Mighty Vs Crafty – Which Is The Better Vaporizer?

Mighty vs Crafty Vaporizer

Mighty vs Crafty Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel are quite understandably regarded as the best when it comes to dry herb vaporizers.

Sure, there’s a few other contenders out there who also manufacture magnificent devices – but nobody else has been in the game for so long, or built such a loyal and dedicated following.

Their balloon-based desktop vaporizers are still rightly regarded as the finest in their class – but what about their much more recent portable vaporizers?

Both the Crafty and Mighty sell like hot cakes and they perform at a level that smashes most of the opposition back a decade or two.

But they do have unique qualities that may lend themselves towards different styles.

Considering that for most people these will be pretty significant purchases and ones that you expect to enjoy for many years, it’s important to decide whether the sleek and portable Crafty Vaporizer or the punch of Mighty Vaporizer is better for you.

Here’s what you need to consider when making that decision:

Design & Aesthetics

We’ll come to the quality of the engineering shortly, but let’s begin by looking at the designs of each device.

Both the Mighty and Crafty look ‘industrial’ – built to last, survive the occasional accident, and thoroughly dependable. Those are exactly the kind of qualities that you need to look for when considering taking either vaporizer out and about.

What’s surprising happens to be the relative lightness of the actual unit. While the crafty weighs in at a smaller weight (about a third less) both feel proportionate in sense of denseness and durability.

Mighty vs Crafty - Comparing The Designs

Assessing the reliability and design of both devices should be key in making your decision.

Both models offer a retractable mouthpiece which is the only part of the device that may be snappable. Other than that they are as indestructible as it gets.

However, there’s one issue here that has irked a number of Mighty fans. For some reason, S&B opted to finish this with a rounded base – meaning that you cannot simply stand it upright on a table or flat surface. It’s one of those things that sounds ‘by-the-by’ but actually can become irritating, especially for those planning on using their device domestically.

Verdict: The Crafty offers the best in-hand feeling. While the Mighty is perfectly sound, that rounded base is going to irritate some of you who are picky!


We’ll make this brief because you most likely have already guessed the answer.

Crafty measures 4.3″ compared to Mighty’s 5.5″ in height and that extra inch and a bit matters. The weight is less of an issue. Both will fit most men’s jackets, but the Mighty is going to be a stretch for the average jean pocket.

Storz & Bickel released the Crafty to offer the finest dry herb experience when you’re out and about. It’s without question the winner here.

Crafty Vaporizer - Size

The Crafty is perfect for those who want a highly portable vaporizer.

Verdict: The Crafty wins again, but hold your horses…

Battery Life & Charging Times

So far the Crafty is showing its sleekness but the fact remains that besides the quality of vape (we’ll get there soon!) most serious vapers will be looking at battery life as one of their key concerns. After all, what’s the point in a having a brilliant device if it conks out after a few blasts?

The good news is that S&B are renowned for the quality of their batteries. In all seriousness, both of these devices should last way beyond their 2 year manufacturer’s guarantees. Their desktop (mains charged) old school vaporizers are known to last for several years, and the good news is that they haven’t cut any corners on their modern day portables either!

Assuming ‘session vaping’ between a small group you should expect the Crafty to last somewhere between 60-80 minutes. The Mighty will stretch that well towards the 2-hour mark and perhaps even a little longer.

Crafty Vaporizer Charging

Both the Crafty and Mighty are charged via a USB connection.

While it may appear that the Mighty – thanks to its additional bulk battery power – is the better option for batteries, it’s worth factoring in the way both devices are charged.

The Crafty can be powered up from USB source while the Mighty needs a wall outlet adaptor (which is supplied in the kit).

Weirdly, the former actually takes longer to refill than the latter. Expect a couple of hours to fully recharge the Crafty with 30 minutes less for the Mighty.

Verdict: Both perform well, however, there’s no denying the superiority of the Mighty. Longer lasting and faster charging – just remember that you’ll either need a suitable wall socket or a quality portable charging pack.

Temperature Control & Settings

Something most people tend to raise when comparing the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers tends to be along the lines of “why is that one so much smaller when they offer the same output?”. True – they both offer between 104°F and 410°F heating – but there’s much more to it than that!

The key thing to understand is that the Crafty is largely preprogrammed. You can adjust the temperature settings by the smartphone app – and for those who are into that sort of thing, it’s really very good indeed.

We reckon that most people will find the preprogrammed options more than sufficient, however. Just use the higher heats for flakes and slow roast for larger herbs. Yet the downer is you can’t alter temperature settings manually outside of those that are already set by the app.

The temperate settings are easily controlled on the Crafty via their dedicated smartphone app. Unfortunately there’s no app for the Mighty, however.

As for the Mighty, there’s that ever so reassuring digital display and buttons that will adjust your temperature as and when you wish.

For some dry herb vapers that’s simply what they like, and frankly, we can’t blame them either. Chopping out the screen and buttons sure helps the Crafty stay so portable and powerful, but don’t forget how nice and reassuring a simple interface can be – especially when your smartphone runs out of juice.

Verdict: All down to personal preferences. In our opinion, the Mighty wins here by default because it can be manually adjusted with ease. Yet those out and about may prefer the added stealth presented by the Crafty. Call this one a draw!

Quality & Performance

Both deliver absolutely fantastic vaping.

The instructions for both are easy to follow but note that after much experience using these devices a slightly rougher grind works really well.

The cooling chambers and convection currents are good enough to handle this over longer sessions, especially if you’re looking to prevent unnecessary wastage and burn.

One of the reasons to favour the Mighty is that ability to quickly lower or raise temperatures manually to ensure you enjoy the best of the tank. It really does make a difference.

If we’re trying to draw a line between the two, it has to be said that the Mighty – primarily due to its larger size – offers a slightly cooler vape over long sessions. Between the two for more casual blasts, there’s no discernable difference. Just expect the smoothest and cleanest herb vape going.

It’s worth also noting that both are capable of enjoying dry herb and concentrates. Should you decide to mix the two be sure to keep them clean (a handy little kit is provided – so no excuses!).

Crafty vs Mighty - A Full Comparison For 2019

Both devices deliver outstanding performance. These must be the best quality dry herb vaporizers currently on the market. Ultimately, deciding between the two is difficult. It really depends on how portable you want your device to be.

Both tanks can handle 0.3g – so while the Crafty is smaller, remember that it can pack as much of a punch as its Mighty brother.

Verdict: Very difficult to judge. Both are fantastic devices and you’ll only notice the barest difference over a long session when the Crafty is losing its battery life.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between the Mighty and Crafty vaporizer is really bloody difficult!

Both of these tremendous devices deservedly enjoy close to 5-star ratings when it comes to vaping performance. It simply does not get any better on the portable market.

The real factor which ought to be considered when choosing between them is figuring out how you intend to use them.

For sheer portability with unparalleled power just look no further than the Crafty. It’s a brilliant piece of kit that’s ready and able whenever you need it. Simply ideal for the ‘out and about’ vaper. Just factor in that the battery will not last for longer sessions (and that’s what power off buttons are there for).

As for the Mighty – it’s without question the perfect choice for domestic use. Sure – it can be portable – but overall this is the better choice for more prolonged and heavyweight vaping sessions.

If we had to make a personal choice? Both would be nice, but for general home use the Mighty vaporizer edges it. That adjustable panel makes life so much easier!