Love CBD Reviews – A Complete Guide For 2020

Love CBD

It’s extremely difficult to find very much to criticise about Love CBD. Not that we’re complaining of course – these guys are the epitome of what to look for in any UK-based company.

Offering a range of truly top quality extracts (with masses of openly published testing results), customer services to die for and a legit dedication to delivering only the best, it’s easy to see why they retain such a loyal support.

Love CBD ReviewsMake no mistake they offer premium products that are ideal for the purists out there – especially those who understand the various qualities held by different strains of hemp.

But having been around for a little longer than most, does Love CBD still deserve its reputation as being one of the very best? After all, there’s no shortage of thrusting young competitors launching into an already overcrowded market.

Let’s take a closer look and see what makes them one of the most trusted and appreciated brands going.

What Makes Love CBD Stand Out?

In a word – detail. Regardless of where you may be on your CBD adventure, everyone must have felt that frustration by a number of companies who make sweeping claims without providing an inch of evidence.

Nothing could be further from the truth when considering this company under that scrutiny. They’re absolutely fastidious when it comes to presenting the independent lab results of their extracts. Not only is this reassuring but from a customer’s perspective, it’s also educational.

Everyone knows how tricky it can be to find a ‘working dose’ but thanks to the breakdown of the cannabinoids within their strains you’ll have a much greater idea of what works for you.

Quite why every company doesn’t copy this model is beyond us. CBD oils can become quite expensive, so why blindly take their word that a certain product is what they claim it to be?

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Having regular batch testing and published reports ought to be an industry standard – and we’d always suggest dealing only with those that do so.

Such transparency is extremely refreshing and highlights their claim to be all about helping the customer pair with a suitable product. It’s an impressive ethos and one that must be seriously respected.

The Purity Of Their Products

As their testing demonstrates across the board, all of these extracts regardless of concentration are as good as it gets in terms of purity.

Rather than dedicate themselves to just one strain of hemp, they source their raw materials from hand-selected cannabis farms across the EU.

These are universally organic, unpolluted from chemicals or artificial fertilisers and pretty much as natural as possible.

As is standard among all A-class CBD brands, they only use CO2 frozen extraction methods to gain as pure an extract as possible. The result is a variety of different styles of CBD that are better than anyone else currently on the market.

Most of their focus is on oil drops and lotions with a couple of e-liquids for good measure (more on these in a moment).

Their production method generally leans towards a more ‘full spectrum’ model that serves to retain additional terpenes and cannabinoids typically lost by most other extraction methods. So to put it simply, Love CBD have a heck of a good base product on their hands!

Product Line-Up

The product line-up for 2020.

Product Highlights

They are all universally top class but the real focus here must be placed upon the variety. By this we do not mean they have an enormous range – they don’t – but instead, they have a slim selection of very different products.

It’s worth pointing out that most of these are stronger than typically on offer from comparative stores. There are some lower concentration sprays and oils but most are towards the stronger end of the market.

Love CBD Product RangesA key range that is unlike anything else out there is their ‘Entourage’ selection of capsules, oils, and sprays.

For those not in the know, the ‘entourage effect’ is a term used in association with full spectrum extracts to describe how additional cannabinoids can help CBD take on a fuller effect.

This is not just a fancy marketing gimmick – there’s plenty of emerging scientific proof detailing how more complex extracts can deliver far more impressive results.

Combining just the extract and organic olive oil, these may sound a little basic but by no means is that the case. In our opinion (for what it’s worth) full spectrum is what true cannabis extracts ought to be when used as a health supplement.

Take the 800mg Entourage spray as a good example. That is a significant dose – which is delivered by 6.4mg per spray.

Just like with oils, the point is to aim under the tongue for rapid absorption straight into the bloodstream. Coming in a 20ml bottle instead of the standard 10ml makes a concentration of this strength actually pretty good value.

They do stress that there’s going to be a trace element of THC left over but by no means is it enough to risk legal difficulties, fail a drugs test or get remotely high. Such honesty is again testimony to the transparency of this operation and again very impressive.

E-liquids are not their real focus (yet) with a range of outstanding capsules and oils being their main market. Yet all of their ranges are unique in their own regard. They have ‘Dutch’ style (exclusively incorporating hemp grown in The Netherlands), plus Indica and Sativa specials for their e-liquids. In short, if you know the difference between strains you’ll just adore these products!

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Any Concerns?

Some people just do not like sprays because it can lead to accidental swallowing.

Why is this an issue? Simply because CBD loses some of its strength when filtered through the digestive tract. Oil drops applied directly to the underneath of the tongue are more effective, and it’s surprising that there’s a lack of options available here. Sprays may seem convenient but they’re not necessarily the best delivery method.

As for the variety of products – yes they’re awesome, but only when they’re in stock!

They are specialists and clearly have a very devoted clientele – but a fortnight plus to get more in? Surely at that stage, it may be worth delisting them temporarily, and if that’s a common issue then it’s a bit of a downer from a company that otherwise oozes class.

What We’d Like To See Next

Obviously better stock control would be a nice start! Apart from this, there’s clearly space to add a few lower strength options across the range.

It’d be even better if these were available in a classic drop bottle instead of as a spray. You can order a proper instead of a spray, but you have to specifically mention this in your order notes – which is a bit of a faff. Perhaps that comes down to personal preference, but it seems odd to focus so much on sprays and lotions almost exclusively.

A product of this quality supported by a company that genuinely does care about quality and customer satisfaction deserves to be available at more appropriate scales for a wider audience.

We hope that they’ll consider expanding this in the future because that’s what’s required for an outstanding brand to do well in such a crowded market.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

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Conclusion & Rating

Despite the occasional frustration, Love CBD remains a real personal favourite.

Anyone looking to enjoy 'real' extracts that are just as nature intended should look no further than these guys.

The only downer, of course, is being sure that they have what you need in stock!

It's worth mentioning that they do also have a very generous reward points system that's no doubt another reason why so many people stick with them for the long-term.

Highly recommended thanks to an awesome product range. More of the same, please!

Free UK delivery on all orders
Utilising CO2 frozen extraction methods
Highly affordable range of products
Loyalty points system
Fast delivery service
Trustworthy company
A small variety of their products were out of stock at the time of writing.
We'd love to see a new range of e-liquids - perhaps some flavoured options?
Higher strength oils would also be a most welcome addition to their impressive line-up.
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