Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 1400mg

Love CBD Entourage Oil 1400mg

Entourage Oil Spray 1400mgA growing body of research now suggests that CBD isolates alone struggle to spread throughout the body.

Instead, supplements need the likes of CBDA and CBG – usually lost during isolate extraction methods – to be effective.

Quite how is still a matter for the folks in white coats to ascertain, but this theory was initially explained by the great Raphael Mechoulam – the man who first isolated CBD and THC many decades ago.

Love CBD is one of the few companies out there who take great pride in the absolute quality of their products.

After three years of trial and error, and mixing cannabis strains from around the world, they’ve now released their Entourage series which contains all those essential extra cannabinoids.

Why The Entourage Effect Is Important

It may be tempting to assume that the entourage effect (better known as full-spectrum) is just a marketing gimmick – so let’s address the facts that back up how important this can be.

As mentioned, research into the reasons why CBD appears to help some people is still at an early stage. But most of the focus has been on the body’s own endocannabinoid system – and more importantly, the receptors dotted across it.

Early studies have demonstrated that taking CBD supplements to reinforce these (just as one would with any vitamin pill) requires the presence of those additional cannabinoids to facilitate the spread throughout the body.

CBD may well provide the actual ‘benefit’ but if it cannot spread and be absorbed by these receptors, it’ll just pass straight through the body. This is obviously hardly ideal!

Some research has indicated that a good proportion of people who found isolate CBD ineffective despite varying doses/routines can have considerably better results using entourage/full-spectrum varieties.

Obviously, we cannot and will not guarantee this as being a universal truth but that’s becoming the accepted fact within the industry. That’s why Love CBD have spent so much time and effort developing this tailored high strength oil.

1400mg Is A Powerful Dose – Especially In This Style

Not many people tend to advance past the 500mg level – but for those who do need that level of intake to feel the advantages, then this is a great oil to consider.

1400mg is all well and good, but when combined with all those additional cannabinoids and terpenes it steps up to a whole new level.

A 14% isolate may well just benignly flow through the digestive tract without so much as a trace of actually attaching to any receptor. But with this style of oil, it’s going to spread and – once again, based on early evidence – be far more prone to bind into the body.

100% Natural & Eco-Friendly CBD Oil

Best Place To Buy

Another reason why Love CBD is one of the leading companies on the UK market has to be quite simply how seriously they take the quality of their extracts.

The Entourage series is a collaboration of hemp/marijuana plants from multiple farms, all of which adhere to growing only 100% organic top grade plants.

No chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are used at any stage and only natural fertiliser is deployed to assist with growth and health.

Once cultivated, the entourage oil is extracted using the highest quality CO2-based methods available (the same method used to remove caffeine from coffee beans).

This oil is 14% raw extract and 86% organic olive oil (the best carrying agent going).

Each spray delivers a precise dose that ought to last a twice a day user around a month.

Don’t forget that it’s also a 20ml bottle, whereas many rival companies charge similar rates for just a 10ml serving.

So while this is most assuredly a premium grade product and priced accordingly, the consumer is looked after not just by taking possession of a world-class entourage CBD oil, but also at a greater £ per millilitre rate than usual.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Without question, this has to be ranked as one of the best CBD oil sprays currently on the UK market. It is honestly difficult to see any flaws.

The raw product is sourced from expertly selected and cultivated organic hemp, manufactured using the most efficient eco-friendly techniques, combined with the best carrying agent going and sold at a decent price.

While 1400mg may be more than most people need to appreciate the benefits, those who have established it as an appropriate level will likely also enjoy the massive advantage of the entourage effect.

Anyone who has had not had success using pure isolates should also look towards this for all the reasons explained above.

Overall, an outstanding CBD oil and a real credit to the Love CBD range.

Also available in 2 other strengths: 800mg or 2000mg
Great price
Easy to use
11.2mg of CBD per spray
Contains only 2 ingredients: cannabis extract and olive oil
Contains CBD, CBDA and CBG
Vegan and lactose friendly
Do you need such a relatively high strength? Many users don't.
Trace amounts of THC
Not everyone enjoys the taste
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