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Mighty Vaporizer UK

When it comes to top-of-the-line vaporizers pedigree counts. The Mighty vaporizer has been designed by the legendary Storz & Bickel to deliver a pretty much unparalleled superb quality vaping experience.

Built for durability, extra long battery capacity, and with masses of power near instantly at hand, make no mistake – this is a seriously premium product.

Compatible with oils, concentrates and dry herbs, this device will be able to easily handle whatever you dare throw at it.

Without question, this is one of the finest devices we’ve ever had the pleasure to review, so fingers crossed you’re ready to start drooling!

Technical Specifications

All of these are available in detail on the manufacturer’s website, but there are of course certain qualities that should be covered from the start to emphasise the power of this vaporizer.

It uses a special hybrid design based upon both conduction and convection heating methods, alongside preconfigured heating ranges between 40ºC to 210ºC. As ought to be immediately clear, this allows for a very quick 60 second or so warm up, even at higher temperatures.

This 2018 model has also been beefed-up with even more battery life, so you can expect around 90 minutes of consistent vaping before it needs a recharge (which takes a couple of hours via the supplied USB charger and/or power adaptor).

Why Precise Temperature Control Matters

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One of the standout qualities of the Mighty vaporizer is that while it’s extremely easy to use, it also allows for a precise and easy to manage vape.

When in use, you simply configure the temperature to your desired level, and within a minute it’ll offer a little vibration to let you know it’s ready to go (a very handy feature when you’re out and about).

As you vape the smart little display will also keep you posted of the actual temperature, which of course is going to vary depending on the intensity of usage and the materials being used.

Clever Safety Features

There are extremely high-quality temperature and circuit safeguards to prevent overheating. If you forget to turn it off after a few draws, it will do so automatically after five minutes to help preserve battery life (you’ve got to love a vaporizer that watches your back this well!).

Anyone who has used similar high power vaporizers before will be all too aware of how many devices have inadequate mouthpieces. They can often become too hot and uncomfortable to use – hardly ideal if you’re the last to enjoy a blast during a shared session.

A great feature and again one that plays genuine testimony to the build quality is that this is probably the best and most reliable mouthpiece on the market. Whatever materials you vape, it’s going to be smooth, elegant and consistent every single time.

Storz & Bickel Mighty

What To Vape?

Early editions of the Mighty vaporizer were overtly designed for pretty much only dry herb vaping.

We highly suggest that if you treat yourself to this device be sure to add some concentrate pads to your order. It opens up a much wider variety of vaping options. While this has yet to become a common feature in the UK vape scene, mark our words – it will very soon indeed.

The unit comes with a liquid pad included, but remember that if concentrates are your thing, you’ll need to buy these separately (they’re reassuringly affordable).

As with any top quality vaporizer, you’ll need to perform a little cleaning and maintenance.

Sometimes this may feel like a chore, which is why Storz & Bickel have clearly gone out of their way to make this as straightforward as possible.

They’ve included a very handy cleaning kit inside the pack. All you need to do is to dip a cotton bud into some isopropyl alcohol (91%+). Just follow their detailed instructions and your kit will be sparkly clean in just a couple of minutes.

As with many features of the Mighty vaporizer, it’s designed for easy as well as efficient use – both of which are great by us!


Image: The best way to clean your Mighty vaporiser is to use a cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Hardcore Design!

More frequently than not, high-end vaporizers can be over-engineered and subsequently just not feel especially sturdy or reliable. Nobody in their right mind could ever claim this of the Mighty.

Short of flinging it against a brick wall, we can say with absolute certainty that this is a seriously tough piece of kit!

Sure, with that steel comes a little more weight than the usual device, but you can be rest assured this will easily last any style of festival conditions (mud, rain, drops, etc).

It certainly also carries a pretty utilitarian, functional design that resembles a prop from the Alien movie franchise!

It may not be the most beautiful or showy design ever – but then it’s called the Mighty for good reason.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 14cm x 8cm x 3cm
Temperature Range 104°F to 410°F
Chamber Capacity 0.25g
Heating System Conduction & Convection Hybrid
Heat-up Time 60 secs
Battery Capacity Approx 90 mins
Charging Time Approx 2 hrs
App Compatibility No

Unboxing Video

Mighty Vaporizer Manual & Instructions

Click to view the instructions which are provided in the User Manual:


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

It's a rare treat to be able to conclude a vaporizer review when it's been tricky to find even the slightest of issues to moan about!

Anyone who takes their vaping extremely seriously and wants as good an experience as can currently be found should check out the Mighty.

It's reassuringly not designed for vape-geeks who get into a fit over minuscule adjustments to temperature. Instead, it does most of the hard work for you.

With proper care, this vaporizer will last many years and adventures, so if you want a device that's going to knock 99% of rival products into orbit - then you simply must consider the Mighty vaporizer.

A brilliant device for any dry herb vaping enthusiast!

Outstanding - dare we even say world class - vaping with amazing clouds and consistency.
Brilliant battery life for a reliable session and portable vaping.
Designed for easy use and is also a doddle to clean.
A real survivor that's going to be extremely difficult to break or damage.
Fast to heat and outstanding TC settings keep downtime to an absolute minimum.
Good variety of accessories that are also highly recommended - not a gimmick in sight.
2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee on core components.
It certainly looks functional and may not be to everyone's style/taste.
Heavier than most vaporizers on the market.
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