Mig Vapor Torpedo Review

Mig Vapor Torpedo Review

Mig Vapor Torpedo Dry Herb VaporizerWe’ve been looking forward to the Mig Vapor Torpedo dry herb vaporizer arriving on these shores for a fair old while!

Those in the know will be all too aware of how popular this device is Stateside, promising to deliver A-grade vape at a very wallet-friendly price.

Renowned for being super easy to use, extremely reliable and best of all performing with utter consistency (meaning zero herb wastage!) this is one of those devices that people simply stay loyal to for years.

All that being said – the dry herb vaping game has improved massively in recent times – and the competition has never been stiffer.

Read on for all you need to know about the Mig Vapor Torpedo, and (spoilers…) why it’s still at the top of the game.

First Impressions

Best Place To Buy

Once our greedy mitts had managed to fight a way through the packaging, the first thing you notice about the Torpedo is that – yes you guessed it – it looks a bit like how we’d imagine a torpedo to appear!

A super sleek matt black finish makes for a very smartly engineered little tube, that feels much like a ‘typical’ vape pen, perhaps just a little heavier in the grip.

The tank is always the first place to check out, and we’re pleased to report that this is a very secure and clearly well-designed compartment.

It will hold around 1.7ml according to the instructions, but of course, that’s going to vary depending on how you choose to compress your herb. We like a little air left in there to help for an even ‘roast’ and still found that it was super easy to pack.

Crumble fans will not be disappointed, and this is going to be great for finishing off any scraps too.

The pack includes 5 silicone mouthpieces (3 short and 2 long) which are the standard ‘clip-and-go’ variety. No frills, but none are needed – they feel secure and offer plenty of protection (not that we’d expect many people to need it anyway).

Mig Vapor also throw in 5 replaceable mesh filters that ought to last for a good while. Over the week we spent using this device we were still happy with the first one, so a point scored for durability.

Other than that you’ll find a handy little cleaning kit/brush that makes clearing up your tank a doddle (always do this routinely no matter the product). Oh, and there’s the battery – which deserves a section all of its own!

Mig Vapor Torpedo Review

The Mig Vapor Torpedo Battery Is Phenomenal

Thanks to a 2200 mAh battery you can be certain that the Torpedo vaporizer will not let you down!

Three different temperatures are preprogrammed into the unit varying ranging from 160C/320F, 193C/380F/ 215C/420F. As usual, these are colour coded so you’ll always know what temperature you are heating with.

Just like a simple vape pen you hold down the power button to shift between these settings. While there’s no option to program your own heating style, we reckon that only the absolute fussiest of vapers will be upset about that.

Sensible users will make the most of these settings, especially the impressively highest temperature when finishing up any ‘loose ends’ towards the end of a session.

Now on to the trickier topic of longevity. Obviously, it can be difficult to estimate this with a great deal of precision, as some people simply vape harder and hotter than others.

From experience, we managed to get around an hours worth of continual use from the Torpedo from a full charge. In most cases, people will stop and start the device over the course of a day.

We’d agree that this will last a ‘festival day’ of on/off vaping with ease – so make of that what you will!

Overall it compares very well with other dry herb vaporizers of similar size, and that battery allows for an extremely consistent vape experience whenever you fancy it.

Charging is via the standard USB cable and takes around 75 minutes from empty.

Magical Performance

So how did it perform? Well, it’s understandable and fair to say that we put this properly through its paces during our hands-on review.

Of the many dry herb vapes that we’ve tried out in recent months, this has to be ranked up there with kits that typically cost double the price.

It simply delivers fantastic quality vape that’s free from any hot/dry hits even after an evening-long session. Their ‘advanced heating chamber design’ most certainly works better than the vast majority of similarly priced vaporizers currently on the market.

Warm up times are similarly impressive. From being activated the Mig Vapor Torpedo will be ready to go at a full temperature within 30/40 seconds, with increases and decreases in the output being near instantaneous (allow a few seconds for the herb to naturally cool).

When combined with natural sleekness and convenient pocket-sized discretion, this is a handy vaporizer for on-the-go enjoyment as well as more casual laid back session vaping.

Overall, this is the kind of vaporizer you can rely on wherever you want – and exactly what ought to be delivered by any product that markets itself as truly portable.

Mig Vapor Torpedo Instructions

Click to view the instructions which are provided in the User Manual:


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

We were expecting great things from the Mig Vapor Torpedo and are genuinely surprised that for once the hype actually matches the quality of the device.

Even vapers who opt to take their business to a different brand ought to at least pay a little recognition for what this device is going to do for the UK dry herb scene.

It has set a new benchmark in regards to what you ought to expect from not a whole lot of money. The standards for this are a superb battery, crafty design and a smoothly performing vape that looks to satisfy by both its quality and convenience.

Make no mistake - this is simply better than many of the much pricier contenders out there, and we'd recommend it as a perfect place to get started with DH vaping or for anyone dissatisfied with their current setup.

An excellent device that offers great value for money.

Outstanding value.
Brilliant battery delivers consistently reliable performance.
Classy design ideal for vaping when out and about.
Simple to use and handy to maintain/clean.
Includes plenty of necessary accessories, mouthpieces and mesh filters.
Mouthpieces can get warm during long sessions (we'd recommend using the longer ones which are supplied).
Suitable for dry herb vaping only. It's not suitable for vaping e-liquids or concentrates.
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