Love CBD Entourage Capsules 1200mg

Love CBD Entourage Capsules 1200mg

Until recently, Love CBD only offered their highly regarded Entourage capsules in 600mg (10mg per capsule) sizes.

We’re delighted to report that they’ve now added a 1200mg (20mg x capsule) option to their range, allowing those who need a highly concentrated dose to also do so with their signature ‘entourage effect’.

These are premium grade capsules and command a pretty serious price tag.

So are they worth considering, and are capsules still relevant in the world of modern CBD? Let’s find out.

Quality Is Key

There’s no shortage of people who consider capsule intake to come a distant third to oil drops and e-liquids these days.

To an extent, this is understandable because there’s no doubt that any capsule supplement does lose some of its potency when passing through the digestive tract.

But on the flip side, doses which are taken this way release slower into the bloodstream, are much more convenient, and carry none of the hemp flavour which so many people struggle with. So it depends really on which side your opinion falls.

The real point to consider is that for any CBD product to fully integrate itself with the bloodstream, it must be a well-balanced and high-quality extract.

A growing body of research confidently suggests that the additional cannabinoids lost when creating a ‘pure’ CBD isolate play a key role in helping the body absorb all the potential goodness. For this reason, we are big fans of full spectrum CBD varieties and few come close to those offered by Love CBD.

Why The Entourage Effect Is Vital

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Don’t for a second think that the ‘entourage effect’ is some crafty marketing gimmick. Research into the additional advantages such extracts offer dates back to the 1970s, and these Entourage 1200mg capsules are packed full of additional goodness.

One of the reasons why Love CBD are such a respected name is that they provide detailed batch testing results for their customers to examine.

In this case, you’ll see that the CBDA – deemed essential for carrying the core CBD extract throughout the body – is even greater than the standard extract.

When allied with a powerful 1200mg (20mg) dose, that’s going to provide an excellent agent for spreading the base CBD to the body’s own cannabinoid receptors.

In layperson’s terms, there aren’t many CBD capsules on the market that come close to helping effectively administer the extract to where in the body it may be most needed.

The only other ingredient used in these gelatin-free vegetable capsules is coconut oil. Of all the carrying agents used across the market, coconut oil is one of the best for helping absorb supplements via the stomach.

Many other companies ignore this established but essential fact, and that’s quite simply why so many people have limited or little success using their capsules.

The Purest Extract Possible

OK, so we have a well thought out and high strength full spectrum CBD product – but there are also other reasons why Love CBD rank so consistently towards the top of any independent leaderboard.

Their hemp is expertly selected from licensed farms in the Netherlands, Ukraine and the Czech Republic – each of which uses only 100% organic and natural growing techniques. Not a drop of artificial fertiliser or pesticide get near the hemp in order to produce the healthiest hemp from the purest of soils.

When it comes to extraction time, they use only eco-friendly CO2 processing in order to reduce THC levels way below the legal threshold but vitally to also preserve the CBD, CBDA, CBG, and dozens of other cannabinoids, minerals, vitamins, and terpenes.

Using the finest quality hemp without so much as a hint of chemical delivers a genuinely full-spectrum hemp extract packed full of natural goodness.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Capsules may not be as popular as they used to be, but if it's your preferred method of dosing then look no further than this standard of product.

Love CBD Entourage capsules are as high grade an extract as it's possible to create, and at a serious 1200mg dose, they're going to deliver a powerful dose that will absorb far more readily than others into the bloodstream.

We'd suggest that not everyone's going to need this strength and recommend that people try lower concentration first of all.

But if after a little of experimentation you've established that this is a suitable dose for you, then look no further than this market-leading brand of CBD capsule. It really is as good as it gets.

A high strength, carefully designed capsule based on the entourage effect.
Manufactured for maximum absorption.
Sourced from the finest quality European hemp farms.
Transparent lab testing to prove the quality of the extract.
Good value for those needing a higher strength and quality dose.
May be unnecessarily strong for some people.
Capsules are not the most effective means of taking CBD.
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