Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 800mg

Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray

Entourage Oil 800mgOne of the most noticeable recent trends in the wonderful world of CBD oils is the growing use of sprays instead of old-school droppers.

The logic behind this is pretty straightforward – not only do they deliver an exact amount of liquid per spray but they are also tidier, less fiddly to use and far less liable to leak.

The Love CBD Entourage Oil 800mg offers a perfect example of why sprays are becoming ever more popular with both manufacturers and end users.

Yet this product is quite a bit different from most of the other sprays on the market – indeed it may just happen to be the very best CBD sprays currently out there.

What Makes The Entourage Spray Different?

Let’s begin with a brief history lesson!

Raphael Mechoulam – the scientist who first identified the different compounds that make up the cannabis plant (THC, CBD etc) – believed that when used for health purposes, it was essential to have as many active cannabinoids bound together as possible.

The theory runs that they complement each other and create an overall more powerful and long-lasting health boost, hence the ‘Entourage’ factor.

Love CBD has spent three years identifying specifically powerful cannabinoids from a variety of different strains of the cannabis plant sourced from all over the world.

“May well be one of the very best sprays on the market.”

These seeds have then been cultivated in their own farm under exacting organic conditions creating what can justifiably be regarded as a truly 100% organic CBD compound. They don’t use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

At 800mg (8%), it’s also pretty strong! Besides the active CBD, the only other ingredient is again totally organic olive oil, which is by far the best base for this kind of product.

Olive oil not only helps make the spray a little more palatable but it also serves to ensure that the active ingredients retain their strength/integrity even after months since being opened.

There are absolutely no artificial flavourings or binding agents – it really is as pure as it gets.

Effective/Recommended Dosage

Considering that this is a pretty high concentration spray containing CBD, CBDA, and CBG (as well as a minuscule trace of THC). There is also a good concentration of naturally occurring terpenes which gives marijuana its classic scent and taste.

Note also that this is designed specifically as a food supplement and is not suitable for use in a vaporizer.

Love CBD recommends that clients use just one dose per day taken or combined with food.

Each spray delivers exactly 0.16ml of oil containing 6.4mg of CBD. While this is certainly a sensible amount to start with, it may well not be quite enough for some people to notice any positive effects.

Best Place To Buy

Everyone’s ideal dosage varies but from experience, we believe that two doses per day will be more likely to deliver for most people.

The good news is that the Entourage spray comes in 20ml bottles and that roughly adds up to around 150 sprays.

If you can get by on the recommended single dose/day then that’s five months worth of CBD oil, and certainly helps justify the comparatively high price point of this product.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

There's an awful lot to like and recommend about the Love CBD Entourage CBD spray.

Real care and attention to detail has gone into creating this compound. It's a testimony to their company ethos that at no stage they've tried to cut corners by using artificial ingredients or accelerated growing techniques.

The result is what may well be one of the very best sprays on the market, combining the benefits on offer from multiple strains of cannabis alongside a strong concentration delivered via the best means possible.

Sure, it's a pricey product but factor in how long it ought to last and in the grand picture it's rather impressive value.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to get started with a top of the range product, and also for those looking to step up to a product that is both stronger than most as well as truly natural.

Also available in higher strengths: 1400mg and 2000mg
Large number of terpenes
Contains CBD, CBDA and CBG
No artificial flavourings
Easy to use & no mess
Free UK Delivery
Not everyone will like the taste - it's quite "hempy" but not overly so.
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