superb 500mg CBD oil sourced from world-class plants.
Extracted using chemical-free CO2 methods.
A full-spectrum of the plant provides additional benefits and superior absorption.
Sprays are the future of easy sublingual dosing.
A 20ml bottle is a generous serving and friendly to the bank balance.
The raw taste may be a little overpowering to start with.
Retains more THC than standard.
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